if the artist never painted, if the singer never sang, if YOU never used your talent...how sad would GOD be????

Good afternoon my friends, as I sit here watching the wind continue to howl and growl the chill is finally gone in the house....I hate to turn on the heater and use more electricity but I also hate to be cold....I know there are so many out there that don't have the luxury of turning on a heater and I am thanking God for mine and praying that if you are out in the cold that God will send someone to you to provide heat to your body and warmth to your heart.

In prayer this morning as I sat in the darkness of my little box apartment, I asked God to look at each of our needs and to make provision for us. I asked God to watch over all who are struggling with ''life", those who are dealing with broken hearts and missing pieces..those who are walking in the dark and don't see a hint of light anywhere....I prayed for peace in your heart, compassion to others, understanding of situations, calm in your mind, and comfort in your body. I am standing on my faith that GOD is working in the favor for all of us and that HE will make things stand tall that have fallen over! 

When I sit and have my chat with God about the "do of the day" what I call asking him what is needed from me, I always feel the Holy Spirit all around me. I get goose bumps on my head and covering my arms and legs, I feel anxious and I feel love..It is a wonderful feeling and I love the fact that my every morning begins this way..This morning as I sat and chatted I began to cry, as you all know my life has been a train wreck for the last bit and no matter how much I pray it seems my prayers are pushed behind and left alone...I know that God does not do this to anyone, he hears all of our prayers and he would never NOT make them a priority. I have worked diligently at keeping my faith at an all time high and have not let it waiver even once as of late. I know he has a mighty plan for Wayde and I and I will sit faithfully to see what it is and where it will take us. 

I asked this morning, what can I do today to help you Father, who needs a kind word and a firm and steady shoulder, who is in need of ears that hear and give compassion? I love the fact that always, always, always he leads me to where I am needed. I asked him what is the discussion you would have me write today and this was laid straighway on my heart, it was so heavy that I ended my chat with him right then and came to share it with you...it must be something that is going to touch someone in a big way because satan has thrown everything but the kitchen sink to deter me from writing....I just love when he does this...it is just another validation that I am on the right track in following God's commands!!!


that was the message, in a nutshell, that was laid on my heart, even though it was only two words...it weighed with the heaviness of the world on me...I jumped up and came over to my computer and I promise for the last 2 hours this and that and the other have needed my attention...I am sitting here now laughing because I see and understand what is going on....satan get ye behind me....I am an employee of God and I don't take orders nor direction from you......get away from me or better yet...hit your knees and repent to Father God for all the evil that you do.

Kindness comes in so many different forms and shapes, it comes in little bitty things, it come in great big things, it comes when we least expect it and it can take a person's life and totally turn it around, it can be the determining factor in finding Christ and I am sure the lack of kindness has been a determining factor in many choosing to follow the adversary....Kindess is a smile, it is a nice word, it is a compliment, it is a mere nod of the head...kindness lives in the heart of every human being on earth, there is not one person that GOD neglected to fashion with kindness in their hearts...even hardened criminals have soft spots in their hearts, and the ability to be kind.....there it is..."the ability to be kind" YES it is a gift that takes a bit of work, maybe that is why so many don't bother to instrument it into their lives, IT TAKES A BIT OF WORK....what are you afraid of???? If you are not a kind person.....what is the purpose of anything????? GOD gives each of us special gifts, he nurtures these talents within us but it is up to us if we use them or not...you have heard the phrase...wasted talent? Well for some of us we don't have the talent of being a singer, an actor, an athlete, a lawyer, a doctor, a politician ( not one I would want thank you God for not giving me that) a minister, a motivational speaker, a beautician, a carpenter...but we all have the gift of KINDNESS within our hearts...God gave us this gift and made it clear that he wanted us to use it, he made it clear that if we were anything here on earth we were to be KIND...

What have you done that is kind today? Have your shared your God given gift with another? It does not mean to just be kind to your family and friends, it means to be kind to complete stranger, it means to be kind when you know there is need, it means to be kind even when you feel that there is no kindness left. God gave us this gift to share and it really is contagious...when you are kind to the cashier at the store, it not only brightens her/his day but allows them to be kind to the next customer....when you are kind to a stranger you never know when that is the determining factor if they lived or died that day? You never know what another is going through for so many do not let their sorrows show, so many to not want others to know that the cross they are bearing is so heavy that it is pushing them into the ground...This being said...what are you going to do to honor GOD today??? Think of something new that you have not done before and step out of your comfort zone! Don't go another day without using your GOD given talent....When there is kindness in the world there will be peace, let that peace begin today...with you!!!

I love each of you and pray that you will take this message and share it with others..
one simple act of kindness can change the world one person at  a time...

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