turn out the lights...the wedding is over:(

With the wedding festivities over now, I am able to get  back to my life. The wedding was beautiful, both Hunter and his little bride were glowing! The reception was a great one, yummy food, lots of spirits, dancing like I have not seen since leaving Texas so many years ago, laughter, and lots of noise. I saw many  of my old friends, met some that I have only known through facebook, I got to see my brothers and sisters laughing and in their element! Overall I am going to say I am a very blessed lady to be here for this special occasion. My baby brother is cooking seafood tomorrow for us and I can hardly wait, going to take a ride on the beach in the morning and going to visit as many as I can before I leave, not knowing how long it will be before I make it down again:(
Tonight I ask you to be in prayer for my nephew and his new bride, asking God to be with them on their honeymoon that they might just laugh and love, that they might have safety in all that they do and that the memories they make will be with them for the remainder of their lives together, please continue to pray for those who are strapped with illness, that they might, at this very moment, feel the hands of God upon them willing their bodies to heal. Please lift prayer for those suffering loss of a loved one, suffering loss of possessions, for those lacking faith and for those feeling lost and alone! God is mighty, he is the great healer, he is the best friend you will ever have and his love can conquer all things! Trust in him in all things and believe that he will always be right there beside you in all that you do!!! Love to all in the name of Christ our savior, amen! 

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Brenda Spencer said...

Brandy Land
Aurora Mae
Some of you know the story of Ms. Aurora Mae, but others do not. I will try to be brief....she is a seven year old girl who we have known for three years now. Our families have become very close and a year ago they were transfered to Hawaii....her dad is in the Air Force. She was diagnosed with leukemia in January of this year and has undergone two rounds of chemo. The cancer society asked what they could do for their family and she said "I want to see my Hayden." They are flying Karlton, Hayden and me out to Hawaii next week for a ten day visit. Aurora has tried for three weeks to start her third round of chemo, but her "counts" remain too low. If this does not change by next week (Tuesday) she will need to have another bone marrow biopsy. I am asking for prayer. The family members are Jeff, Tonya, Aurora, and Chandlor (who just turned five today). She has an online journal if you would like to continue to receive updates: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/aurorakimball. Thank you in advance for the miracle that this family needs! God bless you! Please feel free to share this message with anyone in your contacts who will pray for this precious little girl.

Thanks in advance Dawn
Love you...