"our father is the strongest"

     A beautiful Sunday morning here in Utah, 60 degrees, birds chirp, chirp, chirping, blue skies speckled with cotton ball clouds and no doubt the sun will soon peak over the mountain to warm my skin and my heart:) I love the summer time, thanking him for finally giving us a taste of it:) It is fast approaching my time to come to Texas, I am filled with such excitement, to see all of my family and laughing with the Ashley clan will be amazing, to see my nephew take his forever partner will be thrilling and to get to visit with some of my favorite friends will be the icing on the cake, makes the long drive seem not so long! 
     On facebook this morning, I see several posts from friends who are feeling alone, feeling like nothing is going right for them, feeling let down, feeling depressed, anxious, afraid...I know this very feeling all to well but I also know that it is but a moment in time, that all of these feelings are satan's way of trying to get close to us, when things start to falter in our lives we tend to fall back from God, when we fall back from God we are vulnerable and weak...the exact way that satan wants us to be, he can work his deeds on us when we are like this. I know it is hard to hear "snap out of it" I know it is hard to hear, "I'll pray for you" I know it is hard to hear, "just lay it on God's shoulders" but I also know that when you relent and you do decide that you cannot go it alone, when you do sit down and have a toe to toe with our Father in Heaven and you really do give it to him, things begin to change, the aloneness lifts, things begin to shape up and start working in harmony, the highs begin to outweigh the lows, the depression turns to joy, the anxiety turns to hope and being afraid is vanished! Some ask, how do you know he is real, how do you know he is there? I answer to that, look around you, look at the beauty, look at the times in life that you did not know how something was going to work out and all of a sudden something miraculous happened and it was even better than you thought it would be, look at the times when someone was very ill, and you did not see how they would come out of it then all of a sudden they took a turn for the better and were healed, look at the wrecks you have seen when you thought to yourself...there is no way anyone survived only to find that they sustained barely a scratch! Coincidence??? I think not, these things are proof positive to me that God is in all things, that Jesus Christ and God work 24/7 without rest. Today I pray you quit wondering if he is real, confess to Jesus Christ that you do believe, pray to our Father in Heaven with all your might and have faith that even though you are climbing an awful steep mountain, the top will be so worth it when you get there. Don't tell God how strong your troubles are, tell your troubles how strong your God is:) He is mighty, he is the light of the lighthouse, he is the calm of the ocean, he is the answer to all prayers.  May this day bring peace to you, may you take time to sit and praise his holy name, may he allow you truth with his compassionate hand, may you see his work and thank him, may the good things out number the bad and in all things may you know that with God on your side it will get better. Fill that tank of yours with his spirit and revel in the knowledge that you have enough "gas" to get you down the road and away from satan for yet another week! Love in Christ to each of you!

O Lord, our Heavenly Father, at the beginning of another week we come to You for help and light.

Grant, we ask You, that we make this a sacred day of rest to Your service. May we consecrate this day to find all peace and strength in You.

Make our hearts beat with devotion so that we may serve You in spirit and in truth. May we live this day laying a good foundation for our coming work.

Be with us in the worship services of Your day so that your saints may join in heart and soul. Be with us so that we may receive the blessing promised to all who sincerely pray to You and faithfully hear Your Word.

This we ask for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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