Happy Monday, its a brand new day!!!!

Hello and happy 3rd day of November...a beautiful windy, cool morning, a wonderful porch sitting and God talking way to start the day! You know I love to porch sit, especially just before the sunrise...I love sitting, chatting with God and watching the world wake up...I love the alone time, the quiet and still, the calm and the oneness I feel! I also start with a prayer and ask God to guide me so that I know what to share here on my blog...sometimes I sit for a very long time, listening and waiting and sometimes the answer comes as soon as I ask the question...This morning the sit was long, so long that I almost gave up and came inside, the chill in the wind was, at times, almost to chill for me to stay...just as I was getting ready to come inside a quiet voice left me with the feeling...."what?? are you giving up this easy? Are you going to let the cold take you away from what I have to say? " I started laughing...it felt as if I had been out for hours just waiting for HIS answer and when I checked I had only been out a little over 30 minutes...LOL...okay you got me Heavenly Father....yes I was packing it in pretty quick...but then that was all I got...just he question..."are you giving up this easy???" so I sat a while longer waiting to see if there was more...boom....there was nothing more..so I broke this question into segments and began to analyze...is this what you want me to write about??? giving up easy??? and I am supposing it is!!!

When I look back over my life I realize that I DO want everything RIGHT NOW...I do give up when I don't get what I want, the way I want it RIGHT NOW...I don't give God a chance sometimes to answer my prayers when I start making a way for myself without the prayer being answered....this weekend, on Friday, my husband and I were chatting and he said to me..."you make me crazy sometimes...when you get something in your head you want it right then and there...." REALITY CHECK...do I do this....thinking, thinking, thinking and YES...I do do this....when I get something in my mind, I want it right then and there....my husband is one of those people who thinks about the situation, plans it out and then executes it...I don't think either of us is wrong, I just think I need to slow my roll and take things as they come! I pray that today you are faced with a "flaw" you are carrying around and that you are open enough to listen and figure out what you can do to make it better! YOU ARE LOVED....YOU ARE IMPORTANT....YOU ARE A BLESSING!!!

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