PLEASE pray with me......A Father is called home leaving a family and community in heartbreak.

Another call to prayer for a family, and a community are reeling at the events that have taken place, so many are bowed down in such sadness, are bent over with horrible heartache. Please if you will join me in praying for this sweet family as they drudge through the realizations that such tragedy has really taken place, that this is not a horrible nightmare...

Father God we come to you this night asking you for special favor and blessings for this family and friends that have been so heartbroken by the events that have taken place, we ask that you take each of them and cover them with your robes of comfort, we ask that you bless them with the knowledge that their loved one, this father, husband, son, brother and friend is not gone forever, that this was not goodbye, but "until we meet again" Father bless each person so filled with grief that they might feel your abundant love and that they might be filled with the spirit of Nathaniel, knowing that he is ever present and that he will be there to provide them with protection until they are all together again. Father bless Austin with healing both physically and emotionally, allow him to feel your healing hands laid upon him providing him with strength and will to rise up and be filled with faith. Father at times like these we all tend to question you, but we also know that the question we need to ask is HOW, show them how to place one foot in front of the other, show them how to continue to walk in Christ's footsteps and give them approval that you will never stray from them, that you will be there in their times of need and that you will hold each and every one of them until they are strong enough to stand on their feet again. We ask now that you bless the mother who is with child, that you bless this sweet unborn babe with the image of the father, that you give this baby all of the love that Nathaniel has in his heart, place his kind and gentle spirit within the confines of this child's body so that all who know and love this child will see Nathaniel. Father bless this wife and mother with calm in her heart, peace in her mind, and comfort in her body as she goes about bringing her son to health and this new baby to life.Bless the community with peace Father and let them stand united in helping this family in any way they can to get through this tragedy. In the name of Jesus Christ we ask for mercy, grace, favor, healing and abundant love. Amen.

"A fatal collision in Live Oak County killed two men and severely injured one. It happened just before 10:30 p.m. Tuesday on I-37, north of Oakville.

Department of Public Safety investigators said 45-year old Nathaniel Garcia, along with his son, Austin Tyler Garcia, were driving south in the northbound lane of I-37, near mile marker 67. That is where they collided into another car, driven by 25-year old Pablo Flores.

Both Flores and Garcia died at the scene. The son, Austin, was taken to a hospital in San Antonio via HALO Flight.

At last report, Austin is out of surgery, but is still listed in critical condition.

Austin's classmates at Flour Bluff High School hosted a rally Wednesday to show support and give prayers for Austin, his father and his family as they go through this difficult time."

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