The fun continues, I love being "home"

Hello friends, sorry I have missed a couple of days, traveling plus internet is not always the easiest thing in the world to do! But we have made our destination, I got to spend the entire day yesterday with my family and it is well worth the heat and humidity to be in the presence of Ashley's:)
Today my nephew gets married, last night at the rehearsal dinner it was such a joy for me to sit and watch this once cute little boy step into the role of a responsible man and now he will be a husband! Where has the time gone, and why did it not stop while I was gone??? I moved away when Hunter was not even driving a car yet and now he will be married today???? The young lady he has chosen to take as his spirit mate is filled with laughter and joy, beautiful inside and out, and will be a good partner for Hunter, my God bless them with all the riches of this world and an eternal life in heaven together.
Although I have neglected two evening call to prayer, I have been able to receive requests through my phone and have lifted prayer fervently for those special specific needs, I ask this morning for a special prayer within our family unit, a blood clot has found it way to her lung and although the doctors do not feel it to be a huge threat, she is not hospitalized, we still need to pray for the might healer to dissolve the clot to ensure that there are not problems down the road. Praying for sick parents, sick siblings, sick friends..all of those suffering illness that his hand might touch the affected area and make it healed in the name of Christ. I will post later if anyone has need for prayer, to add a name or a situation, together I know our prayers are heard and I know that they will be answered. I love you guys, am now headed to my favorite restaurant for mexican food and then will be making ready for the wedding! Please continue to pray for Wayde and I! Have a beautiful day:) 

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