Are you moving your feet???

Good morning, 57 degrees...a bit of a breeze...sunshine...and clear blue coffee in hand...just had a great conversation with my "heartbeat" Megan and am ready for whatever comes my way! I must apologize for being so "woe is me" the last few days, just seems at times that every time I try to move forward that something (satan) pushes me back, I tend to forget sometimes that he is nothing, he is but a fly on the dessert of life and I have the fly swat to get rid of him, if only I would not get tired and quit the fight I would be much further down the road! Life is tough, but God is tougher, my storm has been raging as of late but God can calm it...I just have to cling tighter and tighter to his robes when I begin to feel like it is all falling on my head. I know that satan wants me to be weak, I know he wants me to lay down, I know he wants me to be vulnerable, because when I am in this manner he is closer to winning!!! Today I am standing tall, I am standing strong and I will not let anything keep me away from the footsteps of our Father in heaven. God is amazing, he is the way, the ONLY way! Today I pray that if you are faced with struggles, if life seems to be kicking you around, if you feel at odds, pick up the bible, get "on bended knees" and ask him to be your strength, ask our Father in Heaven to be your lighthouse in this storm, ask him to carry you for a while...he will you know!!!! Each day is a new day to get up and get going, don't stand idle, how can he help you if you are not willing to move your feet! Onward Christian soldiers, lets be strong together:) 

"Dear Lord, I give you may hands to do Your work; I give You my feet to go Your way; I give You my eyes to see as You see; I give You my tongue to speak Your words; I give You my mind that You may think in me; I give You my spirit that You may pray in me. Above all, I give You my heart that You may love in me - love the Father and love all humankind. I give You my whole self, Lord, that You may grow in me, so that it is You who lives, works and prays in me. Amen."

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