My prayer for YOU:)


 Good morning and happy Wednesday, 57 degrees here in Utah this morning, as a mile breeze dusts my face, the sky is without even a little cloud, only clear and blue! I sit here this morning as I often do, eager to hear the trumpet blare the call to duty from the air force base that is just across the way, eager for the sun to peak over the mountain and spill upon my face and shoulders, eager to see what is in store for me this day:)
     May this day be filled with love for each of you, may the love you hold in your heart spill out of you today, may you touch someone in need of kindness, in need of understanding and in need of just a minute of confirmation that they too are loved! May you take what God has given you and share it this day, your knowledge that he is the truth, that his love is promise and that his love will carry us through even the darkest most violent of storms if we hold to our faith and trust with all of our heart that he will. (smiling from ear to ear, the trumpets are blaring loudly) May this day be filled with peace for you, if you are battling an internal war or an external war, may you feel his peace in your heart and may he shine his light of solution upon you, may he replace in you any fear, worry, stress or upset with peace, slow down, let him speak through you and watch how fast your turmoil turns to peace. May he provide comfort in you, if you are suffering illness, whether it be short or long term, may he comfort you and ease your pain, if you are struggling with a broken heart may he lay his hands upon yours and mend it, if you are having financial woes, may he be the banker and help you with a new plan.  May he provide you with wisdom today, if you are in the throws of a decision that must be made and you are overwhelmed by it, ask him which way you should go and then sit back and watch him direct you. May you be blessed with the power to listen and see today, he has the answers it is just that we neglect to see and hear them. Today may you know the value of YOU, may you feel how important you are in his plan and may you follow his lead! Have a beautiful day, smile even though others are not, sing a happy tune, let your feel tap, your head bob and watch how others respond, I think you will find it is contagious. Look for the beauty in this day, he works ardently at blessing each of us with his mercy and grace, don't ignore what he is giving you, let it absorb in to you and praise him for his gift. Walk with your head held high with joy that you are his child, please him this day and watch the blessings that he drops upon your head! God bless and know that you are loved by many:) 
O send out Your light and Your truth, let them lead me; let them bring me to Your holy hill and to Your dwelling. Psalm 43: 3

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