"Where two or more are gathered".....PRAYER WARRIORS...there is need, will you come and pray with us?

Prayer warriors, if you could PLEASE take a moment of your time to lift prayers in a very intense situation it would be greatly appreciated, I received this prayer request last evening and prayed fervently for calm and peace, but still feel that there is much need for mass prayer as the situation unfolds...

 "I need a Very Very Special Prayer for my BFF and her family, Especially her husband who will land in Houston from Afghanistan on Sunday morning, to attend the death of his Only son last night in a wreck during an argument with his wife. He was only in his early 20's, his baby boy wasn't yet a year old, he hadnt been married quite a year. I am very worried about my BFF'S husband because he is pissed at his daughter and his sons wife for Killing his son. His daughter went on a three day Binge again and this time took the sister n law with her. He found his wife and on their way home, is when the accident occurred that took his young life and left her with not even a scratch. Sunday will be the funeral in Dallas and his body will be transported to Bay City and buries there. Please Send Prayer requests out to hold this family together during this tragedy. I love You Dawn! Thank You!"

Father God we come to you on bended knees this morning asking that you take each member of this family into your lap of love and understanding, that you cover them with your robes of love and compassion and that you open their eyes to see that anger is not the answer, fill their hearts with healing and with memories of goodness, take the rage that is built up in this father's heart and turn it into calm and peace. Father you are the only one that knows the exact events that took place, you are the only one who understands the feelings that are flooding in the hearts of the sister and the wife, you are the only one who can provide what is needed to soften and calm this man's heart and you are the only one who can bless them with what is needed. Hold on to them, guide them in this dark time and protect each of them from harm. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray for peace, calm, comfort, understanding, and protection. Amen

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