I am humbled more than I ever thought I could be....

Good morning and Happy Friday, to each of you!

It is a hazy day once again, but no wind, no rain/snow, and the temperatures are much warmer than they have been...As I sit here looking at the haze, I am not dragged down this morning, I am not dull in heart and I am not feeling like the world is on top of me...I am feeling hopeful that God is working in my life and that he is at this very moment touching hearts and allowing my prayers to be answered for all. 

Yesterday evening something happened in my life that was unbelievable, as many of you know it is very difficult for me to ask for help, it is very difficult for me to allow others to know that "I cry too" It is very difficult for me to tell others that financially I am in duress...I know there are so many other people on this earth that are struggling, there are so many who are sitting in the darkness because they could not pay their bill, so many are hungry because they have no food, I just do not like to trouble others with my problems...A little while ago I did reach out for prayers, I reached out as I felt I had no where else to turn, I could not see the end and was living in fear that we would be displaced and have to live in our vehicle! I prayed, prayed, prayed and did not feel an answer. I listened to a friend who said I should reach out for mass prayer...I still did not take her advice, was I worthy to ask for assistance??? Not long after, Wayde was out of work for almost 3 weeks, so now we are in real doom, no paycheck coming in so we are really in big trouble financially, I prayed and ask God to show me how we were going to get through this and all I came up with from him was "PRAYER", I did then go and ask for personal prayer, I asked for financial prayers...
This is what was placed on my facebook page yesterday and I am still in shock and overwhelmed that someone would have me on their heart and bless me in this way....

"This past year the former students of Columbia High School has unfortunately had to collect money for deceased classmates/teachers/coaches/staff to buy funeral sprays. I'm thankful for the love shown to the families, sadly the deceased aren't able to smell or enjoy them. We have a jewel, a flower among us, that recently posted, she, like many of us, at one time or another, is in need of financial prayer. This dear lady is constantly bombarding heaven on our behalf with her prayer blog. Let's give Dawn Ashley Phillips, her flowers while she yet live! Please post your address so we can shower you with blessings! We love and appreciate you! "

I have to tell you, I broke down crying when I read this...I shared it with my husband who broke down crying and we both prayed and thanked God for his love filled hands and his grace. We thanked him for touching Donna Lacy's heart and having her post this and we thanked all who might feel the want to assist us. When I went to bed I could not fall asleed, I don't really know what I was feeling, I will tell you HOPE was one of the many emotions that was running through my body, we have been "without" for so long that we would not know how to act "with" Then all of a sudden satan came rushing in filling me with that age old thought process..."I am not worthy of this" "I don't deserve help" "why would I think anyone would care to help me" "who am I to even think others would want to give to me?" I found myself slipping into a dark sadness, feeling that we will never dig out of this hole that we live in, I felt helpless that we will never get to make passage to see my daughter and grandson, I fell on my knees, by this time it was close to 4 in the morning and I cried, I asked God " Really God, please help me to push this sadness out of my heart, I know I am a good person, I know that what I do is the only thing I want to do , I know that I give you all of my being and ask only that you answer the many prayers I come to you with, I know I lay my trust and my faith at your feet each day, and I know that I am a your child, and in living by your rules I am worthy of blessings. I am so thankful for the many blessings I do have, I have the love of my husband, I have the love of my child and grandchild, I have the love of my family and I have the love of God....I have so many people who come and ask for prayer and I am so honored each and every time they come, I pray, pray, and pray some more each day for those who are in need and I raise my hands and PRAISE God for answered prayers every time we see his hand at work..

No matter the outcome of this kind outreach from Donna Lacy, I have been blessed and so heart touched by her words that I will never be able to express to you the tingling that is running through my body today. 

I love each of you and pray that this day something or someone touches your heart and you feel so very loved, so very appreciated and so very blessed. 

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