Oh what comfort in these words!

I came across this poem posted on the Joplin site this morning and was so moved by it, even though the words were meant to calm and comfort those affected by the storm, they also provided comfort and calm to me. You never know when something is going to touch your heart, when something is going to change the way you look at things, when something is going to make a difference. I have been struggling so the last few days, and this morning I awoke with the same struggle and was really not wanting to face the day, then I began my morning prayer, in it I was asking mercies for the many who have come to me with special requests, I was praying, praying, praying and when I was done, I still felt the "woe is me" and could not seem to shake it, I am really good at giving encouragement to others but am not very good sometimes at being encouraged! I read this passage and it gave me great comfort. I am not being picked on, I am not being ignored, I am not ...not worthy... I am being tested, I am going through trials and I am not standing strong in my faith. SOOOOOO, picking myself up here, dusting myself off and going to begin walking toward him again...I am going to cling to my faith, I am going to hold fast to the rod and I am going to move forward, it might be baby steps but any step in the right direction is progress! I love you all and am so happy to call you "friend" have a wonderful day and if you are struggling today, may these words touch your heart, help you place your car in drive so that you begin moving forward! God is amazing, he is love, he is grace and he is mercy, we just have to have faith!!!

I have not forsaken you
I will always see you through
Yes the pain is great I have felt it too
I gave you My Son so that you knew who to turn to
I was there that day with you through it all
As the storm blew in bringing a great line squall
You were never alone
Even as the storm let out a mighty moan
I heard your prayers, cries and pleas
I am The Master of all from land to the seven seas
Nothing is left undone for My will is perfect
In times such as these it is time to step back and reflect
For I have given you all that you see
My word isn’t a riddle but rather the only master key
Seek Me when you’re down, seek Me when you’re up, seek and you shall see
Many will always disagree but this I can guarantee
Even as the dove sits on the olive tree plucking its branch
My promise of hope, inner peace and love cannot be stanched
Turn your eyes to Me as you mourn the lost
For My Son paid the ultimate Cost
So that you shall have eternal life for the pain of this world may be great
But with My Love the pain will abate
As the cross stands alone in the debris as a shining beacon
Come to Me and comfort you shall find My strength surrounding you shall never be weaken
For I am the Redeemer, Comforter, Deliverer, and Everlasting Father

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