An angel is called home a son is left weeping...PLEASE share your heart and pray with me....

Oh  my goodness, my  heart is just broken, there is just so much sadness these last few days. This morning a family united... this evening a family divided. Today when I heard the sad news of a wreck that took the life of a mother of a young son, I was just overcome with grief. Tonight as I sit writing this, tears rolling down my face, not even beginning to understand how this young man will go through this horrific time in his life. We never expect that we will be taken from our children, we go about our day to day tasks planning for the after school snack, the help with homework, the fussing to get a shower and then the attempts at not making it to bed on is unimaginable that this evening this young man has no mother to push him to get his chores done, his entire life has come crashing down, his entire being is lost and feeling so alone, yet he tries to remain strong....

Please if you will open your hearts and pray with me, Father God, I come to you with such weight and sadness in my heart for this young man. I come to you with so much pain, not knowing this boy but imagining how he must be feeling, thinking of how my Megan would feel if something like this happened to either her father or me..Father I lift this grief and heartache to you, asking you please to draw this child into your lap as his mother did when he was a younger, draw him in and allow the beat of your heart to bring him comfort, allow your love filled robes to wrap around him and keep him shielded from the horrible pain he is feeling, Father calm him but also allow him to cry out to you for peace, allow him to understand that crying is okay, that feeling scared is understandable and that feeling lost and alone is expected. Comfort him Lord in the way that only a parent can comfort their child, be with him each breath that he takes instilling in him the knowledge that his mother is gone in body but will never be gone in memory or spirit, that she will live forever in his heart and this can never be taken away. Father bless her partner that he might heal, that he might be made strong and that he might be the comfort here on earth that this young man is in need of. Bless the family as they travel from out of state, wrap them in a shield of protection and deliver them without incident, wrap all of this family's friends in comfort and allow them to be the strength that will be needed to get through the coming days, weeks, months, and years. We ask in the name of Jesus Christ our comforter for peace and understanding. Amen.

As you read the poem that I am posting place yourself in this little boys heart, if you have children in your life never let them be apart from you without hugging them tight and telling them how much you love them! YOU NEVER KNOW what can happen in the blink of an eye. Make sure they know just how much they are loved!!!! 

His Mommy Died Today

Posted by Drageda on April 24, 2009

His Mommy Died Today: Dedicated to families who have suffered this Loss throughout the world. This poem is sad, so if you’re quite emotional right now, you should consider reading this at another time. If you or someone you know have suffered a loss, my heart goes out to you, and I really hope you find some peace. This kind of pain was difficult to pen to paper. The poem below is from the perspective of an 11 year old boy, and I’m sorry to say is based on a true story.

His Mommy Died Today
(Please Answer Your Cell Phone Mommy)

His heart is crying, he’s so very young,
He doesn’t know what a dagger looks like
yet he feels one deep inside his stomach
He cries, his mommy died today,
please answer your cell phone mommy
His breaths are taken between heaving sobs
He’s never seen a raging fire,
yet he feels one consuming his spirit
Please answer your cell phone mommy
He’s her baby, he needs to hear her everyday
He keeps calling her cell phone number
for that promise made in her voice,
the voice he needs to hear,
Believing the truth as spoken,
that she’s just stepped out for a minute,
and she’ll call right back
If he could trade all eleven of his birthday wishes for one
he would ask that just this call be answered,
so he could hear,”Hi son, love ya so much sweetie,
I’ll be home shortly”,but his mommy died today,
So he goes to bed tonight, grasping her cell phone,
as it rests,as she did, on his pillow,
he gazes at the voice trapped inside
knowing it to be the last hug his mommy will give him
Her precious little boy curls up and cries out for her,
only her

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