a little kick in the keester to get this day off to a great start!!!! FAITH in God that he will see me through:)

happy Monday, the sunrise was amazing and the sun is brightly shining, so much so that it is causing a glare on my computer but I dare not close my curtains, I want to see the world wake up, I want to feel the warmth of the "son" on my face and the glare is nothing but a wonderful reminder that I am alive and I can conquer anything that is placed in front of me....move the computer over out of the direct path and keep on typing!!!!

In prayer this morning as I sat on the porch, the breeze allowing my wind chimes to play a happy little song, the birds joining in to make just the perfect harmony and my little hummingbird that refused to partake from his feeder but loves to partake from the beautiful plants I have planted...coming within inches of where I am sitting!!! I guess that tell you how much time I spend in that chair, it is like I am a permanent fixture and he is not frightened or threatened by my presence at all! I love the fact that my birds are so happy to come so close! I was sitting there this morning and was deep in thought chatting with our Father in heaven and I asked him to give me duties today that will test my faith and will shake me up a bit, I asked him to send me where there is most need or to send to me someone who is in need of an awakening. I see so many who are lost, who are stumbling around in the dark, who are searching for a thread to hang on to and I weep, many times I offer myself to whomever seems to be in need and many times they refuse me, this does not mean I will give up, this just means that I pray harder for them, I ask God to open their eyes and to allow them to see that there can be peace in their hearts only if they will reach out to him...we cannot save anyone who does not have the desire to be saved and we can only pray for them when they refuse your assistance...So many times people come to me with a problem, we chat it out and then they begin to make excuses for the very problem, people lay down and allow themselves to be door mats but when you point this out...they make excuses for the very ones who are walking on them. Today is a day to quit making excuses, today is the first day of the rest of your life, today is the day to first get down on your knees, give a hearty THANK YOU to heavenly Father and then speak your peace, today is the day to put a smile on your face, crawl off of the pity pot and make some changes, today is the day that YOU take control of what you will and will not allow in your life and today is the day for you to have joy and laughter!!!

ONward and Upward my friends, don't let anyone or anything steal your joy today...walk in FAITH that God will see you through the toughest of times and that HE will never walk away from you, HE has seen you at your deal level worst and still HE loves you with all HE has to give, its unconditional...can you say that about anyone else????

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