Prayers for the residents, families, friends, and first responders in West, Texas explosion.......

Prayers for West, Texas

Father God we come to you tonight asking that you calm the fears of so many who are in the area of West, Texas. As these people see the devastation unfold before their very eyes, so many lives lost, so many people injured, homes lost and so many displaced. Hold each of them in your loving arms and wrap them in the comfort of you heavenly robes. Father God protect the many still who are battling the fires and protect and shield them from any further blasts. Bless them oh Lord with peace in their minds and calm in their hearts, bless them with the love that only you can give and allow them to know you are standing with each and every one of them and are beginning the healing as we pray. In the name of Jesus Christ we ask for mercy, favor, healing and abundant comfort. 

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