"make love..not war!"

Good morning and happy 3rd day of this new year! I had a lovely 4 hour sleep, if only my bladder would allow a longer bit of time in peace filled slumber!! But I am so thankful that I am awake, I am alive, I am breathing...I get another day of trying to get it right:)

As I sat in deep conversation with our Father in heaven this morning the same thought kept popping into my  head...love one another...love one another, love one another...then I thought of an old phrase "make love...not war!" I sat and thought about this and remembered when I was a young girl I would snicker when I would hear it thinking it had to do with....shhhh...S~E~X. Really????  Today it has a totally different meaning to me, it has meaning that I instill into my life each and every day, it can be applied to every situation you hear on the news, to every situation you see in the newspapers, to every situation you read on facebook...in my eyes if each of us would focus on the "love" and  not the "war" our lives would be much happier and our Father in heaven would be so pleased with us....We as a society tend to focus on the bad....we hone in on who is cheating who, who is harming who, who is in the wrong, who is this, who is that! We tend to gain and grow in the downfall of others, we thrive on what negative band wagon we can jump on and we cling to it until we get pushed off and then we have a new negative bandwagon to climb up on... Do you look for good things? Do you go out of your way to be pleasing to others, do you tend to shy away from negative or do you, like a gang buster, crave to be a part of "war" Why is it that we see more bad than good every where we look in the media, how come we see all the ones who are killing, who are lying, who are cheating....etc....but we rarely see what good people are doing. How come we are so quick to judge others, how come we are so quick to take the bad at face value, convict and prosecute, just on hearsay? We have got to quit focusing on the "WAR" and start focusing on the "LOVE" if we are going to pull the world back into place! 

So I ask you what are you going to do today.."make love" or "make war" personally I am going to do my dead level best to "make love" every single day, I am going to promote only good, I am not going to play in to the pettiness and negative of this world...If I can't say something nice I opt to keep my mouth shut...when the odds are against me I am going to but boldly in and make it known that I refuse to allow my joy to be stolen, I am going to find good in every situation, I will not be a party to gossip EVER and I will be the kind of friend that I would like to have. I am going to look in the mirror, see passed my old flabby apprearance and see what God sees, a beautiful heart filled with love, compassion, and empathy...and I am going to smile...first in the mirror then at everyone that crosses my path!!! When asked how I am doing today I am going to tell you I am awesome and I am going to mean it...Are you with me??? If you are comment me with an "AMEN", an "I'm with you" or anything positive you might want to add...Lets let our lights shine for all to see...especially satan..let him see that no matter how hard he tries you refuse him...

YOU are loved and YOU are a great importance in my life! Have a day filled with love not war and just be happy!

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