What time is it????? Will you join me????Please!!!!

Two days in a row, I am late in getting my post written, I guess if I am late that means I am busy, and if I am busy that means I am living, so thank you God for allowing me to be late this evening:) I don't know if i am touching many but I pray that the words that God places on my heart is touching someone in need of being lifted, being encouraged, seeing that we all have bad days, that life is not always sunshine and roses, that we all make mistakes, but with our father in heaven, love of our family and friends, and all of the lift we get from our special angels, we will be okay, we will make it, we will come out in the end with a smile on our face and with so much more spirit than we had when we started.....DON'T EVER GIVE UP, don't ever give in, don't allow anyone or anything to lead you away from what you know is right, don't bow down to satan EVER....Hold tight to God's hand, cling to Jesus Christ, keep your eye on the sparrow and know that the battle might be hard fought but you will always come out the victor as long as you believe. God bless each of you , may he hold you in his loving arms, may he comfort you in times of discomfort, may he provide you with calm when you suffer unrest and may he provide peace when you are internally at war! 

Please join me in lifting prayer this evening, "on bended knees" asking God for his loving mercy, may he bless the sick with health, may he bless the healing with haste, may he bless the storm ravaged with renewal, may he bless the lost with light, may he bless the depressed with joy. There are so many of us suffering different things, the one common factor for each of us is that the battle is a pull between what we know is right and what we know is wrong, Father, please take each one of us in your arms, pull us close and allow us to grow in you , allow us to gain strength each and every day to forge forward making our way back to stand by your side. Father I love you , I appreciate you , I honor you, and I stand with no fear of chastisement in proclaiming that you my Father, and that Jesus Christ is my savior, please continue to watch over us father ! In his beautiful name, amen. 

Please feel free to write any special requests you might have in the comment section, without you we do not know of special people needing special prayers:) 


Anonymous said...

love this prayer.

Dawn said...

thank you for your comment, when I sit in time for prayer I am so inspired by God, he touches my heart and lets me write what needs to be said:) God bless you!!!