So many are in need of prayer, will you pray with me?

As this eventful day is quickly coming to an end, I pray that it was filled with love of family and friends! We  had pouring rain and cold wind for most of the day making it miserable to be out and about. I felt a bit somber today and could not put my finger on it, finally I called both of my brothers to wish them a good day, only got to speak to one, but I felt better after the chat, I guess I was just in need of the male side of my family today:) The sun is coming out now, I am thinking a nice evening ride would be a good idea, maybe even catch the sunset since the clouds are lifting! I see there are tornado watches scattered throughout the United States and pray that they remain only watches and that the storms move out without causing any danger, I would love to ask each of you to pray with me, to continue to pray for the ones suffering sickness, those facing time upon time of treatments for cancer, for those recovering from surgeries. Tomorrow my friends daughter will see a neurologist, please include her that the tests will come out well and that she will be given attention and healed by the hands of our Father in heaven. Today so many of our soldiers did not get the frivality of celebrating with their families, they got up and did what they do each day, seven days a week, made it possible for us to celebrate, please say a prayer for them that they felt the spirit of their loved ones, of their children and know that soon they too will be home and celebrating life with family:) Prayers are so very important in all things, if we band together and lift prayers for all situations, if we believe and ask with true intent, he will answer! He will make a way for us to keep on keepin on! He is love, he is grace, he is mercy, he is the answer to all questions! Please join me, if you need to add to the prayers, if you have someone who is in need of a miracle, please place it in the comment under this post and I will make sure the circle begins prayer for your situation. Love to you all, hopefully I am going to spend the next bit on the hill, sitting beside Wayde, hand in hand, watching a marvelous sunset! God bless each of you abundantly. 

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