Lets get this party started!!!


WOO HOO we have made it to 2014....

Today is the first day of a brand new year. It is a time for fresh starts, a time for soft reflection of precious moments in 2013, a time to see where there is need for change and to come up with steps you will use to make those changes. It is indeed a new book and you have 364 more days to write it...Be mindful of each page and this year make a point of writing something that YOU personally did to make someone smile! If you make a point to "each day" looking around you and determining who is in need of your light, in need of your love, in need of acknowledgement....and then acting upon that prompting that you get deep down in your heart...YOU will have accomplished what you have set out to do...YOU have felt the need of another person and YOU have done what GOD wills you to do! YOU have shown compassion and love.

You know I most always end anything I write with the phrase..."YOU are loved" when I am dead and gone and you hear these words I hope it will make you smile and think of me...I don't say this without thought, I don't say the L word without meaning...if I say it...I mean it. and I say it often. I have so much love in my heart that sometimes it just oozes out. YOU might ask how can I love so many, that there is no way I mean it when I write this sending it out to so many each day, to all those in foreign countries who follow my blog, to people I have never met and most probably never will meet.. I do mean it  though...GOD's word is all about love, that is the top of the chain that we should give LOVE at all times. 

I would like to start this new year off with a prayer for you and yours, if you will join me in this heartfelt plea to our Father in heaven and stand in agreement it would touch my heart in a huge way! 

Our kind and gentle loving Father in heaven, I come to you this first day of the new year in humble gratitude for the many blessings you bestowed upon me and my family the last 365 days. I confess that there were many times I did not understand why things happened as they did but never once did I take my eye off of you or feel that you had forsaken me. I love you so much Farther and accept the things I cannot change and will forge forward each and every day in my journey of being in your favor and receiving daily your immense love. Father as we begin this new year I ask that you see all of these people that share in this blog, who come for all over the world to pray with us, I ask that you see their needs and that you make provision for them in ways that validate how very important they are, how much you love them, and how much you will them to succeed. I ask you to make ways for them where they feel there is not way, I ask that you bless them with overcoming illness' and disease and that you lay hands of healing over them each time that there is ill in their bodies. I ask that you see their financial needs and that you give them "enough" Keep them with a roof over their heads, food in their tummies, lights, heat, and most of all with ability to share a meal with one less fortunate at any given time. Father cover each of my friends with knowledge that when they carry you in their hearts things might not be perfect but that even in the imperfect times that they can weather the storm and that you will always, Always, ALways, ALWAYS be the lighthouse to guide them to the shore. Father there are so many who are questioning, so many who are having fading faith, so many who just do not know what to believe any more...allow those who are strong in their faith to be beacons of light to those in the shadows, allow each of us time and opportunity to determine those in need and allow us the right words to say to them so that they can feel your love! Father I ask you to take a look at our government and outline and implement what is needed to get this wonderful country back on track, revel truths in all dealings so that we once again can become UNITED...where there is distrust allow trust to be built, where there is anger allow calm to overcome, where there is indecision allow there to be decision and where there is chaos let there be peace. Cover our military members with your divine robes of protection, literally wrap around them a shield of protection and bring each of them home safely...So many new guidelines for them Father concerning their pay and their service, provide a way for them to feel the pride they have for their country being given back to them...Allow them to feel the love we have for them and to feel each time a prayer is lifted in their name. Father in all things I ask that you fill me over and over again with this wonderful love I hold in my heart, keep it full so that I can continue doing what I love to do most, lift prayers fervently for all who come my way. I love you so much, I rededicate my heart to you each morning that I am gifted the blessing of opening my eyes, and no matter how hard times get for us, no matter how far I am pushed no matter how much bad is thrown at me, I will never ever stop loving in you, I will never lose my faith and I will never waiver! In the name of Jesus Christ I ask for mercy, favor and abundant blessings for all...Amen! 

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