there is a reason!!!!


  Happy Hump day, good ole' Wednesday has come around again, it is a beautiful morning, the sky is amazing this morning, cotton ball clouds are the majority and as the wind blows in the "way up yonder" they have the appearance of being airbrushed over the vast sea of blue! Storms are forecast for this day, looking to the southern sky the cotton ball clouds are darker and quickly approaching, we are supposed to have 45 to 60 mile an hour wind gusts off and on throughout the day, so much for a leaf free yard! 
     While sitting here in prayer this morning, I was chatting with Heavenly Father and during my chat I began to feel this wonderful sense of peace and calm, yesterday was a very disappointing day, it seems plans made always have to take twists and turns before they come to fruition. I did not question, I did not press for answers, I did not get on my pity pot! (ahhhh,  morning reveillee) coming loud and proud from the air force base...sorry, I just get excited when I hear it! Back to what I was saying! As I sat there thinking of all of the times plans have fallen apart, hope and dreams were set askew, heartache replaced happiness, and I felt picked on...I realized that hey....none of the change of plans have killed me, I basically got to move forward only with a few changes of date, or vehicle, or route etc... I have heard stories of people missing a near "could be" fatal accident by seconds because of one reason or another, many whose lives were spared the day the twin towers were hit, because of delay for some reason or another, were not in the building when the "world stopped turning" The word that kept crossing my heart was "LISTEN" he needs us to listen to his promptings, he needs for us to acknowledge that he knows better that us, he needs for us to be obedient when he is guiding us! I don't know why I have such a hard time with this!!!!! He has the test with the test key, I am merely the student, who am I to think I know the answers? So I will do my best to not try and understand everything, but to listen to him, let him guide me and know that in doing so safety and happiness will greet me! TodayI pray that you will take this message and LISTEN to his promptings, that you will not fall down in the pool of pity asking the ever so popular question...WHY, but acknowledge that he is allowing you to take an open book test and is giving you the answers! God is amazing, he is the wisest of the wise and he is here to protect us, he is here to guide us and he is here to bring us back to him! Have a beautiful day, know that you are loved and that as long as you LISTEN, things will only get better! If you are delayed...there is a reason, if you have to make changes to plans...there is a reason. In all things there are reasons and only he knows what they are! God bless you, keep you safe, and my his direction be your path this day!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Dawn! I try faithfully to believe there IS a reason! I guess I too am very impatient-anxious for life to carry on... Have a wonderful day!