Call to Prayer, calling all prayer warriors:)

Our loving father in heaven, I come to you this evening with thanksgiving for all the blessings that  you allow me,  I welcome the good as well as the bad, I know that in order for us to learn and progress that we must have the negative to show proof to you that the love we feel for you is real and true. That our faith is in all things not just those that please us. Father I ask that you continue to shelter those who are suffering loss this evening, for those who feel they cannot continue the march, that you will love them, and wrap a wall of protection around them as only a father can! I ask that you touch those who are suffering depression and stress father, that you calm their minds and allow them to see that the road is a long one, and that they all will struggle at times but never alone, give them peace of mind that you are there with them and that if they cling tight to you there is nothing that they cannot overcome. Father be with the family of Lauren Spierer as the search for her continues, lead the searchers in the right direction father so that this family can begin the next stage in their lives. Father be with the ones suffering the effects of cancer, give them comfort in their bodies as they go through their treatments, allow them to feel your closeness so that they can remain positive and in good spirits. Father be with those who are beginning their journey home, allow them calm and free them from fear, allow them to transition with the arms of the ones who await them wide open and welcoming. Father bless the new babies, protect them from any neglect and abuse, allow the new parents to see how important the job you have given them is, allow them to feel the trust you are placing upon them in raising your children. Father touch the hearts of our youth that they might see what all the misdeeds have done to our country, fill their hearts with the will to strive to make our world a better place as they are our futures here on earth. Bless those struggling with addiction father, show them something this very evening that will make them strive to be rid of the drink and drug, give them strength and a renewed hope, be with those who suffer broken relationships providing them with peace of heart. As always bless our men and women in the military, bless them for fighting to keep us with the ability to speak to you free from persecution. Also continue to hold those who suffered devastations from the storms, keep them close father until they are ready to stand on their own.  We are all in need of your mercies father, I ask that you continue to hold my family and friends in your hands, I ask that you allow them to feel the amount of love there is for them and that you keep them safe from harm and in good health. I ask these things father in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

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