A family stands in fear, Father God PLEASE bring this child home!!!!


Urgent Call to Prayer....

PLEASE if you will join me, I have just been made aware a 16 year old niece of a very dear friend of mine has run away from home, no money, no phone, no anything..

Father we come to YOU with anxious worry in our hearts as we ask YOU to see where this child has gone, to wrap her in your robes of protection, to allow her time to sit and feel your abundant love for her, Father be her reasoning and allow her to make a way back home, if there are problems there that need to be addressed Father allow the family to see the need and to execute a plan to make things better for all of them. As she is out there on the streets or wherever she is carry her through the storms that she is dealing with and provide for her comfort in calling home, provide her will and determination to make things come together for this family, but most of all Father, please do not allow anything bad to befall her. Her family is filled with worry and horror of the could happens, supply for them peace and comfort and allow them to know that YOU are with her, that YOU are watching over her and if only she will take your hand YOU will lead her home. In the name of Jesus Christ we reach out for these favors and mercies. Amen

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Anonymous said...

Thanks awn. This is a lovely prayer, my friend. I continue to pray also.