Goodnight sweetheart well....

I am very late this evening in getting a post out, I am so sorry, this has just been one of those days, got started late and have been late all day! I pray you had a great day, that the sun not only shone in the sky but in your hearts as well, I ask that you continue to pray with me each night, I have no new special request just the ones that we have been lifting, there has been a alot of bad weather out today am praying for all in the path of the storms. God bless and keep you, may your dreams be blessed with comfort and happy times. Love in Christ.

Dear God,
As I lie here seeking another good night of restful sleep, give me the peace of mind and the ability to relax.
Fulfill my needs for mental and physical restoration so I may wake up ready for another beautiful day which I hope You will allow me to live to enjoy with praise and thanks to You and our Lord Jesus.

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