"but we do deny them the right to rule over us" circumstances that is!!!!!!

Good afternoon and a happy Monday to you, I pray this day has started on a positive note and that the positive lingers around you all the day long.

This morning in prayer I sat in the quiet darkness and prayed for our Father in heaven to make provision for each and every one of you. I asked him to take our needs and fulfill them, to lift us up high on the hill so that we are no longer struggling to get there. I stand on my faith that we will be lifted, you will be appreciated more and you will feel God's love in all that you do.

I ask that you come and pray with me for a sweet friend who's father is not fairing well today, he is suffering so and is in such need of peace and comfort in his life. Father God we ask that you bless this man with your robes of comfort and that your will be done. Bless my friend and her siblings as they struggle through this hard time, bless one especially that she will get to see her dad very soon, asking God for a financial blessing for her to travel. In the name of Jesus Christ we ask for this favor. Amen.

Today has just been one of those days for me, feeling down and not able to pull myself out, I did however, talk to a friend who was quick to remind me of all the good things in my life, which made a huge difference. I pray that when you get down you have someone that will kick you in the bum and lift you up so that your eyes can be opened and your heart made softer. I always talk about not letting yourself get down, not feeling like there is not way out, not feeling like you are alone in this world, and then I fail and feel these very things...I read a post by one of my sweet friends this morning that finally defined what I have been trying to say. We are going to worry, we are going to have fear in our lives, we are going to stress...etc....I always feel guilty when I fall into the fear, stress, worry category in life, I feel like I am letting God down because I don't totally believe in him....I DO believe and I love him and trust him with every inch of my being, but I still allow myself to become distraught....the guilt eats at me and I go round and round in a never ending circle...the quote I read this morning shined a light in my heart that has been much needed...."No matter what our situation in life feels or looks like, we should continue to speak faith, not fear. That does not mean that we deny our circumstances, but we do deny them the right to rule over us. Maintain a confession of faith in Christ in all circumstances, words have power.
Joyce Meyer, Change Your Words, Change Your Life

I so love this insight, it is not that I am burying my head and ignoring, in a sense, what is going on in my life saying...God will take care of it, and then when the situation does not change and I fall apart, because he did not take care of it. I am not just sitting on my thumb thinking I don't have to do my part because God will take care of it anyway! I stress so much because I can't do my part in helping Wayde make a way for us..I stress because I hate not making my bills, I stress because I don't see the future getting any better at this moment...In reading the above quote....I see that it is right not to deny the circumstances, just that we need to deny them to rule over us...I am feeling much relief over this quote and will use it many times from this point on when I talk to people who are dealing with things as I am...LOVE IT!!!

If you are ever in need of a good chat, a special prayer, or just a listening ear I am always here! 
God bless you with peace!!!!

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