I am sure many are making plans to spoil your fathers, many are making plans for bbq's for sitting and reminiscing, about your youth, about your dad throughout the years, many will share in the day with their fathers, many will sit a share in the day with the memory of their father. I know several have just had their dad pass this year so will be experiencing Father's day for the first time without your dads. I pray that either way tomorrow is filled with laughter, that past memories are happy ones, that you have many stories to tell and that your family is able to be together for this special day! My father passed away on September 11, 2001, not due to the terroristic acts but due to a stroke he had had some 40 days prior. He was in the hospital and I was in Utah therefore I was unable to make it to see him! I have many funny stories to tell about my dad, he was a "one of a kind" kind of man, he was kind, he was compassionate and was considered a friend to many, he worked hard to provide for our family and his children were his life. He was a firm man, he had his rules and they were not broken, he strived to make sure each of us got a vehicle when we were licensed to drive, he strived to make sure we were all offered the chance to attend college. Life was not always good, but then I think we find this in all families, but when it was good, it was the best. I miss my dad and think of him often, I love to tell stories of things he did and things he said. So today I  celebrate him, I  raise my glass and toast him and know that he is smiling down on all 7 of us, his children, at all of his grandchildren and that he is so very pleased of the lives we are living. God bless you and yours, enjoy your day of DAD's and know that on this day the veil is thin and their spirits are with you!  If you would I would love to hear your favorite story of your dad, leave a comment and lets share with each other! 

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