Are you riding the "golden train" or will you be taking the "long black train"?

Happy Friday all....I am so sorry that I have been so distant and not writing this week, I guess you could say I have been overwhelmed and am in need of structure and time management....I have not shared the latest news with you, where my life is concerned...there is always some kind of news....

On Monday Wayde was laid off from his job, finally we WERE seeing the end of the tunnel and finally moving to Kansas had become a do~able and not just a dream...then BOOM...I have been praying for God to give us a sign as to if or if not we should move....I asked him to make the way easier for us if that is where he had need for us....then boom....job lay off, how much bigger of a sign can we get, and I did not mean right this very week to make a way for us....but I have to realize that God makes situations arise that go with his plan of action and not our plans...and so far his way has always been the right way, I don't for see that it will ever be the other way around so I am content in following his lead and doing what I must do to make this become a reality...I am not going to sit down and be defeated, I am going to rise to the challenge and be like a warrior in his army and get this done....I started a little painting company called Strokes of Love   on June 10th..please visit me there and if you have need for anything personalized, I would so appreciate your order..this is the only way Wayde and I have of keeping up with our responsibilities at the moment, I am believing that God will give us the 100 orders of 50.00 that we need to make the move we are planning, to get Wayde there and working again and to allow us for the first time to be on our feet and prospering:) ...God bless you

As you all know this month I was directed to share stories on FAITH, and it seems many of the stories have been about my life....there is not better way for me to get through to you just what God can do, we have been at the bottom of the barrel, began to float back up, sank again and pushed off yet again...having FAITH does not mean that you will not have trials, it just means that you have someone in your corner that is ever watchful who will always make a way so that you don't drown! I have to always tell myself when bad things happen in my life....satan must really think I am something to want me this does nothing but build my confidence that I am on the right track, when you are on the "God" train, satan gets worried, he does not want you to ride the "golden train" he wants you on the "long black train" going nowhere!!! So each time you are slammed in the face, knocked down, filled with fear, wailing in frustration and worry...think about it...YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK, just hold fast to your FAITH, hold fast to GOD's promises and keep on keepin on with the knowledge that GOD will carry you through this storm and each one that comes down the road...HE WILL NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE YOU... as long as you are clinging to HIM!!!

Have a day filled with HOPE, with LOVE, and with FAITH...YOU are loved immensely and YOU are a beautiful child of GOD!!!

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