I am beautiful, no matter what they say!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its a beautiful morning..ahhhh its a beautiful day!!!

As I sit here by the window, the sun is streaming in and the warmth of it is not only blessing my face and heart but is also very pleasing to Tinker..my cat, she is stretched out on the couch right in the sunlight, absorbing it, as if it were a can of tasty treat! The birds are crowding around the bird feeder and the beautiful songs they are singing makes me grin from ear to ear...I am going to sit out on the porch when I am finished writing today, just soaking up the love that God is giving me!!!

In prayer this morning several people were heavy on my heart, I ask that you pray with me for them as I know that mass prayer produces miracles. One is a man who is suffering kidney loss, he  is in ICU and we are asking God to restore the kidney function and provide him with strength and a miraculous healing. He is the father of a very dear friend of mine and I ask that you lift her in prayer as well, the last year has dealt some very hard blows to herself and her family, and still she praises God for the good, I have never once seen her down nor showing that there is anything but joy in her life. Father God bless this family and make provision for each of them, give them peace in their minds, calm in their hearts, comfort in their bodies and enough strength to continue to walk in Christ's footsteps, bless them for their never ending faith and love for you and allow them healings in all aspects of their lives so that they can keep on keeping on! In the name of Jesus we ask for these mercies and favors. Amen.

As I sat in the quiet of my little apartment this morning I spoke with God about today's discussion, I ask him to please touch me with something huge, something that would benefit a person in need in a huge way. Something that would bring light into the darkness and hope into the heart. As I sat there I felt at first as if HE did not hear me, I asked again and still nothing, I asked a third time and BOOM, there it was....I suppose he just needed me to be more desperate in my search so that my words would be that much more effective...

All of my life I have felt like the ugly duckling, my sisters were prettier than I, I had to battle like crazy to maintain my weight and over the years the weight won I have ugly hair, thin, fine and cannot do much with it, I have short eyelashes...I have ugly feet, I have a pug nose....etc..., I believe differently than many people, I have strong spiritual beliefs and I believe that going to church does not automatically make you a Christian, I have had money and I have been dirt poor, I have been who and what others wanted me to be, I have lied, I have cheated, I have been a lousy human being...I am now a strong woman of faith, I am filled with love, I share my love easily, I accept love, I am eager to help whenever there is need, I pray often as I believe in the power of prayer just as I believe in Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and our Father in heaven. I will tell you the truth even if it hurts you, I will look you in the eyes and mean what I say and I am beautiful! I am a child of God, made in his image and I am BEAUTIFUL....I might not see physical beauty when I look in the mirror but I see inner beauty and I love what I am looking at. You might think me being boastful, being a braggart, being self centered, but I see me loving God's creation...I have let my "temple" grow to a large size, I have damaged my inner "temple" I have neglected my outer " temple" but I am on track now and I am getting  my "temple" back to where it needs to be, I am weeding out the old and the negative, I am honing off the scale of the outside, I am pampering and grooming the entire grounds, I am washing and cleansing the inside, I am getting my "temple" ready for a home show like you won't believe. I have let the grounds go for to long and it is time to get this temple  in order! I am a work in progress but I am still beautiful and I pray that anyone that knows me sees the beauty that lies within...
I look around and see people being made fun of, people being ridiculed, people being judged, people being repressed, people being shut out, told to shut up...I see just sadness every where I look, the prejudice just keep on hating other races, the mean ones keep on picking on the larger ones, the ones that have physical or mental disabilities. I see people shutting others out because they don't have the same spiritual beliefs, I see homosexual people being shunned because of their choices, I see people with addictions being pushed away from people who do not want them to be around, I see hatred, I see horrible, horrible things and it makes me sad...it breaks my heart...it makes me sick at my stomach. I read something the other day that I really liked,

Just because someone is different than you does not mean you have to shut them out....Jesus Christ did not shut others out, he died for every single one of us, the choices we make should not be affected by the choices of others, you know what is right and that is how you should live your life, people learn from example...be the example you need to be today...you never know who's life you will touch! 

Today is the day you should start worrying about YOU, it is the day to make changes in YOU, it is the day to lay down your prejudice and pick up unconditional love, it is the day for YOU to lay down everything negative and pick up positive....Don't let your thoughts and ideas allow you to become a bitter person....live your life with love in your heart, if you know a person is being unpleasing to God, it is not up to you to judge that person, that is GOD's job and I don't think he likes it when he is overlooked...Let him take care of each of us, let him be the judge it will make your life much easier....Don't join in with the bashers....for they will be judged just as harsly as the one who is doing wrong, wipe your own nose and keep it clean and the day you are standing at heaven's gate, you will not have to stand in the long line waiting to explain your actions. Live life simple, love with all of your heart, do not judge and allow God to take care of the unpleasing stuff...YOU are beautiful, just be that beautiful YOU and don't sweat the small stuff!!!

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