only one seed!!!!!

Good Saturday morning to all:)
     58 degrees, dense cloudy skies, a mild breeze and what could be no sun breaking through anything, it looks a if a storm may be in our near future, but we were gifted with a wonderful week, each day warmer and sunnier than the day before, so no complaints if God feels we need rain on this day! 
     This morning in prayer as I sat in the hazy quietness of the outdoors, I again asked God to bless each of us suffering any from of angst, any form of turmoil, andy form of woe, any form of illness...I asked him to be our reason for hope, for him to place his hands upon us, if only the tip of his pinkie finger and allow us to feel his presence, I asked him to allow his flowing robes to gently cover us lulling us with comfort, I asked him to breath is pure clean breath upon us to give us a sense of calm and peace. We all are struggling in one way or another, the tests and trials each different but also much the same. I prayed for illnesses to be healed, for pain the be quieted, for heartache to be erased, for finances to be balanced....I asked him to take each of our thorns and strip them, much like  a florists prepares stemmed roses for a bouquet. In prayer as I lifted me and others in the name of Jesus Christ, for blessings, the word "sharing" came across my heart, it was loud and strong with  no denying that this word should be a part of my blog this morning. I thought about it for a moment and asked God, what about "sharing" do you what me to "share" and then the parable of the mustard seed came across my heart..

He set another parable before them, saying, "The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field; which indeed is smaller than all seeds. But when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches."
– Matthew 13:31–32, World English Bible
I asked  my father in heaven, so are you wanting me to  write about how my blog began, how you wanted me to keep on in writing the words you bless me with each day so that more can read them? I felt that this was  indeed what he was wanting from me, I felt that he wanted me to write about how important it is that we share our faith, that we speak out loud, to those in need, our feelings on him, Jesus Christ , the holy spirit and our ultimate goal, heaven. I thought about that mustard seed, when I first began this blog it was basically through  the prompting of friends, I had no idea if I had enough to expound on the snippets I placed on facebook each day. I decided to try because in my heart I felt that if my words could be of comfort to just one person each day then I was making a difference. Today my blog is 6 weeks old and has following from 9 different countries and each day I get feedback of how the message was just what one needed to get through the hell they are going through. Each of us can make a difference if we are willing to "share" if we are willing to lay down our pride or our insecurity and let others know that we have a personal relationship with our  Father in Heaven, if we are not to timid to share our feelings about and our love for our Savior, Jesus Christ, if we are willing to offer prayer when we see the need for it in someone, it does not just take place in church, it is not just for believers, it is for everyone in any situation. If the feeling of compassion crosses over your heart, share it!!! If you feel the  prompting to hug someone to show them there is hope, do it!!! If he impresses upon you to say "God bless you,  I will pray for you" don't be embarrassed, or your mouth and say it! I took the little mustard seed I had  and planted it, it is growing into a might tree, one that will wax strong and will be able to support many birds on its branches, I "share" what is presented in my heart, I take what word is given me and I write what I feel is in him that needs to be said, I trust that it will indeed touch a heart in need of hearing ! Today I pray that you will allow him to speak through you, I pray that you will take listen to the still quiet of him and let him guide you in the direction he needs you to be, if you are overcome with a strong feeling of "I feel like I should do this" it is the prompting of the Holy Spirit, don't deny him, lay down your protective shell and take a risk, God will not lead you to the edge of a cliff and allow you to fall  to your death, he will either catch you or give you wings to fly! Trust his promptings, move forward walking in his footsteps and know that it only takes a mustard seed to build a great huge tree! I love you all and pray that this day is filled with joy and laughter, that you hear our Father in Heaven and will move toward him, that you will join me "on bended knees" continuing to lift those special needs in prayer with the knowledge that his will be done:) Be safe in your doings today and make wise decisions:) Blessings !!!

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