it is never to late for prayer, please join me if you are still awake!!

 Oh mylanta, (one of my favorite phrases) I am really, really, late tonight, most of you will already be in bed and will most probably not even see this, but I never ever retire without saying my prayers and I did have a very special prayer request today, the circle have been praying all day for this special lady but I will not neglect the opportunity to share a prayer request with you, it is so important that we band together in God's realm and pray for those in need! My favorite phrase...mass prayer produces miracles...I have seen and stand to testify:) I love each of you and am so blessed to have you care enough to share in this with me, thank you , thank you , thank you:)
     Heavenly Father, I come to you tonight as I do every night, lifting up special requests for merciful and graceful blessings for those in need, father as I ask every night please continue to wrap your arms around each of us, feel the desires of our hearts father and lead us to where we need to be to achieve these things. Father continue to comfort all of those tonight who continue to be involved in the rebuilds of their homes and lives, be with our soldiers always keeping them safe from harm and pushing forward to come home to their families. Father tonight I have a special prayer for a young single mom who has lost her job, she is desperate father she needs employment so that she can provide for the angels that you have entrusted in her, father evaluate the special daughter of yours and send her to where she will acquire work, where she will feel valuable and will be paid for the job she does. Father calm her heart and comfort her allowing her to feel your spirit, calm the mighty storm that is rushing through her, allow her peace in knowing that something wonderful is just around the corner for her. Father I ask that you continue to be with my family and friends, that you will continue to bless my Megan and her sweet beau, that you will hold each of their families in your loving arms providing comfort, calm and love. I ask these blessings in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, amen.
God bless each of you abundantly and as always, thank you for taking time to pray with me! 

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