even in travel we should be obedient and lift prayers, please join me:)

good evening we finally were able to get all of our ducks in a row and have been on the road for several hours. soon Utah will be in our rearview mirror and new mexico in our front glass .. i am writing this from my phone so please excuse typos

our drive thus far has been uneventful with the exception of 4 accidents that virtually stopped traffic for 45 minutes high winds that has us shaking a bit and an occasional rain other than that it has been awesome riding along side wayde is amazing he is a wonderful travel companion I love the sights we have seen in southern utah such amazing landscapes with its mountains and rock formations and wide open plains.
Even in travel I would like to ask that you join me in the evening call to prayer, we my take vacations, we may be busy but we must not forget to lift those in need in prayer. God is amazing, he is with us at all times so we need to be mindful to never forget to ask mercies and blessings! Tonight I ask that you pray for Wayde and I as we continue on our journey so that we might arrive at our destination safe and sound! I am so very excited to get to be with my family, minus my sweet daughter who was unable to get away!:( It will be the first time home in 9 years!!!! Please continue to lift the sick and the healing in prayer, the ones who are suffering loss this day, who are looking at such changes in their lives, ask our Father in Heaven to comfort and shield them in all ways so that they can heal from the hurt in their hearts. Please continue to lift those affected by the ravages of the stroms, floods, and fires, may he protect them and give them the strength to keep going! I am going to cut this short as we had to stop and find a WIFI and really need to get back on the road. God bless each of you with love and joy and may you be blessed with beautiful dreams, until tomorrow...Good night:) Love in Christ to you!!!!

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