Don't become "it"

     Happy Thursday, boy what a beautiful morning, it is one of those break out in song kind of mornings:) Okay don't worry, I'll spare your ears!! LOL. 66 degrees, mild breeze, blue sky speckled with cotton ball clouds, I don't know where my birds are this morning, I am not hearing their angelic tweets??? On the distant light pole I see a ring necked dove sitting in wait of his mate to join him as she does each morning. I love, love, love, mornings, it is so wonderful to sit out and enjoy the quiet, the cool, and the picture that God has given his love in creating just for us to behold:) 
     Next week I will be making my first trip home in almost 9 years, I have not seen either of my brothers or one of my sisters in this many years and have only seen my mom and my other 3 sisters 2 times in this many years so you might assume that I am getting pretty excited! My life has changed so drastically in the years since visiting my old haunts, I have divorced and am now into a 3 year relationship with the best of the best when it comes to partners, no we are not married as of yet...sorry Gerald Peters:( but I know some day we shall be, I have not had the best of luck when it comes to the "I do's" so I am taking this really slow! I hope when I am in Texas to visit with many long ago friends and with many new friends that I have made here on facebook. Hopefully we will be able to make a plan so that I can meet/visit with many at one get together:)
     I am a little nervous for my visit "home" yes I still consider it home even though I have called Utah home since 1994, it is hard not to remember the quaint little house I grew up in, the smells of my moms cooking, especially her baking, sometimes just thinking of that banana pudding brings a smile to my face. I have never really gotten to know my twin nieces nor my twin nephews, I have been gone from my oldest nephew and niece since they were youngsters and now my nephew is getting married, what a joy it will be to see the once "little cutie" not a "grown cutie" walk down the isle to wed his forever partner. I know the time will be filled with much rush and haste while I am there but it will be good hustle and bustle and I know I will love every minute of it! 
     This morning in prayer, as I sat here praying my usual morning prayers and then praying the specific prayers that so many have requested, I felt so much love and joy in my heart...I felt so at peace and so filled with calm, my life is not perfect...far from it, but during prayer time it always seems to be, he affords me with such a full heart, he allows me to feel his spirit when I am "on bended knees" and he allows me peace and calm. It is my favorite part of the day, I pray often especially when I feel the world closing in around me, I close my eyes, go to my happy place and converse with him! Prayer reminds me of when I was a young girl playing tag on the school playground, I would run frantically to get to the safe area so that I would not be "it" When I made it to the safe area I could take a big sigh, and a big breath and get ready to run again! I always loved that game and tell you, I would run as fast as I could so as not to get caught! This thought came to me this morning in prayer, no matter how old we get, we are still playing the game of tag, our days are filled with the ones who want to catch us and make us "it" but we run, and we run hard to make it to safety. If you are getting caught by the tagger it is time for you to get a new pair of running shoes, it is time for you to work on your running skills and it is time for you to quit being "it" run...and run the safe place, don't let "life" catch you and make you "it" Today I pray that you will take time to see the beauty around you, I pray you look into the mirror and see the beauty that he has created inside of you, I pray that if you feel like the runner in that game of tag that you make it to your safe place. Prayer is what calms me, prayer gives me renewed hope and faith and prayer gives me the communication I need to keep me moving forward. I love you all and am so glad that you visit this page, I am so thankful that you allow me to pray with you and I am so thankful that we all have the freedoms that we have. Be someones safe place today, if you see someone in need of a friend, don't be the tagger, be the safety they need. The answer to life is love, be an answer today, I promise you will not regret it!!! God bless you with happiness and joy! 

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