GOOD MORNING!!!, I love you....

Good morning my friends, I am once again getting my morning message posted a bit late, no excuses just apologizing for being out of the "norm" the last two mornings. My G~babe is better this morning, she had fever off and on all day yesterday and slept more than not, but praise be to GOD she is better! Thanks again for all of the prayers and well wishes!

In prayer this morning as I sat outside listening to the doves that decided to come back yet another year, I thanked God for allowing me the gift of sight and hearing to enjoy his creatures. I thanked him for the gift of each of you and asked that he bless each of you this day with your needs being met, with peace in your hearts, calm in your minds and comfort in your bodies. I continued to ask for favor and mercy for all who are battling disease, for those suffering financial woes, relationship troubles, and anything that might be a trouble in our lives. I ask God to be your strength when you are weak, you knowledge when you feel you have none and your hope when all seems to be gone. I love you Father God and am here to be used in any way you see fit. I ask for mercy, grace and love always for each of us in the name of Jesus Christ, our savior and friend. Amen.

I found this story and wanted to share...positive is as positive does, I have found this to be true all of my life. Begin today by making each and every day a positive one!!

good morning, i love you
A True Story by Margie Seyfer

When I speak, I tell my audiences, "As you get out of bed each morning and stumble into the bathroom, jump-start each day with a positive attitude. Look in the mirror and say, 'Good Morning. I love you. We're going to have a great day!'"

Jill implemented this plan at home when their Sunday scramble to church had become a war. It was a fight to get her family out of bed and dressed. Yet, despite all her raving and ranting, they always arrived late, surrounded by an angry cloud of silence.

One Sunday, she tried her new affirmation. She stood over her husband's side of the bed and whispered in his ear, "Good Morning. I love you! We're going to have a great day!"

Dan opened one eye and said, "What? Are you crazy?"

She just smiled and went across the hallway to their five-year-old son's bedroom. She opened the door and repeated the greeting. Jeff rolled over and said, "You're wrong, Mom. We're going to have a bad day!"

She smiled again and went across the hallway to check on Dan. She couldn't believe it. He was already up, dressing!

She trotted back to Jeff's room. To her surprise he too was out of bed, putting on his clothes!

That Sunday was the first in a month of Sundays they arrived at church on time and still liking one another.

So Jill turned this greeting into a morning ritual. She had been especially worried about her five-year-old's negative attitude. Each morning, she woke Jeff with her new greeting, and each morning, he gave her some sort of a cynical retort.

Her worries ended when one morning, she opened his bedroom door and before she could speak, Jeff looked up at her with his big brown eyes and said, "Good Morning. I love you, Mom. We're going to have a great day!"

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