Tuesday morning, just humming a tune, GOOD MORNING!! 69 degrees, breezy, the sun just about over the mountain top, only 12 minutes to hearing morning reveillee coming from the nearby Air Force base, a nice big cup of steaming hot coffee in hand and can't forget the melody of the birds, tweet, tweet tweeting away! What a way to get make ready for the day:) In prayer this morning the phrase "thou shalt not judge" crossed my heart so loud and clear that it almost made me stop mid prayer and begin writing! What a powerful message and no truer one spoken, the world is full of judges! (standing with my hand in the air, feeling guilty each time I become one of them) I confess, yes I confess, I am guilty of judging, I repent daily for this one!!! I stereotype, I judge, I feel shame, I repent, Although it is much better than it was in my youth, I still automatically place people in categories...God is our only true judge, he is the only one who knows the desires in each of our hearts, he is the one who knows the full uncut story in each of our lives, I am so thankful that when Jesus was on that cross, suffering and giving his life for ours that he did not judge, I am so thankful that he did not look down upon the masses and make a mental note that "fat female spirits" should not receive the blessing of his sacrifice! He looked down upon each persons spirits and died for them! If he did not judge even in his death who are we to try and judge in our life? Often times I have been introduced to a person and automatically thought I knew their stories by maybe their appearance or just he way they presented themselves only to get to know them and think, wow, this is a person I really would like to have in my life...I am guilty! If you find yourself judging, stereotyping, being prejudiced, looking down on people, ....etc....today is the day to make a fresh start....repent for doing it and move forward giving each person a chance! Don't let what you deem as the "norm" take you away from someone who God may need for you to have in your life! One phrase that always smacks me in the face when I do make unfounded opinions is if you are pointing a finger at someone there are 3 fingers pointing back at you! Let God be the judge, he has proclaimed to be THE JUDGE, why are we trying to do his job?  Today I will let go of preconceptions, I will not worry about what others are doing or not doing, I will worry about me, I will not point fingers, I will not pass judgement, I will look at all with the love I have in my heart and will let them be responsible for themselves! God is amazing, he gives us so many gifts that we don't even know about, he is the only way to the eternities I am jumping in to his wagon and going to ride on his robe tails to the place he has laid for me in heaven!  I hope you will as well:) May this day be peace filled for you, may whatever has been heavy on your heart be lifted and carried with assistance by our Father in heaven, may you lift prayer in the name of Jesus Christ any time you feel yourself slipping throughout the day, asking God thorough Christ's beautiful name to give you strength, to give you guidance, and most of all to continue to give you his love! Prayers lifted for all of the ones who requested special specific prayer yesterday, please know the circle of prayer is strong and growing stronger each day, we will pray for your loved ones, for the ones suffering loss, the ones standing vigil over a sick loved one, for those suffering mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial troubles, for those who are searching for mercy and grace. We ask God this day to bless each of us abundantly, hear the desires of our hearts and fill us with his peace and calm. In Jesus' name we ask these thanksgivings, amen! Have a beautiful, magical, smile filled day:) 

I found this great lesson on "judging" if you care to explore deeper!

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