You can never grow old unless you let yourself.....

Good evening and happy almost end to this last day of February, not another 29th of February for 4 years. I pray your leap day has been a good one! It is beginning to snow a bit more out and the temperatures are dropping here in beautiful Utah.

In prayer this evening I asked God to protect all of those who are on the roadways this evening, I asked for a shield of protection for those who are still being battered by the negative weather all over the country and for a blanket of calm for those who are digging out and have suffered great loss. I also asked special blessings of comfort for those who have lost loved ones at the hand of mother nature. I continued to pray for my friend Star who is getting stronger each and every day, I prayed for several who have come in request for family members who are battling with health issues and for the sweet little boy who is battling fluid on his brain, asking God to lay hands upon each of them, bringing them back to 100% health if it be his will. Father comfort each of them in your loving arms and allow them to feel all of the love that is flowing to them. I prayed for each of you for God's strength, his peace, his calm and his comfort and for blessings for all of your needs. In the name of Jesus Christ I asked humbly. Amen.

I love, love, love the story below....sometimes I get caught up in my aches and pains, in my grey and wrinkles, in the I can't do the things I used to be able to...bla,bla,bla...but when I look in the mirror...the youthful spirit is still there, shining brightly, I think from this point on I will take out the full length mirror and opt to just look into my eyes...LOL

A Young Spirit

It was my daughter’s 21st birthday. Dinner was finished and cake and ice cream were about to be served. As I looked out on my three grown children I was amazed at how quickly the years had gone by. My youngest was now 18 years old. My daughter was a college graduate. My oldest boy was 23 and getting older every minute. Just thinking about it I could feel my hair getting thinner and grayer and my wrinkles getting deeper. 

I dragged my aching, aging body into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. Yes, the hair was thin and gray. The face and forehead were wrinkled a bit. The few extra pounds of middle-age were showing in places. Then I gazed into the eyes staring back at me from the mirror and I saw her: a young spirit shining out of them from deep within me. She was the spirit that still delighted in the twinkling lights of the fireflies every Summer. She was the spirit that still soared along with the birds in the morning sky. She was the spirit that still thought the laughter of a child was the most beautiful music in the world. She was the spirit that had always known that bodies are temporary but that life is eternal. She was the spirit that had always tried to keep one foot in the wonder of childhood and one foot in the love of Heaven. 

I smiled back at that shining spirit and took my youthful soul back out to the kitchen table to join my forever young children in some red velvet cake and vanilla ice cream. I thanked God too for reminding me that I will always be young no matter how old I get. 

Always remember who you really are. You are a beautiful, shining, loving soul. You are blessed by Heaven and loved by God. You are both eternal and forever young. You can never grow old unless you let yourself. May all your days be blessed with youth, laughter, and joy then. May all your years be full of loving God, yourself, and others.

Amazing Grace- Aaron Neville

Please dear God, I want to be like Christ in my character and conduct....

Verse of the Day

"Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, you now dismiss your servant in peace. For my eyes have seen your salvation..."
~Luke 2:29-30~

Thoughts on Today's Verse...

Old Simeon uttered these words when he saw the Christ child. This is our goal as well. While we cannot physically see Jesus who is our salvation and hold him in our arms as Simeon did, we can see him through Scripture, worship, ministry, evangelism, and the work of the Holy Spirit. Let's make it our aim to honor God as the only true God and to following Jesus as our Lord.

My Prayer...

Righteous Father, please help me to know Jesus better, to be formed more perfectly into his image, and to live with his character. Please, dear God, I want to be like Christ in my character and conduct. I want to be a genuine disciple and become more and more like my great Teacher everyday. It is in his name, Jesus Christ, that I pray. Amen.

Keep your spirit in the heavens even while your feet are here on earth....

Good morning, boy mother nature was all over the place during the night. I was not sleepy and wound up staying up until about 3 a.m., when I got into bed sleep would not come, I prayed my sleep time prayers and could not believe how awake I was after. I finally decided the tossing and turning was not fair to Wayde so I got out of bed at 5:15 a.m. and shortly after received a text message from a sweet friend asking if my daughter was okay, I had not a clue that there had been bad weather in Kansas. My Megan is fine to my knowledge and it does not appear that the town in which she lives had any disturbing weather at all...according to the weather channel, I dared not call to check on her as she has a had time sleeping if awoken. I pray your day is a good one, we are gearing up for a pretty good snow storm this afternoon, it has already started to fall and is only supposed to get heavier as the day proceeds. 

In prayer this morning I had total peace and quiet, I sat by the window watching the little flurries of snow falling and absorbed the wonderful spirit of our Father in Heaven. I called out for all of you to join me in praying for the storm ravaged areas, Branson Missouri took some pretty good hits and there are several fatalities at this hour, please join me in lifting Branson and its people in prayer asking God to comfort and calm them as they begin to dig out. Father for those still in the paths of the storm in Kentucky and various other areas please wrap a shield of protection around all and keep them free from harm. I continue to pray for my friend Star who is doing very well and is filling my heart with her will and determination. Asking God to bless my friends sister who is recovering from surgery and has had a few set backs, Father touch her with your healing hands this day and allow her the knowledge that she will come through this and have a full recovery. Praying daily for a very sweet lady and her care giver that God's will be done and that they have a day filled with clarity.  I pray for each of you that God might bless you with your needs, that he will give you the strength you need today to get past anything that might try to block your way, to give you peace, calm, comfort and always his love. In the name of Jesus Christ I ask for mercy and favor. Amen

If you know me, you know I love very much to sit out in the early morning and listen to the beautiful song of the birds, I love to watch them soar high in the sky. When I read this story I really felt the warmth and the love that it was written with, the words are very wise. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...spread your wings and soar:) 

Ready To Fly

Something new showed up on my Dad’s front porch this Spring: a nest. A robin decided that the top of a corner post just under the metal roof would be the perfect place to put her new home. Slowly she started to build it stick by stick. My Dad noticed what she was doing and tossed her work back off the porch, hoping that she would take the hint and choose a nearby tree instead. The robin was determined, however, and kept returning to rebuild her nest again and again. Finally, my Dad gave in and let her finish her work. When it was done the robin laid her eggs and settled into her warm, dry, safe home. 

A few weeks later three tiny heads suddenly emerged over the corner of the nest. I had never seen baby birds so close up before. Each one looked like a tiny vulture dressed in a fluffy, wool sweater. I watched in wonder as the little heads tilted back and the ugly beaks stretched wide to receive the food that was dropped into them. I knew too that their mom would continue her work everyday, lovingly feeding her babies until they were grown, beautiful, and ready to fly. 

Watching those baby birds made me think too about how so many of us huddle in our own nests day after day waiting for the time when we will be ready to fly. So many of us look over the edge terrified to make that first leap to live and to love. So many of us spend our hours dreaming of soaring in the clouds while we sit scared on a pile of sticks. 

We aren’t meant to hide in our nests, though. God created us to fly. God created us to soar into the sky on the wings of love and joy. God created us to go higher and higher with every good thought we think and kind act we do. We just have to make that first leap. Don’t let the birds have all the fun then. You are ready. Live well, fly high, and help a few others out of their nests along the way. Keep your spirit in the heavens even while your feet are here on Earth.

Wilson Pickett - Everybody Needs Somebody (live)

My relationships began to improve when I learned to listen with my heart!!!

Good evening and happy Tuesday evening, I pray your day has been a wonderful one and that you and yours are now settled in sharing some so important family time together. 

In prayer this evening I bowed my head and let the noise of the day wane away, I stilled my mind and allowed myself to become melded with the Holy Spirit. We sat in silence, me feeling only the blessing of our Father in heaven's grace and goodness as I sat thinking about all the prayers we have lifted and all that have been answered right before our very eyes. I asked God how can anyone deny you, how can anyone not believe in your goodness and your love?Please Lord, continue to bless my friend Star as she is growing stronger each day and is such a wonderful inspiration to so many.  Father, thank you, THANK YOU,  for all of the good things you have put in my life, for my daughter who I love with every breath I take, who has been nothing but joy for me for 25 years. For that little boy growing in her tummy, who will no doubt steal my heart and wrap me around his very pinkie finger. Thank you for my Wayde, who stands by me through thick and thin, who takes care of me in a way that only a person filled with unconditional love can, for my family, for my friends, and for all of the beauty that is around me each day. I ask you God to bless all with peace in their hearts, calm in their minds, comfort in their bodies and an abundance of love in their hearts. I love you Father and am so thankful for YOU. In the name of Jesus Christ I ask these blessings and favors. Amen...

The writing that I am sharing tonight is one that I had to overcome, imagine being a person that really thought she knew all of the answers, I have a strong personality and tend to tell others what is best for them without allowing them to be took me many years to overcome this but let me tell you...when I started listening and began to hear what others were saying was when I began to live my life, I was amazed that I am not always right, my way is not always the right way and who in the habitats am I to think I know it all. It was very freeing for me to see the error of my ways and I have learned so much in hearing with my heart....

Listening with Your Heart

This is an actual advertisement found in a Utah (USA) newspaper from a man trying to sell his motorcycle. 

"2006 Suzuki 1000. This bike is perfect! It has 1000 miles and has had its 500 mile dealer service. (Expensive Service!) 

It's been adult ridden, all wheels have always been on the ground. I use it as a cruiser/commuter. I'm selling it because it was purchased without proper consent of a loving wife! 

Apparently "do whatever the heck you want" doesn't mean what I thought!!! 

Call me, Steve. [phone number]" 

Her sarcasm was lost on him. Somehow he didn’t hear the words behind the words. 

Why is it? We own cell phones and send email. We talk, text and tweet. We have more ways of communicating than ever before, but communication is still a major problem. 

Maybe they hear our words, but they're deaf to what is behind the words. So what do we do? We say it LOUDER. If we can't be understood at conversational level, maybe they'll understand if we blast it into their heads. 

And sometimes we simply don’t listen well. Perhaps that is because many of us are afflicted with what communicator Nido Qubein terms "agenda anxiety" – the feeling that what we want to say to others is more important than what they might want to say to us. So we don’t listen. We try to impress rather than express, not realizing that two monologues do not make a dialogue. 

"Please understand me," is the desperate cry of too many relationships. "You don’t have to make me feel better; you don’t have to do anything; you don’t even have to agree with me. But don’t judge me. Just understand me. Please." 

The truth is that our relationships work when communication works. And communication works when we hear the words behind the words; when it becomes as important for us to listen as it is for us to speak; and, when we truly understand each other. For me, it takes more than merely listening with my ears. I also have to listen with my heart. 

My colleague and friend Roy Trueblood collaborated on the book MANAGING FROM THE HEART [Managing from the Heart] In it, the authors discuss what it means to communicate from the heart as well as from the head. Here are five principles of "H-E-A-R-T" communication. These are great tips for better talking and listening in personal relationships. 

H - Hear and understand me. 

E - Even if you disagree, please don’t make me wrong. 

A - Acknowledge the greatness within me. 

R - Remember to look for my loving intentions. 

T - Tell me the truth with compassion.
Noted author and psychotherapist Virginia Satir said this about communication: "Once a human being has arrived on this earth, communication is the largest single factor determining what kinds of relationships he makes with others and what happens to him in the world about him." It seems important that we get it right. 

I realize that the quality of my life will be largely determined by the quality of my relationships. And my relationships will improve when I learn to listen with my heart. 

They are my sunshine!!!

Oh my goodness, how excited I am, first to see my baby with such a "baby bump" and then to see my grandson's beautiful face...can I just say...tears are flowing???  I love the picture of the ultrasound, if you look you will see 2 little eyes, a little nose, a sweet little smiling mouth, and some very chubby cheeks. He is perfect in every way and is gonna be one big baby...I love him already and cannot wait to hold him in my arms and feel what so many of my friends have already felt...the love of a grandbaby! 

Father protect me of the many false god's that crowd into my world and seek my attention....

Verse of the Day

Where then are the gods you made for yourselves? Let them come if they can save you when you are in trouble! For you have as many gods as you have towns, O Judah.
~Jeremiah 2:28~

Thoughts on Today's Verse...

Let's focus on one simple concept today. Based on the allocation of our time, interest, lifestyle, expenditures of money, and speech, who or what is our god? Is it the Lord God?

My Prayer...

I am convicted, dear Heavenly Father, of how many false gods crowd into my world and seek my attention. Please bless me and empower me with an undivided heart. I want my heart to be free from anything false that might distort or diminish my loyalty to you. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Leona Lewis - Happy with lyrics

Which wolf are you going to feed?

Good morning and happy Tuesday, I pray your morning is going well and that no matter what comes your way...good or bad...that you are prepared and are not willing to accept any negative..I pray you are ready to stand your ground and that you are willing only to let the positive affect you! 

In prayer this morning I sat outside for a little while, just me and my big old golden retriever watching the world wake up...what a blessing of beauty!!! As I sat there listening to the birds sing from high in the tree top, I wondered if they were singing because they know happiness and joy or if they were singing to alert others that they were not alone and to be careful when they left their safe haven in the branches. I sat as the rain/snow began to fall and watched the clouds all come together to form a dull blanket in the sky...I sat and thanked God for allowing me to be a part of such wonder. I asked God to continue to bless each of you with love and joy, to give you reason to stop and stand witness to his love at some point today and to allow you time to share with him your thanksgivings and your fears. I asked him to continue to bless my sweet friend who is standing in wait watching her sweet mother slip closer and closer to the veil. I prayed for a blanket of protection to be placed around you, that you might be shielded from harm. I asked God to bless those who are battling disease that today might be a day when there is no pain, no suffering, no fear, no worry...that today be a day of memories of old and making memories of the new. I asked God to continue to bless my sweet friend who is struggling with addiction, to allow him to know that day by day is the only way he will beat it, praise the Lord that he has found the will to overcome and walk the straight and narrow path. I asked God to bless someone very special to me with the wonderful news through testing that he remains cancer free and that his fears should be cast aside and his faith carry him through. I asked God to bless each of us with our needs, to take the strain from us replacing it with joy. I prayed for peace in our hearts, for calm in our minds, for comfort in our bodies and abundant love in our beings. In the name of Jesus Christ, our savior, I asked for favor and healing miracles. Amen. 

The following writing is a great one to me, simply put...we need to be responsible for our choices...which wolf will win in your life today? Which wolf will you be feeding?

All Filled Up

I recall reading that a man from Virginia Beach (Virginia, USA) filed a law suit against his hospital. He opted to have surgery in order to lose weight. So he had his stomach stapled -- a procedure that reduced the size of his stomach so he couldn't eat as much. 

A couple of days after surgery he sneaked down the hospital corridors to the kitchen. There he raided the refrigerator and ate so much that his staples burst. 

The law suit? He claimed it was the hospital's fault. They should have locked the refrigerator. 

And no - I don't know how the suit came out. Just the staples. 

He wanted to make other people responsible for what he put into his mouth. Which raises the question: who decides what we bring into our lives? 

One man told me, "I'm not a garbage truck." 

"What do you mean by that?" I asked him. 

"I mean that sometimes other people want to dump their garbage on me," he said. "They fill themselves up with negativity and complaints and want to dump all of that garbage on me. I'm not going to take all of their garbage. They may need to get rid of it, but not all over me." 

He believes people need to be responsible for the garbage in their lives. And that's probably true for the good stuff, too. For me, that includes just about everything. It means I am responsible for everything I put into my mouth, but also for everything I choose to watch and hear. Some of it's good and some of it's garbage. It even means everything that comes into my head through my eyes and ears. It's also about everything that fills up my time. Everything. 

And to be honest, I don't always do a great job with everything that comes into my life. But I am clear that what I allow in is up to me, not somebody else. 

When we fill our bodies with the right foods, they perform well. 

When we fill our heads with learning, they won't easily stagnate. 

When we fill our minds with healthier attitudes, we will have a better outlook. 

When we fill our hearts with a little more courage, we will be able to face life with confidence. 

When we fill our talk with more gratitude, we will be happier. 

When we fill our lives with more love, we will never be alone. 

Only we can decide how to fill ourselves up. 

Have you heard the story of the two wolves? A common version of it goes like this: 

An old Cherokee chief was teaching his grandson about life... 

"A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy. "It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. 

"One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, self-doubt and ego. 

"The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. 

"This same fight is going on inside you - and inside every other person, too." 

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?" 

The old chief simply replied, "The one you feed." 

Only I can choose what should come into my life. Only I can choose which wolf to feed. And only I can choose what to do about it today. 

Love is a greater treasure than all the crown jewels that ever sat on a queen's head...

Happy Monday evening my friends, I pray that you and yours have had a great start to a week that will only get better and better. It has been a beautiful day here with the sun shining and little to no wind at all. Counting my blessings for all that I have been given....

In prayer this evening I ask that you pray for a sweet friend of mine who lost her sweet dog, Annie. I do not know the circumstances but I do know what a sadness comes over our heart when we lose one of our 4 legged babies. I ask God to bless her with peace in her hears. I also would like to ask for special prayers for a very special lady who has battled for so long, who has lived on borrowed time for so long and is so very tired. Father this sweet lady is so ready to come home to join her sweet husband. Let us all pray for God's will to be done and that if it be her time that she embrace this next horizon of her life and that she know how much she is loved. I prayed for each of you as I always do asking God to bless you with his love, his peace, his calm and his comfort. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

I love this next story, I am one who has allowed the throws of life to get to me from time to time and in looking at what is the most in my life. I am beyond daughter and my family make me the richest! 

It’s Free

I was doing my monthly bills again recently. The stack was huge, so I took a moment to enjoy the balance at the top of the page. Then I clutched my pen and started to write check after check to pay bill after bill while the balance got smaller and smaller with each one. 

I finally finished and looked at what was left. The ending balance wasn’t much. It amazed me just how much everything costs these days. I looked down again at the tiny amount left over and sighed. It was then, however, that I felt someone behind me. I turned and saw my youngest son smiling down on me. His handicapped mind had no concept of money, yet his gentle spirit seemed to know that I could use his smile right then. I put my pen down, got up from the table, and gave my boy a hug. I rested my chin on his shoulder, patted him on the back, and thanked God one more time for giving him to me. At that moment I felt like the richest man in the entire world. I thanked God again for helping me to see the truth that the most priceless thing in this whole world is free. 

Love is a greater treasure than all the crown jewels that ever sat on a Queen’s head. Love is more precious than every ounce of gold that was ever mined from the ground. Love is more valuable than all the stocks and bonds that Wall Street ever sold. Love is what we are here for. Love is what life is all about. And love is free! 

The next time then that your pockets are empty, the next time that your bank balance is low, the next time that you don’t have a thin dime to your name remember that the most valuable thing in this life doesn’t cost a cent. Love is a gift from God that we are all free to share. It brings us more joy than all the money in the world and the more we give it away the more of it we have in our hearts, souls, and lives.

Heavenly Father, I trust you to lead my life and guide me...

Verse of the Day

Daniel replied, "No wise man, enchanter, magician or diviner can explain to the king the mystery he has asked about, but there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries."
~Daniel 2:27-28~

Thoughts on Today's Verse...

What is the bedrock of your faith in uncertain times? Who knows where all the upheaval, tumult, and uncertainty is truly heading? In whom can you find the solution to your most perplexing problems? For Daniel and his friends, there was one solid and true answer: the Lord God of Israel. It wasn't in the so-called wise teachers of the day. It wasn't in the religions of the East. It wasn't in the super-spiritualists. It was in God alone.

 My Prayer...

Dear Father, you are the One True and Living God! There is no one or no thing that can compare to you in splendor, righteousness, and majesty. To you belongs all praise, honor, and glory. I trust you to lead my life and guide me into the understanding I need to do your will. In the name of the Lord Jesus I pray. Amen.

Steven Seagal - Better Man

Children are not born with curse words in their mouths...

Happy Monday morning to all, I pray you had a nice weekend, that you got you "tank" filled and are now ready to rock this week with faith and good cheer. 

In prayer this morning as I sat in silence allowing all of God's goodness to wash over me, I gave thanks over and over again for the unconditional love that he gives me each day. I prayed my normal usual prayers asking Him to continue to bless my friend Star as she is growing stronger and stronger each day and finally is seeing the light, hopefully if all goes well she will get to come home from the hospital in a few weeks and get back to living her life. I asked Him to bless each of you as I do daily with peace in your heart, calm in your mind and comfort in your body. I asked for favor and healing blessings in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

The following story is one that I can so relate to, there are times when I lose it, when I become so frustrated with things that I lose control of my mouth and not very nice words fly out. I am so thankful that God does indeed forgive me when I fall of the curse word wagon! 

The Power Of Words

It was 15 years ago. I was driving home with my 8 year old son after a trip to the grocery store. Traffic was light. The sun was shining. A cool Autumn breeze was in the air. I was quietly singing along to the song playing on the radio. I pulled to a stop at the intersection and looked both ways. The road was clear. I slowly started to make a right turn when suddenly a car rounded a curve at high speed and came straight at me. I stomped on the breaks of my car killing the engine in the process. The speeder zoomed past my dead car without even slowing down missing me by inches. 

Before I knew it a stream of profanity was flying from my lips, chasing after the car and its driver. I then looked over to my son who was staring up at me innocently. With a red face and an embarrassed smile I started the car, pulled back onto the road, and headed home. 

Later that evening I was reading a book when I heard certain, unpleasant words coming from my son’s bedroom. He was replaying the incident over and over in his mind and swearing enough to make a sailor blush. Too late I realized the power of those words that had flown from my lips in that moment of anger. It took a lot of talks about good language and bad language with my son to undo the damage of that one incident. 

That mistake, however, did teach me just how strong words can be. It helped me to swear off swearing in my own life and to start using words that uplift and inspire instead. I slowly realized that language is a gift from God and should be used to make our world better not worse. I learned too that a few loving words can help a hurting heart, strengthen a struggling spirit, and lighten a heavy load. I pray then that all of your words today are full of love, joy, happiness, and light. I pray that everything that comes from your lips flows from your soul.

Bruce Willis-Under The Boardwalk

A good sense of humor is one tool you can't live without....

Good Sunday evening, I apologize for being later than usual, I took the leisure of taking a long nap and it turned out longer than I had intended...I pray your day has been a wonderful one and that you have taken much needed time for YOU and done something that has made you smile.

In prayer this evening I prayed my normal, usual prayers, I continued to pray for my friend Star and her family as her healing prognosis becomes stronger and stronger, thanking God for the miracle of her life. I prayed for you and yours asking for peace in your hearts, calm in your minds, comfort in your bodies and humor in you senses...I prayed for these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Always remember that we are here for you in at any time, if you have need for prayer please place the request in the comment section and allow us this honor. God bless each of you..

I love the following story, after reading it I sat and reflected on how often I laugh, how often do I really, really, LAUGH? I think there is room for a bit more, how about you???

Serious Humor

I've known several morticians over the years. Without exception, they've each had a rich sense of humor. The ability to laugh is probably necessary in some professions, and those who work with corpses likely head the list. Otherwise, how could they stand the grief and pain felt by every family that walks through the door? 

I once heard of mortician who liked to sign all his correspondence: "Eventually yours." That gets right to the point. 

Humor is something I can get serious about. It is nothing less than an extravagant gift - to be frequently used and shared. It was the late evangelist Billy Graham who said that "a keen sense of humor helps us to overlook the unbecoming, understand the unconventional, tolerate the unpleasant, overcome the unexpected and outlast the unbearable." That's serious stuff. 

In the summertime, I like to ride my 150cc scooter instead of driving the car. I enjoy the breeze in my face and sometimes find myself smiling for the pure joy of it as I zip along. 

But my scooter has a major flaw. It was not made for uneven surfaces. Its single, mushy shock absorber is almost useless as the bike grinds and scrapes at every unexpected bump and hole in the road. 

A life without humor is no better at getting through life's bumps and jolts than my scooter. It groans and complains at any unanticipated obstacle thrown in the path. And there is plenty of debris along the way. There will be obstacles in life's road at every turn. 

The problem is not that there are problems. There will always be rocks in the way. And where there are no rocks, watch out for a pothole. No one ever promised a smooth ride. As Katharine Hepburn said, "Life is hard. After all, it kills you." Problems are not the problem. It's that when we think the way should always be smooth, every stone we hit feels like a personal assault. 

We need resources to absorb life's shocks. And a good sense of humor is one tool we can't live without. The ability to lighten up is invaluable when we encounter teeth-rattling jolts. It helps us "overlook the unbecoming, understand the unconventional, tolerate the unpleasant, overcome the unexpected, and outlast the unbearable." And it's just plain fun to carry along on the ride. 

Maybe musician Corky Siegel got it right when he said, "Life is too important to take seriously." 

If you have need for special prayer, we would be honored!!!

Submit your PRAYER REQUEST....

we stand at the ready to pray with and for you!!! If you have need for special prayer, we welcome you!!!   Leave the request in the comment section.... 

Holy Father, please forgive me for the times I've been lazy in my spiritual walk...

Verse of the Day

As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.
~James 2:26~

Thoughts on Today's Verse...

By this definition, a whole lot of people claiming to be believers are really spiritual corpses. For faith to be real, it must express itself in service. Faith not only moves mountains; it moves believers to act in ways that honor God and bless others, demonstrating their thankfulness for God's incredible grace.

My Prayer...

Holy and Faithful Father, please forgive me for the times I've been lazy in my spiritual walk. Help me see the many opportunities for service you give to me each day, and then empower me to act in those opportunities in ways that bless others. In Jesus' holy name I pray. Amen.

Father God, guide me so that I might have sweet happiness....

Good morning and Happy Sunday! I pray your day is going well, that you are able to share some intimate time with our Father in heaven today and that the love in your heart is bursting and ready to be shared with all. 

In prayer this morning I sat in the silence of my home, enjoying the warmth of the heater and the solitude. I sat and listened to the still quiet voice of God and thanked him for all of the love and goodness he gives me each and every day. I thanked him for allowing me to rise this morning, for allowing me another day to praise him. I prayed for peace for each of you, peace in your day, peace in your mind, peace in your heart and peace in your family. I asked God to bless each of you with your needs. Father I ask you to continue to bless my friend Star with day to day healing and to allow the wonderful spirit she has to continue, thank you for the inspiration of her, her faith and her upbeat attitude is amazing. In the name of Jesus Christ I ask for favor and merciful healing. Amen

The story below is a great little read, it is not what life can give to you it is all about what you can give to life!!!

What You Can Give To Life

"I’m not sure what I want out of life." Those were the words I spoke to my high school guidance counselor some 27 years ago. At that point life seemed to be a mysterious adventure that lay far beyond the security of high school. Little did I know then just how much of an adventure that next quarter of a century would be. It was full of ups and downs, joys and tragedies, triumphs and mistakes, laughter and pain, love and heartbreak. One thing is sure, though, I definitely didn’t get what I wanted. And for that I am eternally grateful. 

You see, God in His infinite wisdom always gave me what I needed and not what I thought I wanted. If I had gotten what I had wished for I would be a far more selfish and far less loving person today. Instead God kept me growing, learning, and becoming the person I was meant to be. Life was my school, troubles were my teachers, and the twists and turns of this world were my courses. The classes continue on as well for me, you, and everyone here. 

These days I try not to think of what I want out of life but think of what I can give to life instead. I strive to be a loving mother, a caring friend, and a good neighbor. I seek to do what I can with what I have to make Earth a little more like Heaven and to show others that they can do the same. I try to share all the things I have learned these past 27 years: that God loves us more than we could ever dream, that we can love each other as well, and that when we do so we will have JOY no matter what struggles we may face or losses we may endure. 

Take some time today then to think about what you can give to life. You are a beloved Child of God with unique talents, knowledge, and blessings. You can give this world so much love and do so much to help others. You can make this world and your soul a little better each day. And when you do so you will get what we all truly want out of life: sweet happiness.

Jonny Diaz-More Beautiful you lyrics

Thank you God for showing me where to tie my rope and with which knot to tie it!!!

Good evening all, I am once again posting a bit late as I was treated to a nice dinner out with my honey...I love when a wonderful day is finished off by a wonderful evening and now am going to get all cozied in and watch a movie...I love this man of mine so much:)

In prayer this evening I prayed my usual prayers asking God to bless each and every one of you with all that you are in need of. I prayed for healing blessings for those in need and for peace in your hearts. I ask that you continue to pray for those who appear to be lost and alone and that you try to always understand that we each have crosses to bear, some heavier than others...give those in need your light so that they might be able to come from the darkness. I pray that the love you have been gifted with is shared and that you realize that giving love is a warmth that can never be taken from you. In the name of Jesus Christ I ask for mercy, grace, and favor. Amen.

I love this story so much, my rope has always been tethered to the wrong security, thanking God for showing me where to tie my rope and with which knot to tie it.

What Is Your Rope Tied To?

You may have heard of the man who decided to repair the roof of his house. The pitch was steep, and to be safe, he tied a rope around his waist and threw the other end of it over the top of the house. He called his son and asked him to tie it to something secure. The boy fastened the safety rope to the bumper of their car parked in the driveway. It seemed like a good idea at the time. 

But a little while later, his wife needed to run a few errands with the automobile. Unaware of the line securing her husband, she started the car and proceeded to drive away. The rope immediately tightened and jerked the man over the roof and into thin air. Now before you become alarmed, let me assure you that this never really happened. But I chuckle at the image of the poor guy sailing over the top of his house like Evel Knievel without a motorcycle. 

This story, factual or not, points to a great truth. It is a truth about where we place our security; about those things to which we've tied our safety lines. What is your rope tied to? 

Think about it. What do you depend on to keep you from disaster? Is your rope tied to a good job? Is it tied to a relationship with somebody you rely on? Is it tied to a company or an organization? 

In her wise and sensitive audio LESSONS IN LIVING (,
writer Susan Taylor tells of discovering how unreliable some of our safety lines really are. She tells of lying in bed in the early hours of the morning when an earthquake struck. As her house shook, she tumbled out of bed and managed to stand underneath an arched door-way in her hall, watching in horror as her whole house tumbled down around her. Where her bed had once stood, she later discovered nothing but a pile of rubble. She lost everything - every button, every dish, her automobile, every stitch of clothing. 

Susan huddled, scared and crying, in the darkness. In the pre-dawn morning she cried and called out for help. 

As exhaustion set in, she thought that maybe she should be listening for rescuers rather than making so much commotion. So she grew still and listened. In the silence around her, the only sound she heard was the beating of her own heart. It occurred to her then that at least she was still alive and, amazingly enough, unhurt. 

She thought about her situation. In the stillness, fear abandoned her and a feeling of indescribable peace and happiness flooded in, the likes of which she had never before known. It was an experience that was to permanently change her life. 

In the deepest part of her being, Susan realized a remarkable truth. She realized she had nothing to fear. Amazingly, whether or not she was ever rescued, whether she even made it out alive, she sensed she had nothing to fear. 

For the first time in her life she understood that her true security did not depend on those things in which she had placed her trust. It lay deep within. And also for the first time, she knew what it was to be content in all circumstances. She realized that, in an ultimate sense, whether she had plenty or hardly enough, somehow she would be all right. She just knew it. 

She later wrote, "Before the quake I had all the trappings of success, but my life was out of balance. I wasn't happy because I was clinging to things in my life and always wanting more. My home, my job, my clothes, a relationship - I thought they were my security. It took an earthquake and losing everything I owned for me to discover that my security had been with me all along . . . There's a power within us that we can depend upon no matter what is happening around us." 

She had tied her rope to the wrong things. It took a disaster for her to understand that those things are untrustworthy. So she let go of the rope and discovered peace. She found that her true security was a power within - dependable and sure. 

What is your rope tied to? And what would happen if you found the courage to let go of it? 

I want to know how to live better as a person....

Verse of the Day

Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for he knew all men. He did not need man's testimony about man, for he knew what was in a man.
~John 2:24-25~

Thoughts on Today's Verse...

If you've spent much time reading the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John in the New Testament), you probably already came to the conclusion stated in our verses. So, if you want to know how to better live as a person, the place to start is Jesus. Follow his example and follow his teachings. It is not an easy path, but it is an authentic and transformational journey. As we learn that we can trust him because he knows us, we see our lives take on a greater depth and richer meaning.

My Prayer... 

Thank you, Father, for sending your Son to show me how to live and to teach me your truth. In the name of your precious Son, Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Let us all look through our limitations and see what God can do through us!!!

Good morning and happy Saturday, I finally did it, I SLEPT IN, well I did not go to bed until around 5 this it is a blessing to say I SLEPT IN, most normally no matter what time I have gone to bed I am up by 8:30...not today...I slept until noon!! Wow, so this is how it feels:)

In prayer as I sat outside for a while after waking, I gave thanks for allowing me another day to praise and worship Him, to share Him with others and to try and be the example He needs for me to be. I thanked Him for my friends, for my family and for the beautiful way in which he touches my heart with the love I feel for him. I continued to pray for my friend Star who has overcome so much the last two weeks and who continues to battle daily...she is such an inspiration to me. I asked God this morning to bless each of you with love, peace of heart, calm of mind and comfort in your body. I ask blessings and healing favor for each of you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I love this story, I have read it before and got the same feelings this time as I did the first time...Do you have limitations that are keeping you from doing what you want to do???

Looking Beyond Limitations

There was an article in the May 5, 2000 edition of The Denver Post, written by Linda Usrey Long from the Portales News-Tribune. It is a true story about a man named Lyle Bert, age 64. Mr. Bert has an associates's, bachelor's, AND a master's degree, and hosts "The Lyle Bert Show," in Portales, New Mexico. 

There is a lot more information than what is being shared here, but the main gist of the article is about how Mr. Bert was in an accident in 1965, while handling a homemade rocket that exploded. He says:

"I lost both hands, the eyesight in both eyes . . . My jaw was broken . . . My face and lips were burned. I had 124 penetration wounds in my chest and abdomen. I almost lost my right leg . . . Pieces of device went through my leg and through my abdomen. They amputated my hands . . . and I lost two-thirds of my stomach." 

While speaking to the Conference on the Handicapped a few years ago (in Santa Fe, New Mexico), Lyle Bert shared something very worthy of repeating: 

"A person who has no legs can still achieve great heights; 

A person who has no hands can still grasp an idea; 

A person who has no sight can still have great vision; 

And a person who can't move can still lead."

Bible verse:
"But he said to me,
'My grace is sufficient for you,
for my power is made perfect in weakness.'
Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses,
so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
For the sake of Christ, then,
I am content with weaknesses, insults,
hardships, persecutions, and calamities.
For when I am weak,
then I am strong."

2 Corinthians 12:9-10 (ESV)
May each of us look beyond our "limitations" and see what God can do through us!

Christina Aguilera - I Turn To You

Who do you love and admire, what draws you to them????

Happy Friday evening my friends, I pray your day has been a great one, that you are now done with work for a few days and are ready for some rest and relaxation. It has been a beautiful day here I guess you could say the calm before the storm as we are expecting another bit of weather this weekend.

In prayer this evening as I sat here in the quiet of my home, thanking God for this day, for this wonderful, beautiful day. I thanked him for each of you, for your friendship and support that I get on a daily basis. I asked him to bless you and yours with peace, calm, comfort and great love....Father please be with everyone as they go about their tasks this weekend, wrap a shield of protection around them keeping them safe from harm or danger. Father bless all of those suffering with pain and disease this evening, allow them a pain free time so that spirits can be renewed. In the name of Jesus Christ I ask for mercy and and healing favor. Amen.

I came across this story and love, love, loved it...funny how learning the meaning of phrases can awake something new within us. The next time I hear this phrase I will smile in understanding! God bless each of you!!

A Spittin' Image

The doctor said to a new father, "You have a cute baby." 

"I bet you say that to all the new parents," smiled the proud daddy. 

"No," he replied, "just to those whose babies really are good-looking." 

"So what do you say to the others?" 

I say, "He's the spittin' image of you." 

Do you suppose they teach that in medical school? 

I'm told that a young mother enlisted the help of a friend in taking her infant identical twins to the doctor. Since the waiting area was full, the two women, each with a twin, were seated on opposite sides of the room. After a few minutes someone commented, "It's amazing how much those two babies look alike!" 

The friend was quick to reply, "Well, they should. They have the same father." I haven't heard whether the misunderstanding was ever straightened out. 

With identical twins, it's easy to see that they are the "spittin' image" of each other. Actually, that term "spittin' image" stems from an old misunderstanding itself. Joel Chandler Harris, author of the Uncle Remus stories, explained that when an American slave seemed to be saying, "spittin' image," he or she was actually saying, "spirit and image," as: "'He's the spi'it 'n' image of his daddy." It meant more than they merely looked alike. Spirit and image - alike, inside and out. 

And what makes it even more interesting is the ancient truth from the monk Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153), who said, "What we love we shall grow to resemble." Or put another way, we become the spi'it 'n' image of that which we hold dear. We are shaped by that which we admire most, and by the people we love most. 

It works like this: Those who admire success may become "the image of success." Those who admire ambition will, to even a casual observer, look ambitious, perhaps even driven. Those who admire and love the gentle saints of their faith will, more than likely, remind others of those same saints in their attitudes, words and actions. Day by day, we become the spi'it 'n' image of the people we befriend, admire and love. 

An unknown writer tells a story about her grandmother and a person she deeply admired. The story goes like this: 

"My grandmother was born in a small west Texas farming town on August 26, 1929, two months and three days before Black Tuesday, the stock market crash that started the Great Depression. As the youngest daughter of sharecroppers, who earned their living by picking cotton, she knew the meaning of barely getting by. Times were tough and she learned to never waste anything. 

Her Uncle Jess was a compassionate man who always treated her with kindness. Each time she would visit him, she always left with the same feeling: I am special. After all, she was the only person who was allowed to drink from his special pink drinking glass. One day, she took the pink glass out to the water cooler, a special room that stored and cooled the water generated from the windmill. Out in the water cooler, she dropped the glass. Looking down at the hundreds of glass fragments, she began to cry. She had been entrusted with this special glass and now it was broken. 

Her crying was interrupted when she heard Uncle Jess call out, 'Ruby Nell, I was thinking. I'm tired of that silly old pink glass. Would you please break it for me?' 

She ran back to him calling out, with the enthusiasm that only a six-year-old can summon, 'I did it, Uncle Jess! I did it!'" 

How many times did Ruby pass that story along out of admiration for her uncle? How often did she remember his kindness and compassion and show the same to others? Over the years of a long life, how many times would she choose to believe in herself because of the way Uncle Jess always made her feel: that she was special? And when life was cruel and people let her down, how many times did she find enough strength to set aside anger and respond in kindness, because that is what Uncle Jess would have done? 

As little Ruby Nell grew up, she could do worse than to grow into the spi'it 'n' image of Uncle Jess. 

We are shaped by that which we admire most, and by the people we love most.

Who do you love and admire? What qualities draw you to them? And how can you bring more people like that into your life? 

Ramiro Garcia American Idol - Amazing Grace [FULL VERSION]

In posting this scripture I am a hypocrite!!!

Verse of the Day
For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.
~Genesis 2:24~

Thoughts on Today's Verse...

We are different! God makes us male and female so we can be complements of each other. Each is made in God's image. God's intention is that a husband and wife find their primary human relationship with the other. They still honor their parents, but their home is with each other. Their two lives become one. In this context of lifetime security, they share in the intimate knowledge of each other sexually -- becoming "one flesh." This relationship is to be enjoyed (Proverbs 5), protected (1 Thessalonians 4:3-8), and celebrated (Song of Solomon) for life (Matthew 19:6).

My Prayer...

Holy and Almighty Father, please bless me with strength to live in today's sexually charged world with integrity and purity. Please use your Spirit and your Word to instruct, correct, and convict me as I seek to discover your truth for my relationships and celebrate your will for my sexuality. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Really look around you...what do YOU see????

Good morning my sweet friends, I pray your Friday is off to a great start and that the weekend looks to hold joy and laughter, that you have special plans for you and family and that memories will be in the making. It is a sunny, beautiful, bird singing day here in Utah with the temperatures already in the mid 30's. Oh happy day!!!

In prayer this morning as I sat with my head tilted toward the sun allowing God's bounty to wash over me, I felt warm, I felt joyful and I felt safe! Thank you God for all the blessings that you lay before us to enjoy. I thanked him for giving my friend Star the strength and the will that has been needed to continue to gain health each and every day, her journey in rehabilitation will be a long one but after all she has overcome it will be a piece of cake for her. I asked God to bless my friends sister as she goes through surgery today, that he might hold her in his arms and reassure her that all will be well, that the pacemaker will be replaced without incident, that she will re-gain her strength so that her life here will be filled with many happy years. I asked God to continue to bless all of those we have prayed for this week, that each of them be given what is needed to get them back on track, and back on their feet. I asked special blessings for my favorite "golden girl" and her very special "caregiver" that this weekend be filled with clarity and that many memories be shared. Father please bless each of my family and friends with overwhelming love, safety in all that they are doing, peace in their hearts, calm in their minds and comfort in their bodies. I ask these blessings and favors humbly in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Are you am optimist or a pessimist? I love optimistic people, when I come into contact with them...which sometimes is very rare...I find myself smiling and wanting to be a better me!!!

I Am Optimistic

I am optimistic about the future of the human race. Now many of my friends have asked me time and again how I can have such hope for the future in the face of the problems we have today. Hunger, pollution, sickness, inflation, recession, unemployment, wars, and terrorism fill so many hearts with fear. This world seems to be overflowing too with greed, hypocrisy, anger, hatred, prejudice, and intolerance. A better life for ourselves and our children seems for many to be some impossible dream. How then can I be so optimistic? 

My optimism comes from looking into the hearts and souls of all the people I see everyday. I see a little boy holding open a heavy door for an elderly man walking with a cane. I see a young mother carrying a baby in her arms buy an extra box of macaroni in the store and put it in the food drive box to help feed the hungry. I see 3 different people pull off the road to help a motorist whose car broke down. I see a lady going door to door to share the extra vegetables she had grown in her garden with her neighbors. I see teenagers giving up their Spring and Summer vacations to spend their time helping to repair the homes of the poor and elderly. I see a man taking off his one Winter coat and giving it to a woman who has none. I see people give their time, talents, and energies to make the life of someone else a little better and a little brighter. Everywhere I look I see people with smiling faces and kind hearts. Everywhere I look I see people helping people, people caring for our world, and people loving their neighbors as themselves. Everywhere I look I see people living as God meant for us to live. 

That is why I remain so optimistic about us all. Sometimes we fail, are selfish, and create more problems than we solve. Still, in our hearts we are good. In our souls we are God’s children. In our lives we are loving beings capable of saving this world for us and our children.

Feeling Good - Jennifer Hudson [Weight Watchers Theme Song w/Lyrics]

If you have need, we are here and would be honored to pray for/with you...

Submit your PRAYER REQUEST here....

we stand at the ready to pray with and for you!!! If you have need for special prayer, we welcome you!!!   Leave the request in the comment section.... 

If you could write a letter to a younger you...what would you tell yourself?

Good evening, I pray your day has been a wonderful one and that the choices you made worked out good for you and yours. 

In prayer this evening I bowed my head humbly and asked that God hold each and every one of you in his loving arms, that he provide you with peace in your heart, calm in your minds and comfort in your bodies. I asked God to bless each of you with knowledge that you are never alone, that you are loved beyond measure and that you have his promises as long as you hold fast to your faith in him..Father I thank you for all that you afford me each day and for the fortitude to cling to you in all situations. In the name of Jesus Christ I ask for mercy and healing favor for all. Amen

Oh if only I could go back and write a letter for a young me to read...

Advice to a Younger Me

All of us at some point in our lives have wished that we could write a letter to our younger selves. We have wished we could pass on the wisdom we have learned and help them to avoid some of the pain and struggles that we have gone through. I think that my own advice to the younger me would be quite simple. This is what I would say. 

Wake up earlier more often and take the time to watch the sun rising over the hills. Bend down to smell the flowers in the Spring. Swim more in the Summer. Play in the Fall leaves. Make snow angels every Winter. Turn the TV off in the afternoon and go play with your dogs instead. Don’t rush through those Sunday family dinners. Savor every bite of food and joy in them. Tell your Mom and Grandma you love them everyday and hug them every chance you can. . Don’t complain about chopping wood with your Dad. Enjoy every moment you have with him. And don’t argue so much with your brothers. Life is too short to spend being miserable. 

Stop being so shy. Other people are just like you inside. Smile more. Laugh a lot. Sing often. They are joy creators. Share a kind word every chance you get. Give your inner goodness to everyone. Don’t worry about the future. Instead enjoy this day God has given you. Make the time to play with your young children. One day you will blink and they will be as big as you are. Quit wishing you were rich in money. Yet. rejoice at being rich in heart. Realize that happiness is simple. It is we who are complicated. Know in your heart that God loves you just as you are. Know in your heart that you can love too. Then go out and share your love with the world. When you do you will have the joy you have always longed for. 

How I wish I could give this advice to the younger me, but I can’t. He probably wouldn’t have listened anyway. Still, it isn’t too late to follow this advice today and that is all that matters.

Jack Johnson-Good People

Holy God, thank you for having a plan in place that insures my sins are forgiven....

Verse of the Day

[Jesus] was handed over to you by God's set purpose and foreknowledge; and you, with the help of wicked men, put him to death by nailing him to the cross.
~Acts 2:23~

Thoughts on Today's Verse...

When we think of the Cross, two words we must never associate with it are the words "tragic accident." Peter makes very clear that two separate streams of power converged at the cross. Evil had its way and brought the Son of God to the Cross. God had his plan and he allowed the cross to happen to redeem us. The Cross was no accident. What hell had intended as our ultimate defeat, God used to bring us redemption and triumph. The best and worst of all things collided. Of course the Cross wasn't the ultimate answer in this battle; the empty tomb and the resurrected Lord are. We are the victorious recipients of this grace, paid at such an agonizing cost, administered in such a cruel manner by our greatest adversary, and secured by Jesus' triumph over the grave.

My Prayer...

Holy God, thank you for having a plan in place that insures that my sins are forgiven and my future with you is secured. Thank you for paying the price for that plan to work. Thank you for triumphing over the wickedness of hell and the work of evil people. I love you so much for all you are and all you have done for me. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Today I can be me, who are you going to be????

Good morning and happy Thursday, I pray your day is off to a great start and that it just keeps getting better and better...remember you are in control, you make the choice of good or bad...soooooo....why not have a joy filled day? 

In prayer this morning as I sat outside in the semi sunshine, I thanked Father God for all of the beauty around me, our daffodils once again popping through the earth showing that spring is indeed on its way, for the birds singing and the clouds moving to give way to blue skies and sunshine. I thanked him for each of you, for the love and support you give me each day and I thanked him for the miracles that we are standing witness to, beautiful healing miracles by his hand as answers to our prayers. I thanked him for all of his love and I prayed that this day each of us would be blessed with strength, peace, calm comfort and guidance. I asked all of these favors and mercies in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen. 

I came across this little writing and felt it to be very ingenious, I loved the where we have been parts and the where we are going parts...I hope you will enjoy it! 

Something You Can't Fake

One person writes: "I have been in many places, but I have never been in Cahoots. Apparently you can't go there alone. You have to be in Cahoots with someone. I've also never been in Cognito. I hear no one recognizes you there. I have, however, been in Sane. You have to be driven there. I have made several trips there, thanks to my family, friends and those where I have worked." 

I find myself in some interesting places - like Love. Have you ever been in Love? It can be a hard place to leave. Occasionally I find myself in Fear, in Doubt and, at times, in Capable. I don't like to spend a lot of time there. 

But what about Sincere? Have you been in Sincere, lately? I've been there and it is not an honorable place to go. 

A guy was in Sincere when he bought his wife a beautiful diamond ring for Christmas. Well, not quite a diamond, but it looked like one. 

A friend of his said, "I thought she wanted one of those pretty 4-wheel drive vehicles." 

He shrugged his shoulders. "She did. But where in the world was I going to find a fake jeep?" 

Is there such a thing as a fake relationship? 

You remember comedian Tommy Smothers old line? "The best thing about getting older is that you gain sincerity. Once you learn to fake that, there's nothing you can't do." 

I heard a true story of a teenager who got a tattoo on her hip - a delicate little Japanese symbol. At her friend's house she showed it off. The friend's mother commented on it and the girl begged, "Please don't tell my parents." 

The mother assured her that she wouldn't say anything about it. Then she asked, "By the way, what does it stand for?" 

"Honesty," she said. 

I love irony. 

When I am sincere, there's nothing to hide. I am just me. It's something I can't fake. And if I'm the best me that I can be, then what can I be that is any better? 

The Wall Street Journal once printed a little piece titled "Sincerity." It is one of my favorites. 

"I wish I were big enough honestly to admit all my shortcomings; brilliant enough to accept praise without it making me arrogant; tall enough to tower above deceit; strong enough to welcome criticism; compassionate enough to understand human frailties; wise enough to recognize my mistakes; humble enough to appreciate greatness; staunch enough to stand by my friends; human enough to be thoughtful of my neighbor; and righteous enough to be devoted to the love of God." 

I am really not all that strong. I don't always act with courage. I am certainly not as brilliant as others, as charming or as wise. But today I can be me. And when I lie down tonight, I'll sleep easy knowing it will have been enough.

Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine (Full Version)

What is your reflection telling others???

Good evening my friends, I pray this day has been a good one for you and that you are filled with joy and laughter this evening. Do yourself a favor before you go to something nice for YOU.

In prayer this night I thanked our Father in heaven for all of the miraculous blessings he is allowing, so much healing is happening, so many prayers are being answered....thank you God for each and every thing you do. I ask you Father to bless each person with strength to carry on, peace to take away stress, calm to take away chaos and comfort to take away pain. I continue to pray for healing each day for my friend Star and for all that we have been praying. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I came across this story and loved it meaning...what do you see when you look in the mirror? 


Several years ago I noticed something strange: people seemed to be smiling at me more often. During my young adult years people had never smiled at me that much. Most of the people I saw seemed to have grim, tense faces. They would look at me for only a second or avert their eyes altogether. Sometimes they would nod or say "hi" but more often said nothing at all. 

All that seemed to change, though, as I got older. For some surprising reason people were suddenly greeting me with a warm smile when I passed them. Their eyes seemed to sparkle when they said, "hello" and many times they would even stop to chat happily with me for a few minutes. At first I didn’t know what to make of this. Had the whole world suddenly gotten kinder without telling me? Had the hearts and souls of everyone I met suddenly grown more loving and joyful for some reason? 

Then one day when I was walking alone in a store the answer came to me. I was thinking to myself of how much God loved me and of all the blessings I had been given in this life. At that moment I walked by a display of mirrors and saw that I had the happiest expression on my face. I had been smiling without even knowing it. Then suddenly I realized that I was the one who had changed. I had grown so much in love, joy, and oneness with God. And it was the light shining from my own soul that others were reflecting back to me. 

We are all mirrors in this life. We all reflect each other’s love. We all share each other’s light. We all help each other to become the image of God that we were meant to be. May you always mirror every bit of goodness, kindness, and joy that you see in this world. May your own soul always shine bright as well. And may you make your whole life here a reflection of the light of Heaven and the love of God.

Adele Someone Like You Live and cries at the End

Adele feat. Darius Rucker "I Need You Now " ( Lady Antebellum Cover )

Father God, cleanse me and create in me a pure heart.....

Verse of the Day

Stop trusting in man, who has but a breath in his nostrils. Of what account is he?
~Isaiah 2:22~

Thoughts on Today's Verse...

God will humble the arrogant. He has a day designated to do this. But, until that day dawns, God's Kingdom people must live knowing that even the apparently powerful will be brought to ruin. We shouldn't trust in human power; it can evaporate like dew in the desert. Human power is limited by death. When the breath of a tyrant is gone, so is his power. Once the life of an evil person is over, all that is left is the evil. Our trust must be in Yahweh Sabbaoth, the Lord God of heaven's armies. Anything else is a dim, small, and distorted reflection of the real thing.

My Prayer...

Abba Father, forgive me for those times that I have relied on my own savvy, my own wits, and my own insight to life. Forgive me for not trusting in your deliverance and relying on underhanded ways or improper partners. Please cleanse me and create in me a pure heart and an unquenchable passion for you. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.