Nightly call to prayer, can I get an amen?

As evening falls I am looking forward to laying down in my bed and letting the mess of this day wash away from me with hopes and faith that tomorrow will be a better day! If it could happen today, it did!!! Enough said on this and I just thank God I had the strength to get through it, I thank him for literally taking me in his arms and carrying me through the day! God is so amazing in picking us up and pushing us through. I would like to ask each of you to pray for me and Wayde, that we might find no more trial and trouble in getting on our journey, that you lift us and ask him to take the wheel and let no more accident or incident hit us, that we will make our way to Texas, enjoy spending time with my family and friends, and then return to spend a few days with my baby girl on the way home. If all had gone right, I would be with her in the morning, but God had a different plan for us!
Tonight I ask you to continue in prayer for the family suffering loss of husband and father, no doubt the coming days will be so very difficult for each of them, please in your mind wrap your arms around them and bring their spirits into this circle of prayer, allow them to feel the love and compassion in your hearts! Also continued prayer for the little girl with stage 4 cancer, asking God for peace and calm. Prayers still needed for the victims of Joplin, of Tuscaloosa, of all the flood victims, of all those suffering loss of home, loss of job! Our world is getting more and more difficult to motor through, we have to share his word with everyone, we have to take what is in our hearts and share so that all have the opportunity to know of him, to come into his foal and to achieve salvation. Pray for the lost of spirit, pray for those lacking faith, pray for those in need of a friend! God bless each of you for being such obedient children of our Father in Heaven, may he bless you abundantly in all things:) Love in Christ, amen! 

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