Did you make sure to dot your "I's" and cross your "T's" ??????

Happy Tuesday to all, it is a glorious morning as I sit and watch the sun prepare to come up, over the mountains I see magnificent colors, blue, grey, and of could salmon...my favorite of all favorite colors, there is a mile breeze and the day heat has yet to make its appearance. It is very hard to believe that we will be near 100 degrees later today!

As I sit here the birds singing with gusto, looking at God's beauty, smelling the gifts of blessings and hearing the songs of his angels here on earth I wonder..."what did I ever do to deserve these heaven sent gifts?" I feel unworthy of these blessings but at the same time am so humbled that HE is showering them down on me. I have been sitting here filled with eager anxiety of the new day, what will it bring for me? What direction will God send me today, and how can I give all the glory and honor to him? I don't know the answer as of this moment, but I know and I have faith that I will lay my head down with heartfelt thanks that he has allowed me to touch the heart of another and be the light so desperately being sought! Thank you in advance Father for allowing me to work for you, for trusting in me and for having faith in me, that where you lead, I will follow!

As I sat out this morning I asked God why some people have it so easy and why so many struggle, it seems that many times the ones who have real faith, the ones who have an honest and sincere love for God, the ones who are not ashamed to confess that love and to share it with anyone who will listen are the ones who battle the fiercest of storms. The ones who have uber faith are the ones who have the highest mountain to climb while the ones who sit around only acting like they have the faith, the ones who talk the talk but who are not walking the walk are the ones that good things happen to over and over again??? I asked God, "Father, lay your soft and gentle hands on my heart and allow me to see the WHY in these questions." As I sat there in the silence a thought took my mind..."be sure you dot your "I's" and Cross your "T's" I was a bit confused and really did not understand what he was saying to me. I closed my prayer with him and came in to begin working on this blog and then on to completing a project that I started last night. I made a quick run through on facebook to see if any more prayer requests had been placed in my inbox and that is where I saw this....

I now understand what the dotting of the "I's" and the crossing of the "T's" is all about...I don't have time to worry about WHY others have it easier than me, I do not know what is going on in their lives, I only see the outside....I may see their lack of troubles but I am sure they are there, they are just better camouflaged than my own....We all have crosses to carry, we all have hills to climb and hurdles to jump and as long as I am worried about keeping on my path, the path that God has layed for me, I am on the right track...as long as I am "dotting my "I's" and crossing my own "T's" I am doing what he has need of me! I will not longer worry and wonder about others because that takes time away from what I am supposed to be doing! I am, "head held high" "chin to the wind" marching boldly into the unknown...I am only going to be happy for the blessings of others and thank God for allowing them favor, I am not going to sit on a "pity pot" wondering why someone else appears to be getting more favor from GOD than I am...I am awake, I am free to share his love, I have a roof over my head and food in my tummy! I may not live in a fine, fancy home but I live in a home, I may not drive a newer car that has air conditioning, but I have a vehicle that gets us where we need to go, I may not have nice clothes but the ones that I do have fit me and keep me covered...I could go on and on but in a nutshell what I am saying is.....I am happy to be me, I am not going to worry about or wonder WHY, I am just going to follow GOD's lead and believe that I am where he needs me to be..I am going to worry about my own "I's" and "T's" and not thing about what others are doing or not doing. I am going to continue to share my love with everyone, I am going to continue to speak about the truth of God and I am going to praise him and give thanks for not only the easy blessings but for the hard blessings as well! 

I pray your day is filled with lots of dotted "I's" and crossed "T's" and that you to are only worrying about what you need to be doing to get closer and gain favor with our Father in heaven....guessing this morning was another lesson for ME...Boy I love how I can start blogging and when I am done, I  re~read and realize it was a message to me personally!!! GOD is so good and I am so blessed that he opens my eyes each and every day...YOU are loved!!!!!!

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Lori Burke said...

This is the second message to this point I have received in as many days. I have been carrying my own little black cloud filled with fear, anger and, yes, self-pity. I should be more grateful for what I have than sorry for what I have lost, am still losing or think I might have to do without.
God's way is always so much better.
Thank you for sharing.