Prayer time, are you with me????

Good  Friday evening, what a day this has been!!! I am happy it is coming to an end and that I will get to lay my weary bones down for a good nights rest. I am so excited about my trip to Texas next week that I think my brain is trying to work overtime, tossing and turning in the night, staying up late, getting up would think I was a kid on Christmas morning!:) I pray that your day has been a good one, that you took time to make you happy and that you have wonderful plans for a fun filled weekend, remember to not become overwhelmed with "all" of the cleaning and chores that need to get done, and take some time to laugh and have fun with your family and friends. I ask that you join me in prayer as I do each night, there are so many in need of prayer and we must band together to lift them!!! Remember what I always say...mass prayer produces miracles, I know so many who could use a miracle right about now! Tonight I ask that you add yet another that is close to my heart, the struggles with employment have been so intense, on again off again has been the history for so long and it is really wearing thin, the patience of this fine lady, I pray that heavenly father will once and for all offer the both of them employment that will allow them to dig out of the late status' and move forward in life, it is so difficult to get behind and then try to catch up. Please continue to pray for my daughter and her beau as they go through the sickness that is camping out in their bodies, ask god to hold them close and lay his wonderful healing hands upon them, my friend who is having such problem with infection, please join me in asking our father to make the antibiotics work so that she is not longer in threat of amputation. If any of you have special prayer requests, please, please, please comment here so that we can get them done, so that we can lift prayer in numbers and see miracles happen. I love you all and would like to lift a prayer for you, that wherever you go you are safe, that laughter is in all of your doings and that rest is filled with comfort and peace. God bless you my friends:) 

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