Today if you do anything at all, lay down the must do's and take some time for the JOY...


Happy Saturday all, it is hazy, rainy and cold here in Utah this porch sitting for us today! Even though the weather is inclement the birds are chirping away...I love the sound of the sweet heavenly songs they sing every morning.

In prayer this morning we lifted up so many for healing, a lady who's father is in the hospital with kidney failure, to weak in the heart to take dialysis, saying he is just tired, Father we ask that your will be done, if you need for this man to stay here on earth and continue in his duties, provide for him the strength he needs not only in his heart but all over his body so that he can take the dialysis and begin the healing process, if you have desire for his homecoming allow him to feel your love filled arms around him and comfort him as he makes the transition, don't let him feel pain, nor fear, let him see the beautiful angels that anxiously await his joining them and let his heart be filled for the great love he has for this children here and how they love him. Father bless the family with calm and with wisdom that whatever happens in the coming days that you have stood diligently by his bedside ministering to him, praising him, and loving him. In Jesus' precious name amen, Father there is a man who has just gotten word that he has stage 3 lung cancer, we are lifting him to you, asking that you lay hands upon him and do what is needed for him to endure the treatments that he will be taking, pump your strength into him so that he can have peace, calm, and comfort in his body. Bless his family with comfort Lord, they are so worried and filled with fear, allow your presence to overcome them and remind them that they must have faith that you have a plan and that Your will, will be done...In the name of Jesus Christ amen. Father we are lifting to you all who are battling the beast, cancer, the ones who have fought courageous battles and are now ready to be lifted home, the ones taking treatment now who are fighting fervently to overcome and win, the ones who are just now being diagnosed who are filled with the sick and sinking feeling in their hearts that this could be the end...Father we lift each of them in prayer, asking you to see their immediate needs and that you with your love and blessings will fill their hearths with the drive they need to get to the next step....In the name of Jesus Christ I ask for mercy, favor, grace, healing, and an abundance of blessings for all. Amen

This morning as I was chatting with God about who was in need of being touched today, I felt the word "JOY" came to my mind. I know so many right now who are facing so many struggles, so many come for prayer because of negative and bad things are going on in their lives....when was the last time you had true JOY in your life? when was the last time you could just sit down and not have a million to do's going on in your head??? when was the last time you enJOYed yourself, really and truly enJOYed your life??? I think many of you will find the answer surprising..I think many of you will find that the things you are knee deep in, thinking they are your JOYS are really wearing you down...when was the last time you took time for YOU and had a JOYful time? when was the last time you did nothing? when was the last time you looked deep into your partner's eyes and just enJOYed the look that came back at you???
Today if you do anything at all, lay down the must do's and take some time for the JOY...allow yourself  a treat to something you have been neglecting in your life, take a long walk and enjoy the beautiful gifts that God has placed around you, go and sit with a friend and just enjoy the company, take a long hot bath with bubbles, candles, and music...whatever you do,,,,DO IT FOR YOU, the feeling you have afterwords will be one of strength and a feeling of conquering the must do's in a much better frame of mind....YOU are the most important person in your life, if YOU don't take care of your needs, how can YOU take care of others...
God bless each and every one of you with JOY this day, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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