What did you do??????

~~What did you do?~~

Good morning my sweet friends, boy did I get a lot of hits on my page yesterday...thank you, thank you, thank you! It still amazes me that I write it and people come to read it! I never have thought myself an interesting person, in fact I have always been the trickster, I have always been the funny one and have always been the one that never felt important or interesting. It is such a blessing to have people build me up, to have people come to me with questions and requests. I am humbled, I am blessed and I am so very thankful.

Today I am writing about a topic that is so very important to me....~~ What did you do?~~ not a question of accusation, not a question of attack but a question of sincere wonder. Have you done anything today to touch the heart of another? Have you taken time today to say I love you, God bless you, what can I do for you...etc...? Each day we all should try very hard to make a point to do something good. Not just for our family members but for someone who is in need. We have to stop turning blind eyes and deaf ears to others, we have to go out of our way to be kind and to give to others. So today here is the challenge~~~ are you ready?~~~ go out and be nice to someone, how can something that sounds so easy really be that easy? Well it is, try it on for size and I promise you will love the way you feel after the deed is done!
Every where we look, there are ways to show the love of Christ through simple acts of kindness. 

~~~Please join me in this prayer~~~

Most Gracious and Loving GOD,

We thank you for this day, this hour and this opportunity to share your word and your goodness.

Lord, you protected us from the storms of life and we are thankful. We realize that the inconveniences we experienced from the storms are minor in comparison to individuals who have lost Loved ones, or their homes, and or their emotional well being. Continue to place in our hearts the notion that we are duty bound to pray for and offer Acts of Kindness and support to those who need us. Lord, be with us as we strive to show concern and Love to each other .

As you give us yourself in the Bread of Hope and the Cup of Mercy, may we give ourselves to those who are without hope and to those who cry for mercy.

Most Gracious FATHER, awaken us to hear in our hearts the true needs and longings that are there. Preach thy holy word, we shall take its healing unto ourselves and go forth  to live out our christianity in our homes, our neighborhoods, and our world.

In the mighty, merciful, and miraculous name of JESUS we pray. AMEN. 

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