MONDAY, MONDAY... how are you looking at this day?????


Don't let this be the way you allow your MONDAY to be! 

 Hello and HAPPY MONDAY!!! yes lets put a little pep in that...HAPPY MONDAY!!! Monday seems to have such a bad name, it is always gone into with angst due to it being the ending of the weekend, and it seems to have taken on the same mantra as say...Friday the 13th, so many people look at MONDAY as if it is bad luck, they deem it the one day of the week that will be filled with upset and trial! Lets do something a little different today, lets look at it as only a vehicle, it is a mere stepping stone to Tuesday, bla, bla, bla. Don't get up this morning with the Oh is MONDAY, get up this morning and say, hello MONDAY how are you my friend, lets thank God for this day because without it we would not make it to Tuesday or any of the days that follow.
     It is all about Attitude, if we go to bed on Sunday night thinking about what will go wrong because tomorrow is MONDAY, I can assure you, something will go wrong, if we manifest bad, bad will be in our world. I bet at some point in your life you have heard the phrase..."don't buy trouble" it is truth, if we put bad thoughts out there in the universe, you will be met with bad! This being known are you going to buy trouble today or are you going to bring positive into your world, remember our thoughts determine much of the comings and goings of our days!  Lets join forces and only think positive thoughts today, lets band together and only allow good today, if you were at the market and there was a good isle and a bad isle, which would you choose to shop on?  Positive produces positive, negative produces negative, lets fill the world with positive today and see how MONDAY shapes up:)
God bless each of you today, if the load you are carrying is to heavy for one person and breaking your back, try asking God to lend a hand, he will take the bulk of the load from you! If the hurdle you are jumping today is extremely high, ask God to give you a boost, he will lift you up and you will clear it with room to spare, if the mountain you are climbing today is very steep and slick, ask God to make a stairway for you to climb with ease and trust that it will be done! Don't try and go it alone, you don't have to! Ask him to walk by your side and to help you see the hidden dangers, then walk with your head held high in the knowledge that "ain't nothing gonna break your stride" is a gift, enjoy it, revel in it, and thank God for it!!! Love to each of you in his beautiful name, amen. 
Positive makes positive, make this day a positive day, it is in your hands:)

Special prayer request for all prayer warriors, a family that many of you know has lost her husband, he fought a courageous battle and put up a good fight but our Father in Heaven needed him at this appointed time to progress in heaven and do his duty's there, he has earned his wings and is now walking the golden path along side our savior Jesus Christ and our Father. His family is left here without him and is suffering loss in their hearts, please, I come to you with prayer request for this family and for friends and loved ones, in the coming day, weeks, months, and years they will need the peace that only God can give to calm their hearts, Father I ask you to lay your loving hands upon them, to allow them to rest in your arms and feel the love and comfort that you can give, allow them to feel his spirit often, to revel in the memories they have when they feel they cannot go on without him, and allow them knowledge that you are with them each and every step of this journey! God bless them and keep them, amen! 

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