Saying goodbye to my friend...


Good morning my sweet friends, I pray this day has started off on a good note and that you and yours are filled with joy knowing that God has provided for you another day. Rejoice and be glad in it for it will never pass this way again, don't wake up tomorrow with regrets of what you should have done today. If there are things that need to be said...say them....if there are things to be them...if you have anger in your heart...release it...if you are holding back on love....give it...never let a day go by that you do not do all that could be done to make your life a happier one!

Many years ago I was going through some really rough relationship woes, my life was a mess and I was like a little ship lost at sea, I had a baby girl to take care of , no husband, working two jobs to make ends meet and it seemed that I would never be caught up. I felt I had let my family down and did not feel worthy of conversing with them, I felt all alone and so scared. I met a lady who was an angel, she was raising her granddaughter the same age as mine and through the girls we struck up a friendship. This beautiful lady never judged me, always gave me uplifting words and was always there to give me a hug and sometimes a kick in the bum to get me back on track. When I decided to make my move to Utah we lost track, mainly only talking during the holidays and then even that waned off. About 6 years ago I reconnected with her via my~space only to find that she was battling cancer and had lost her eye. My heart was broken and I ached for her, her husband had been in the very throws of death due to illness but rallied back and so did she. Her my~space experience did not last long but in this I reconnected with her grand~daughter, my Megan's friend and over the years we have chatted and I have been able to keep up with my friend's life and both her and her husband's health. A little while back the cancer struck again and she has been fiercely battling it. Her determination is amazing and her will to live even more amazing. I got word yesterday that hospice has only given her another week or so here on earth. I talked to her granddaughter last evening and must say that I was heart broken. This lady has been the strength and the hub of this family, she has gone over and beyond in the friendship and care giver department down to the many dogs that she has mommied all of these years. I awoke this morning with her on my mind and feel an emptiness to have lost all of these years of being close to her. I don't know if she would even have memory of me today but the things she did and said to me will forever be in my mind and in my heart. Do you have someone in your life such as this? Has someone made a huge impact on your life, has someone given of themselves to comfort you when you were hurting? Has someone been a rock and a pillar of strength when  you felt you could no longer put one foot in front of the other? Please if you do have someone like this, do not wait until a day when they might not even be able to remember you, do not wait to tell them how very much they mean to you, what their goodness has done for you, how they have made you a better person just by being in your life. Seize the moment today and tell them, give them a call, drop by and see them, send them an email, purchase a card and mail to them. Do anything you can to reconnect and let them know that they DID make a difference in your life. I can only pray now that she feel my love, that she know that she did make such a difference in the person I am today. I can only pray that somehow the love I feel for her wraps itself around her and that she feel comfort and calm. I am many miles away now and have no way of going to sit by her side, no way of telling her these things so I have to depend upon God to tell her for me. I know that he will impress upon her that she is worthy to walk through the gates of heaven, that she has done her job well, here on earth, that she has taken the wounded and with her wisdom has calmed the storms of life, that she has shined a light for those in the darkness and that she has been the strength for so many who are weak from their day to day struggles! Today I honor my friend and ask that you pray with me that her final journey to paradise be filled with ease and grace, that our Father in heaven and all who have journeyed before her will be standing along the way so that she never feel fear. Father God take her by the hand and lead her home, stand with her family as she leaves this world, allow them to see her body be freed from the pain that has lived inside of her for so long, when she takes her final breath allow them all to see that her body, once ravaged by the evilness of cancer will once again be whole, that she will have no more struggle, that she will be made whole and will soar with the angels. I know that God has a special purpose for each of us in the afterlife and I am sure she will be a teacher of compassion and love to so many left here. Bless her family, especially her sweet grand~daughter with understanding and knowledge that if we follow the plan of salvation we will all be gathered together again one day in a place where we know only love. In Jesus Christ beautiful name I ask for mercy, grace, comfort, calm and peace for all. Amen. 

Please pray this prayer with me my sweet friends!

Dear Heavenly Father, With heavy hearts we come to You. You are Almighty Creator God; holy and full of grace and love. Our hearts are heavy because of a life that is leaving us. Death engulfs us Lord. Fear is waiting to take us down. Thank You Father, that because of Jesus, You know our pain and sorrow intimately. Thank You that Jesus knows the way through this dark shadow. Take the hand of our dear sister/brother and make Yourself known. Guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Keep that which is Your own and take it into eternity to be with You. In Jesus, death is but a shadow. Jesus has swallowed up its sorrows and pain. Thank You Jesus for the cross. Thank You Jesus for the resurrection. Lord, we are before You, confessing that You are Lord of all; the gate keeper to eternal life. Your grace and love abound even as our sin seems ever increasing. Take our hands Lord and lead us through. We lay our fears at your feet. Your promise is that You -- and You alone -- will come to take us home. As it says in Psalm 23:4: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” 

Thank you for the comfort we find in Your presence. Through the Holy Spirit we know Your presence is with us. Send us Your peace Lord; the peace that passes all understanding. Don’t let us waiver and doubt. Give us a faith that is everlasting. We release our lives into Your hands. As we wait and watch, we know Lord that none of us will escape this journey through death. Teach us how to embrace it with faith. Give us strength to hold up those who are stepping closer to seeing You face to face. Take away the fear in the heart of our loved one who will soon see You; let them find peace in Your grace, comfort in Your love, and strength in Your mighty power over death. Comfort us as our grief seems to over power us.

You are a good, just, righteous, and loving Father. Don’t let us grow bitter in this shadow of death. But pierce our hearts with a joy that we can not fathom or understand. A joy that is above all that is corrupted here on earth. Jesus you wept over death and so too, we weep. But it is a grief and a mourning that holds joy on the other side. You are conqueror of all; and so we trust You. We trust that You will do what is right, what is loving. Whether in death or in life Your will is accomplished and You are sovereign. May we know Your presence, Lord. Keep us ever aware of Your loving hand guiding us through all things. In the name of Jesus we pray, amen.

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