A little prayer for you today!!!!

Hello and happy Friday, can it really almost  have been a week ago that I was making ready to leave Utah to come and see my babies? Boy the time has flown right by, it has been such a joy to be here and I will tell you come Sunday morning my heart will be full of sadness at having to leave, but for this moment and all through tomorrow I am going to smile and just enjoy my time, I am going to laugh with the little man, I am going to love on all three of them and I am not going to think about heading back to Utah!

Last evening we had opportunity to go and have dinner with Derek's parents, it was a lovely time spent there and so nice to get to know them a bit better. The host and hostess are delightful people and we had a great time watching Chalmers be the life of the party! I so appreciate all the kindness that has been shown us while we have been here. It seems that everywhere we have gone, whether it be wal~mart or to a hamburger place...the people are overwhelmingly nice, they make eye contact when you speak to them, they have ready smiles to share with you and always speak a hearty hello....have I been gone from the south that long that small things such as these seem to make my day? Is Utah that unfriendly that it takes small~ville Kansas to remind me that there are pleasantly happy people in the world? Funny how much of a difference it is from state to state...I only hope and pray that I never fall into the fast paced, eyes at your feet, mentality that seems to have become Utah!

I invite you to pray with me today for all who are struggling as you go through all that you are going through, I ask God to lift you on high, to take away your frustration, your anger, your fears, your stresses, your worries and your sadness. Today is a day of celebration, our Father in heaven has made this day to be filled with joy and laughter, to be filled with faith and love, to be filled with hope and kindness. Let your problems go and give them over to God and let him face the troubles for you for a while. He is waiting on you to hand them over so why are you holding on to them? Father God look at the needs of each of us and bring us to peace, calm, and comfort. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.

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