"She asked her father if she should pull over. He said no daughter, just keep on driving..."


Good morning and Happy Friday to you, I pray this day is filled with much love and laughter and that you have plans to pamper yourself and spend quality time with your loved ones this weekend, especially your mom. NO matter if your mom is still here with you or is in heaven smiling down on you, take the time to tell her that you love her and show her how much you appreciate her and how much you are thankful for all that she does/did for you...if she is no longer here, honor her in a way that you know she would be proud, find someone in need of a little extra Mother's day love and love away!!!

I lifted in prayer this morning all who are struggling just to get by today, I asked God to make it a day of relief, that he might take the burdens you are carrying and make them light, that he might lead you through the storm and into the sunshine, that he might make a way for each of you to have a day filled with hope and to know that you are loved and that people do care. I asked him to give special attention to all who are going through health hardships, to take the pain of the day and replace it with calm and comfort. I asked if he might lay special healing hands upon those who are being treated but have yet to have diagnosis, one lady in particular so disoriented, so confused, so clinging to life, now up eating, conversing, and healing due to all the prayers that have been lifted, the doctor's still do not know what was the culprit to her illness but by the hands of God I am sure an answer will come today. I asked god to bless 3 year old KayLee who is battling fiercely a tumor in her heart, she has been in a deep sleep for days, is now responding to treatments and we are giving all the thanks and glory to God for answering the multitude of prayers that are being lifted. Father God continue to heal this baby girl and give her a quality of life that will be amazing and filled with knowledge and great love of you. I prayed for all situations and am standing on my faith that HE is working through each of us this very moment to bring forth peace in our minds, calm in our hearts, and comfort in our bodies. Pray with me if you will for all who are in need that there will be a way for them today! In the name of Jesus Christ I pray for favor, mercy, and grace. Amen

I came across this story last night that was written by a sweet man on facebook, thank you Charles Roberson for your deep wisdom and your divine words of knowledge, I called upon him and asked if I might share it...when I read this a light turned on and POW I felt the holy spirit so strong that I just sat and cried, and right after reading this some things happened that took my otherwise hopeless day and turned it in to HOPE. Thank you Nancy for always, always, always, lifting me up when I seem to be slipping into the pits of hell, thank you Nancy for always having a listening ear and a distant hug when I feel that I can not longer put one foot in front of the other, thank you Nancy for being my uplift and my strength when my body is no longer strong enough to stand...Thank you Nancy Bentley Bowen for being my angel here on earth! I love, love, love YOU.

A daughter was driving her father home from a church service because he had just finished preaching and as she was driving home it started raining. She asked her father is she should pull over. He said no daughter, just keep on driving. It became so bad that it turned into a torrential storm until she could hardly even see the road. She asked her father, Father should I pull over now? He said no daughter just keep on driving. The daughter start noticing big trucks and 18 wheelers pulling over and as the wind shook her car and the rain beat up the windshield, she asked him again, Father, everybody else has pulled over, I know you want me to pull over now. He looked at her again and said No daughter just keep on driving. Afterwhile she kept on driving until she realized she had driven through the storm and it finally was clear. Her father looked at her and said Now daughter, pull over. The daughter was puzzled and told her father, I don't understand, when it was storming and I couldn't hardly see, you told me to keep driving but now the storm is over and you want me to pull over. He said daughter, look behind you and tell me what you see. She said I don't understand. He said, let me explain it to you. You see all those folks that pulled over in the storm? She said yes. The father said everybody that pulled over in the storm are still in the storm but because you kept driving you're not in the storm but you made it through. I want to tell somebody tonight that's going through the storm, KEEP DRIVING, KEEP GOING, DON'T PULL OVER BECAUSE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU CAN'T SEE OR IT SEEMS TOO HARD. LET THE WINDS BLOW, LET THE STORM RAGE BUT KEEP MOVING. IF YOU GOT TO CRAWL YOUR WAY THROUGH, IF YOU HAVE TO DRAG YOUR WAY THROUGH, IF YOU GOT TO BELLY YOUR WAY THROUGH, I'M DONE TONIGHT BUT IF YOU STOP PRAYING WHILE YOU'RE IN THE STORM, IF YOU STOP BELIEVING, IF YOU STOP TRUSTING, IF YOU STOP GOING TO CHURCH - YOU WILL STILL BE IN THE STORM- BUT LOOK AT YOURSELF AND TELL YOURSELF I GOT TO MAKE IT, IM GOING TO MAKE IT BECAUSE EVENTUALLY IF I KEEP MOVING I WILL MOVE ON THROUGH THE STORM! GOODEVENING! #CDR

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