More PRAYERS needed, please join me in lifting prayers for these two people!!!

PRAYER WARRIORS.. another need for prayer

I first would like to say I am so thankful for each of you who comes and prays with us, I have seen to many times in my life when prayers have been answered and miracles have taken place 
with no explanation except that it is God's will.

I have two people that are in need of prayer, one a young man injured in a car accident on Saturday, he is going to be okay praise God, but will have a very long recovery, If you would, join me in first thanking God that he did not sustain worse damage and for allowing him to remain here on earth. This is the message I have received on him....."He was on his way to work Saturday morning and he must have dozed off and he hit a tree and flipped a few times. He broke vertebrae in his neck, broke some ribs, broke his ankle, bruised kidney, tore his aorta and had to have emergency surgery to put in a stent. He's gonna be ok though and there's no paralysis from his fractured neck." Father God wrap your healing robes around him and bless him with no complications to what has taken place and allow his body to begin to heal..Father take his pain and allow him to have peace, and comfort. I also ask for peace and calm blessings for his family as they sit in awe and wonder as to this accident. Make provision for each of them to maintain strength and to remain filled with hope and knowledge that he will be healed. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen

The second person I lift in prayer is a beautiful lady who was taken in for gall bladder surgery this morning but met with complications and had to be brought out of surgery, I have not heard at this time if she was able to be taken back in. Father God we ask you to hold this lady in your arms to make the complications healed and for her to be allowed to have the gall bladder removed. Father be with the surgeons, guide their hands and allow them knowledge to do what is best for her. Father make her body strong and fill her with faith that she will be okay, that she will come through this and be healed by your hands. I ask that you pray for her husband and her children that they maintain calm and peace during this time. In the name of Jesus Christ we lift this prayer up and deliver it. Amen. 

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