even in travel we should be obedient and lift prayers, please join me:)

good evening we finally were able to get all of our ducks in a row and have been on the road for several hours. soon Utah will be in our rearview mirror and new mexico in our front glass .. i am writing this from my phone so please excuse typos

our drive thus far has been uneventful with the exception of 4 accidents that virtually stopped traffic for 45 minutes high winds that has us shaking a bit and an occasional rain other than that it has been awesome riding along side wayde is amazing he is a wonderful travel companion I love the sights we have seen in southern utah such amazing landscapes with its mountains and rock formations and wide open plains.
Even in travel I would like to ask that you join me in the evening call to prayer, we my take vacations, we may be busy but we must not forget to lift those in need in prayer. God is amazing, he is with us at all times so we need to be mindful to never forget to ask mercies and blessings! Tonight I ask that you pray for Wayde and I as we continue on our journey so that we might arrive at our destination safe and sound! I am so very excited to get to be with my family, minus my sweet daughter who was unable to get away!:( It will be the first time home in 9 years!!!! Please continue to lift the sick and the healing in prayer, the ones who are suffering loss this day, who are looking at such changes in their lives, ask our Father in Heaven to comfort and shield them in all ways so that they can heal from the hurt in their hearts. Please continue to lift those affected by the ravages of the stroms, floods, and fires, may he protect them and give them the strength to keep going! I am going to cut this short as we had to stop and find a WIFI and really need to get back on the road. God bless each of you with love and joy and may you be blessed with beautiful dreams, until tomorrow...Good night:) Love in Christ to you!!!!

there is a reason!!!!


  Happy Hump day, good ole' Wednesday has come around again, it is a beautiful morning, the sky is amazing this morning, cotton ball clouds are the majority and as the wind blows in the "way up yonder" they have the appearance of being airbrushed over the vast sea of blue! Storms are forecast for this day, looking to the southern sky the cotton ball clouds are darker and quickly approaching, we are supposed to have 45 to 60 mile an hour wind gusts off and on throughout the day, so much for a leaf free yard! 
     While sitting here in prayer this morning, I was chatting with Heavenly Father and during my chat I began to feel this wonderful sense of peace and calm, yesterday was a very disappointing day, it seems plans made always have to take twists and turns before they come to fruition. I did not question, I did not press for answers, I did not get on my pity pot! (ahhhh,  morning reveillee) coming loud and proud from the air force base...sorry, I just get excited when I hear it! Back to what I was saying! As I sat there thinking of all of the times plans have fallen apart, hope and dreams were set askew, heartache replaced happiness, and I felt picked on...I realized that hey....none of the change of plans have killed me, I basically got to move forward only with a few changes of date, or vehicle, or route etc... I have heard stories of people missing a near "could be" fatal accident by seconds because of one reason or another, many whose lives were spared the day the twin towers were hit, because of delay for some reason or another, were not in the building when the "world stopped turning" The word that kept crossing my heart was "LISTEN" he needs us to listen to his promptings, he needs for us to acknowledge that he knows better that us, he needs for us to be obedient when he is guiding us! I don't know why I have such a hard time with this!!!!! He has the test with the test key, I am merely the student, who am I to think I know the answers? So I will do my best to not try and understand everything, but to listen to him, let him guide me and know that in doing so safety and happiness will greet me! TodayI pray that you will take this message and LISTEN to his promptings, that you will not fall down in the pool of pity asking the ever so popular question...WHY, but acknowledge that he is allowing you to take an open book test and is giving you the answers! God is amazing, he is the wisest of the wise and he is here to protect us, he is here to guide us and he is here to bring us back to him! Have a beautiful day, know that you are loved and that as long as you LISTEN, things will only get better! If you are delayed...there is a reason, if you have to make changes to plans...there is a reason. In all things there are reasons and only he knows what they are! God bless you, keep you safe, and my his direction be your path this day!!!!

CHRISTINA AGUILERA I Am Beautiful with Lyrics

Nightly call to prayer, can I get an amen?

As evening falls I am looking forward to laying down in my bed and letting the mess of this day wash away from me with hopes and faith that tomorrow will be a better day! If it could happen today, it did!!! Enough said on this and I just thank God I had the strength to get through it, I thank him for literally taking me in his arms and carrying me through the day! God is so amazing in picking us up and pushing us through. I would like to ask each of you to pray for me and Wayde, that we might find no more trial and trouble in getting on our journey, that you lift us and ask him to take the wheel and let no more accident or incident hit us, that we will make our way to Texas, enjoy spending time with my family and friends, and then return to spend a few days with my baby girl on the way home. If all had gone right, I would be with her in the morning, but God had a different plan for us!
Tonight I ask you to continue in prayer for the family suffering loss of husband and father, no doubt the coming days will be so very difficult for each of them, please in your mind wrap your arms around them and bring their spirits into this circle of prayer, allow them to feel the love and compassion in your hearts! Also continued prayer for the little girl with stage 4 cancer, asking God for peace and calm. Prayers still needed for the victims of Joplin, of Tuscaloosa, of all the flood victims, of all those suffering loss of home, loss of job! Our world is getting more and more difficult to motor through, we have to share his word with everyone, we have to take what is in our hearts and share so that all have the opportunity to know of him, to come into his foal and to achieve salvation. Pray for the lost of spirit, pray for those lacking faith, pray for those in need of a friend! God bless each of you for being such obedient children of our Father in Heaven, may he bless you abundantly in all things:) Love in Christ, amen! 

So Small by Carrie Underwood


Tuesday morning, just humming a tune, GOOD MORNING!! 69 degrees, breezy, the sun just about over the mountain top, only 12 minutes to hearing morning reveillee coming from the nearby Air Force base, a nice big cup of steaming hot coffee in hand and can't forget the melody of the birds, tweet, tweet tweeting away! What a way to get make ready for the day:) In prayer this morning the phrase "thou shalt not judge" crossed my heart so loud and clear that it almost made me stop mid prayer and begin writing! What a powerful message and no truer one spoken, the world is full of judges! (standing with my hand in the air, feeling guilty each time I become one of them) I confess, yes I confess, I am guilty of judging, I repent daily for this one!!! I stereotype, I judge, I feel shame, I repent, Although it is much better than it was in my youth, I still automatically place people in categories...God is our only true judge, he is the only one who knows the desires in each of our hearts, he is the one who knows the full uncut story in each of our lives, I am so thankful that when Jesus was on that cross, suffering and giving his life for ours that he did not judge, I am so thankful that he did not look down upon the masses and make a mental note that "fat female spirits" should not receive the blessing of his sacrifice! He looked down upon each persons spirits and died for them! If he did not judge even in his death who are we to try and judge in our life? Often times I have been introduced to a person and automatically thought I knew their stories by maybe their appearance or just he way they presented themselves only to get to know them and think, wow, this is a person I really would like to have in my life...I am guilty! If you find yourself judging, stereotyping, being prejudiced, looking down on people, ....etc....today is the day to make a fresh start....repent for doing it and move forward giving each person a chance! Don't let what you deem as the "norm" take you away from someone who God may need for you to have in your life! One phrase that always smacks me in the face when I do make unfounded opinions is if you are pointing a finger at someone there are 3 fingers pointing back at you! Let God be the judge, he has proclaimed to be THE JUDGE, why are we trying to do his job?  Today I will let go of preconceptions, I will not worry about what others are doing or not doing, I will worry about me, I will not point fingers, I will not pass judgement, I will look at all with the love I have in my heart and will let them be responsible for themselves! God is amazing, he gives us so many gifts that we don't even know about, he is the only way to the eternities I am jumping in to his wagon and going to ride on his robe tails to the place he has laid for me in heaven!  I hope you will as well:) May this day be peace filled for you, may whatever has been heavy on your heart be lifted and carried with assistance by our Father in heaven, may you lift prayer in the name of Jesus Christ any time you feel yourself slipping throughout the day, asking God thorough Christ's beautiful name to give you strength, to give you guidance, and most of all to continue to give you his love! Prayers lifted for all of the ones who requested special specific prayer yesterday, please know the circle of prayer is strong and growing stronger each day, we will pray for your loved ones, for the ones suffering loss, the ones standing vigil over a sick loved one, for those suffering mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial troubles, for those who are searching for mercy and grace. We ask God this day to bless each of us abundantly, hear the desires of our hearts and fill us with his peace and calm. In Jesus' name we ask these thanksgivings, amen! Have a beautiful, magical, smile filled day:) 

I found this great lesson on "judging" if you care to explore deeper!

another Call to Prayer, I asked and you came with request! Praise the Lord!

Before you lay to rest, I have a few more requests that have just come in, no matter how late they come, I will fall onto my knees and lift them in prayer, we never know when special prayers are needed so please come with me into the circle and lift these specific names with me, I know we can help if we have faith and hope! 


Hi my dear friends, Could I get you all to do me a favor? Will you please add the following friends names into the temple in your areas for me and any other prayer list you may know of? The names are: Andree-Anne Belanger, Talia Belanger, and Crystal Wade. Talia needs prayers for health issues, Andree-Anne and Crystal need to find jobs and health issues. 

On bended knees Heavenly Father, coming to you with specific prayer requests, coming to you with hearts that are opened to the needs of others, who have faith to know that through you all things are possible father, that with you in our corner we can come through the worst of storms, we can come through the dark and shine in your light! God you know the specific needs of each of these sweet spirits, may you hold them in your arms, may you provide for them what is needed and if it be your will Father heal each of them. Most of all Father, just give them peace in their hearts and fill them with the knowledge that in all things you are there to carry them when they are to tired to walk, you are there to comfort them every step of the way and that your love will sustain them through it all! In his beautiful name I ask these favors, amen! 

Yolanda Adams- Never give up (lyrics)

Evening call to prayer, will you get "on bended knees" and pray with me?

As night comes upon us, and this day comes to a close, we prepare for the next paragraph in our book of life! I pray that this day the dreaded MONDAY has been a good one for you, that you welcomed it with a great attitude and that you have been able to see good results! Today has been a "swelling" day for me, I have health problems and sometimes my legs, ankles, and feet will swell to the point of bursting open, I know they will  not rupture but it sure seems to the point, so I ask if you would say a prayer for me, I am due to travel tomorrow and can only imagine if the swelling does not come down, how uncomfortable and horrible the drive will be! Thank you for always lifting prayers, for joining me when I call out and for praying for me when I am in need! This morning I made the call for special prayers for a dear lady and her children who are saying goodbye to husband and father, I ask that you continue to pray for her, when we marry and have children I think we never think about having to say goodbye to our spouse, please lift her to our Father in Heaven that she might feel comfort, calm and peace and that his children know that their dad is in heaven now, waiting for the day that God bring them and his wife home to him. I ask you to join me in continued prayer for all those suffering, to continue prayer for those who are away from their loved ones as the holiday weekend is fast approaching, for those who are overseas fighting as we celebrate our independence  with bbq, cold drinks, laughter, joy, and fireworks... they fight so that we can keep our independence and freedom! Also please if you have special prayer request, if you know of someone in need, either comment here or leave it on my facebook page so that we can add it to our circle of prayer. I have seen the power of prayer, I have seen miracles and I know that if we humbly pray, we can make a difference! If you would like to be a part of the circle of prayer please join my blog spot, I try and post prayers as they are requested so that we can pray right then and there, this is so very important and I look forward to praying with you! Love in Christ to each of you, you are important and you are loved!!! God bless each of you with peaceful sleep, beautiful dreams and may the day look hope filled and joyful when you arise! 

A Prayer by Thomas Merton
Thoughts in Solitude

My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going. I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end. Nor do I really know myself, and the fact that I think that I am following your will does not mean that I am actually doing so. But I believe that the desire to please you does in fact please you. And I hope I have that desire in all that I am doing. I hope that I will never do anything apart from that desire. And I know that if I do this you will lead me by the right road though I may know nothing about it. Therefore will I trust you always though I may seem to be lost and in the shadow of death. I will not fear, for you are ever with me, and you will never leave me to face my perils alone. 

Break My Stride(Old Version)

MONDAY, MONDAY... how are you looking at this day?????


Don't let this be the way you allow your MONDAY to be! 

 Hello and HAPPY MONDAY!!! yes lets put a little pep in that...HAPPY MONDAY!!! Monday seems to have such a bad name, it is always gone into with angst due to it being the ending of the weekend, and it seems to have taken on the same mantra as say...Friday the 13th, so many people look at MONDAY as if it is bad luck, they deem it the one day of the week that will be filled with upset and trial! Lets do something a little different today, lets look at it as only a vehicle, it is a mere stepping stone to Tuesday, bla, bla, bla. Don't get up this morning with the Oh No....it is MONDAY, get up this morning and say, hello MONDAY how are you my friend, lets thank God for this day because without it we would not make it to Tuesday or any of the days that follow.
     It is all about Attitude, if we go to bed on Sunday night thinking about what will go wrong because tomorrow is MONDAY, I can assure you, something will go wrong, if we manifest bad, bad will be in our world. I bet at some point in your life you have heard the phrase..."don't buy trouble" it is truth, if we put bad thoughts out there in the universe, you will be met with bad! This being known are you going to buy trouble today or are you going to bring positive into your world, remember our thoughts determine much of the comings and goings of our days!  Lets join forces and only think positive thoughts today, lets band together and only allow good today, if you were at the market and there was a good isle and a bad isle, which would you choose to shop on?  Positive produces positive, negative produces negative, lets fill the world with positive today and see how MONDAY shapes up:)
God bless each of you today, if the load you are carrying is to heavy for one person and breaking your back, try asking God to lend a hand, he will take the bulk of the load from you! If the hurdle you are jumping today is extremely high, ask God to give you a boost, he will lift you up and you will clear it with room to spare, if the mountain you are climbing today is very steep and slick, ask God to make a stairway for you to climb with ease and trust that it will be done! Don't try and go it alone, you don't have to! Ask him to walk by your side and to help you see the hidden dangers, then walk with your head held high in the knowledge that "ain't nothing gonna break your stride" Remember...today is a gift, enjoy it, revel in it, and thank God for it!!! Love to each of you in his beautiful name, amen. 
Positive makes positive, make this day a positive day, it is in your hands:)

Special prayer request for all prayer warriors, a family that many of you know has lost her husband, he fought a courageous battle and put up a good fight but our Father in Heaven needed him at this appointed time to progress in heaven and do his duty's there, he has earned his wings and is now walking the golden path along side our savior Jesus Christ and our Father. His family is left here without him and is suffering loss in their hearts, please, I come to you with prayer request for this family and for friends and loved ones, in the coming day, weeks, months, and years they will need the peace that only God can give to calm their hearts, Father I ask you to lay your loving hands upon them, to allow them to rest in your arms and feel the love and comfort that you can give, allow them to feel his spirit often, to revel in the memories they have when they feel they cannot go on without him, and allow them knowledge that you are with them each and every step of this journey! God bless them and keep them, amen! 

Angels Lullaby Reba

A time to pray! "mass prayer produces miracles" Join me if you will!!

Happy Sunday evening, today has been a lovely day the weather has been perfect, 85 degrees and steady breeze, and sunshiny skies:) I love Sunday's, love, love, love them. Today I have been in thought very much of my Megan, she is the absolute love of my life, when she moved out of state I thought I would not now how to breath, but it was detrimental in her life to make the move and the "cutting of the cord" has been wonderful for her. She is in a relationship with a dear, dear young man, one who I know is her forever partner, one who I know will take very good care of her, is willing to work side by side with her and is fair and honest. I have only been with him a few times but love so much the person that he is...kudos to his parents, I know he is very pleasing to them. I will get to visit with my daughter in the next few days and I will be so very excited to just be breathing the air that she is breathing:) The song I am posting tonight is how I felt the day I gave birth to her and is the way I feel today, I hope you will listen to the words and relive the beautiful unconditional love you felt when yours was born:)
Tonight I have a special prayer to add to the circle, a good friend to many is in fear for her mother, she is suffering some problems with her heart and is in the hospital awaiting a scan tomorrow, please pray for this lady that she is able to rest comfortably and that she will be able to reserve her calm while waiting for the test to be done, please ask with me for our Father in Heaven to touch her heart, to hold it in his healing hands and make it a simple fix. I also ask that you get "on bended knees" with me and ask special mercies on all that are suffering loss, emotional, physical, and spiritual woes, those who are lost and feel that God has taken a step back from them, those who are healing from surgery's, those struggling with finances, those who are unemployed, those who are still rebuilding from the storms, those in the floods in Minot, North Dakota, those who are in the military fighting for our freedom, for our ministers, for our government and lastly for ourselves, Pray for relief, pray for comfort, pray for peace, pray for calm, and pray for strength to help us get through the hard times. Tonight may you be blessed with a wonderful peaceful sleep, may God be a shield for bad dreams, may he be a soft pillow for you to lay your head on and a wonderfully warm blanket that you cover with! God bless you so much, thank you for coming and lifting prayers with me, thank you for being my friend and know that you are loved!!!!

If I have wounded any soul today,
If I have caused one foot to go astray,
If I have walked in my own willful way,
Dear Lord, forgive!
If I have uttered idle words or vain,
If I have turned aside from want or pain,
Lest I myself shall suffer through the strain,
Dear Lord, forgive!
If I have been perverse or hard, or cold,
If I have longed for shelter in Thy fold,
When Thou hast given me some fort to hold,
Dear Lord, forgive!
Forgive the sins I have confessed to Thee;
Forgive the secret sins I do not see;
O guide me, love me and my keeper be,
Dear Lord, Amen.

Trading My Sorrows - Darrell Evans

"our father is the strongest"

     A beautiful Sunday morning here in Utah, 60 degrees, birds chirp, chirp, chirping, blue skies speckled with cotton ball clouds and no doubt the sun will soon peak over the mountain to warm my skin and my heart:) I love the summer time, thanking him for finally giving us a taste of it:) It is fast approaching my time to come to Texas, I am filled with such excitement, to see all of my family and laughing with the Ashley clan will be amazing, to see my nephew take his forever partner will be thrilling and to get to visit with some of my favorite friends will be the icing on the cake, makes the long drive seem not so long! 
     On facebook this morning, I see several posts from friends who are feeling alone, feeling like nothing is going right for them, feeling let down, feeling depressed, anxious, afraid...I know this very feeling all to well but I also know that it is but a moment in time, that all of these feelings are satan's way of trying to get close to us, when things start to falter in our lives we tend to fall back from God, when we fall back from God we are vulnerable and weak...the exact way that satan wants us to be, he can work his deeds on us when we are like this. I know it is hard to hear "snap out of it" I know it is hard to hear, "I'll pray for you" I know it is hard to hear, "just lay it on God's shoulders" but I also know that when you relent and you do decide that you cannot go it alone, when you do sit down and have a toe to toe with our Father in Heaven and you really do give it to him, things begin to change, the aloneness lifts, things begin to shape up and start working in harmony, the highs begin to outweigh the lows, the depression turns to joy, the anxiety turns to hope and being afraid is vanished! Some ask, how do you know he is real, how do you know he is there? I answer to that, look around you, look at the beauty, look at the times in life that you did not know how something was going to work out and all of a sudden something miraculous happened and it was even better than you thought it would be, look at the times when someone was very ill, and you did not see how they would come out of it then all of a sudden they took a turn for the better and were healed, look at the wrecks you have seen when you thought to yourself...there is no way anyone survived only to find that they sustained barely a scratch! Coincidence??? I think not, these things are proof positive to me that God is in all things, that Jesus Christ and God work 24/7 without rest. Today I pray you quit wondering if he is real, confess to Jesus Christ that you do believe, pray to our Father in Heaven with all your might and have faith that even though you are climbing an awful steep mountain, the top will be so worth it when you get there. Don't tell God how strong your troubles are, tell your troubles how strong your God is:) He is mighty, he is the light of the lighthouse, he is the calm of the ocean, he is the answer to all prayers.  May this day bring peace to you, may you take time to sit and praise his holy name, may he allow you truth with his compassionate hand, may you see his work and thank him, may the good things out number the bad and in all things may you know that with God on your side it will get better. Fill that tank of yours with his spirit and revel in the knowledge that you have enough "gas" to get you down the road and away from satan for yet another week! Love in Christ to each of you!

O Lord, our Heavenly Father, at the beginning of another week we come to You for help and light.

Grant, we ask You, that we make this a sacred day of rest to Your service. May we consecrate this day to find all peace and strength in You.

Make our hearts beat with devotion so that we may serve You in spirit and in truth. May we live this day laying a good foundation for our coming work.

Be with us in the worship services of Your day so that your saints may join in heart and soul. Be with us so that we may receive the blessing promised to all who sincerely pray to You and faithfully hear Your Word.

This we ask for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Lifting prayer for peaceful sleep to you and yours!!!

Boy I am really late tonight in posting, but it is worth being late, I got to sit and visit with Wayde's two sons tonight, it is always such a thrill and a joy for me to have them come over and spend time with us!  I love my little family so very much, I miss my daughter but know she is happy in her little life in Kansas so have to put the missing her on the back burner and just be proud for her, Wayde's sons live not far from us which makes it nice and convenient for visits, all three are now grown adults and it has been a thrill to watch them grow and mature! I pray that each of you has time with your families whether near or far, I know a phone call, text message or even an email is not the same as in person but at least it fills the void. Tonight I ask you to please continue to pray for all of those who have come and ask special prayers, I ask you to continue to join me each day and evening in prayer, I have seen many times the miracles that come from continued prayer! May your nights sleep be filled with sweet dream, may the morning be bright and shiny and may the spirit of our Lord and Savior be with each of you as you fill your spiritual tank tomorrow! Love in Christ:) 

Prayer for Peaceful Sleep

Lord God,
send peaceful sleep
to refresh our tired bodies.
May your help always renew us
and keep us strong in your service.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Into your hands, O Lord, we commend our souls and bodies, beseeching you to keep us this night under your protection and strengthen us for our service on the morrow, for Christ's sake. 

Josh Wilson - I Refuse (Slideshow With Lyrics)

Before The Morning - Josh Wilson - Worship Video w-lyrics

You Are my Hiding Place

only one seed!!!!!

Good Saturday morning to all:)
     58 degrees, dense cloudy skies, a mild breeze and what could be no sun breaking through anything, it looks a if a storm may be in our near future, but we were gifted with a wonderful week, each day warmer and sunnier than the day before, so no complaints if God feels we need rain on this day! 
     This morning in prayer as I sat in the hazy quietness of the outdoors, I again asked God to bless each of us suffering any from of angst, any form of turmoil, andy form of woe, any form of illness...I asked him to be our reason for hope, for him to place his hands upon us, if only the tip of his pinkie finger and allow us to feel his presence, I asked him to allow his flowing robes to gently cover us lulling us with comfort, I asked him to breath is pure clean breath upon us to give us a sense of calm and peace. We all are struggling in one way or another, the tests and trials each different but also much the same. I prayed for illnesses to be healed, for pain the be quieted, for heartache to be erased, for finances to be balanced....I asked him to take each of our thorns and strip them, much like  a florists prepares stemmed roses for a bouquet. In prayer as I lifted me and others in the name of Jesus Christ, for blessings, the word "sharing" came across my heart, it was loud and strong with  no denying that this word should be a part of my blog this morning. I thought about it for a moment and asked God, what about "sharing" do you what me to "share" and then the parable of the mustard seed came across my heart..

He set another parable before them, saying, "The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field; which indeed is smaller than all seeds. But when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches."
– Matthew 13:31–32, World English Bible
I asked  my father in heaven, so are you wanting me to  write about how my blog began, how you wanted me to keep on in writing the words you bless me with each day so that more can read them? I felt that this was  indeed what he was wanting from me, I felt that he wanted me to write about how important it is that we share our faith, that we speak out loud, to those in need, our feelings on him, Jesus Christ , the holy spirit and our ultimate goal, heaven. I thought about that mustard seed, when I first began this blog it was basically through  the prompting of friends, I had no idea if I had enough to expound on the snippets I placed on facebook each day. I decided to try because in my heart I felt that if my words could be of comfort to just one person each day then I was making a difference. Today my blog is 6 weeks old and has following from 9 different countries and each day I get feedback of how the message was just what one needed to get through the hell they are going through. Each of us can make a difference if we are willing to "share" if we are willing to lay down our pride or our insecurity and let others know that we have a personal relationship with our  Father in Heaven, if we are not to timid to share our feelings about and our love for our Savior, Jesus Christ, if we are willing to offer prayer when we see the need for it in someone, it does not just take place in church, it is not just for believers, it is for everyone in any situation. If the feeling of compassion crosses over your heart, share it!!! If you feel the  prompting to hug someone to show them there is hope, do it!!! If he impresses upon you to say "God bless you,  I will pray for you" don't be embarrassed, or shy....open your mouth and say it! I took the little mustard seed I had  and planted it, it is growing into a might tree, one that will wax strong and will be able to support many birds on its branches, I "share" what is presented in my heart, I take what word is given me and I write what I feel is in him that needs to be said, I trust that it will indeed touch a heart in need of hearing ! Today I pray that you will allow him to speak through you, I pray that you will take listen to the still quiet of him and let him guide you in the direction he needs you to be, if you are overcome with a strong feeling of "I feel like I should do this" it is the prompting of the Holy Spirit, don't deny him, lay down your protective shell and take a risk, God will not lead you to the edge of a cliff and allow you to fall  to your death, he will either catch you or give you wings to fly! Trust his promptings, move forward walking in his footsteps and know that it only takes a mustard seed to build a great huge tree! I love you all and pray that this day is filled with joy and laughter, that you hear our Father in Heaven and will move toward him, that you will join me "on bended knees" continuing to lift those special needs in prayer with the knowledge that his will be done:) Be safe in your doings today and make wise decisions:) Blessings !!!

I Love You --God

Prayer time, are you with me????

Good  Friday evening, what a day this has been!!! I am happy it is coming to an end and that I will get to lay my weary bones down for a good nights rest. I am so excited about my trip to Texas next week that I think my brain is trying to work overtime, tossing and turning in the night, staying up late, getting up early...you would think I was a kid on Christmas morning!:) I pray that your day has been a good one, that you took time to make you happy and that you have wonderful plans for a fun filled weekend, remember to not become overwhelmed with "all" of the cleaning and chores that need to get done, and take some time to laugh and have fun with your family and friends. I ask that you join me in prayer as I do each night, there are so many in need of prayer and we must band together to lift them!!! Remember what I always say...mass prayer produces miracles, I know so many who could use a miracle right about now! Tonight I ask that you add yet another that is close to my heart, the struggles with employment have been so intense, on again off again has been the history for so long and it is really wearing thin, the patience of this fine lady, I pray that heavenly father will once and for all offer the both of them employment that will allow them to dig out of the late status' and move forward in life, it is so difficult to get behind and then try to catch up. Please continue to pray for my daughter and her beau as they go through the sickness that is camping out in their bodies, ask god to hold them close and lay his wonderful healing hands upon them, my friend who is having such problem with infection, please join me in asking our father to make the antibiotics work so that she is not longer in threat of amputation. If any of you have special prayer requests, please, please, please comment here so that we can get them done, so that we can lift prayer in numbers and see miracles happen. I love you all and would like to lift a prayer for you, that wherever you go you are safe, that laughter is in all of your doings and that rest is filled with comfort and peace. God bless you my friends:) 

Don't doubt!!!!!


  Happy Friday, another beautiful morning, 71 degrees and sunny, we had our first "summer like" day yesterday, we hit 90 degrees and it felt glorious:) I went for a late night drive and was thrilled to have the top and windows all opened up, feeling the night air tossing my hair around and playing some old time rock and roll took me back to a younger day, stopping in at sonic for an ice cream cone filled me with grins and giggles:)  I love to chance on a memory of happy times," the take me back" is so much fun! I pray today that you have "take me back" that something in your life sparks a "grin from ear to ear" "belly laugh" moment that releases you from the stress of the day and allows you back to times of youth, freedom, and zaniness! 
     In prayer this morning I prayed so fervently for the two that I prayed for last night, I hate it when people I know suffer, I feel so inadequate and sometimes I think..."I wish I could do more, but all I can do is pray and ask God for a healing" in thinking on this, I am filled with shame, I am filled with who are you that you could do more than the great healer, the master of all things, who are you to shrug prayer off as a fraction of the process? Then I am forced to look at all the times in my life alone, that there seemed to be no way, there seemed to be no answer, no way of mending the broken fence, no way of reversing a deed done wrong, no way of digging out of the dark hole...when BOOM, something happens that changes the entire situation, something happens that can only be mercy from the hands of God, something happens that fills my heart with hope and renews the faith I have. So right this very moment, after being smacked on the back of the head to wake up my brain, I am no longer feeling inadequate, I am feeling like each time I pray I am giving the gift of God, I am "on bended knees" praying for him to do what needs to be done to bring them back to health, I am praying for a doctor who will listen to God and follow his guidance on what needs to be done to bring them out of their illness. I know how powerful prayer is, I am witness to many miracles in my life, I know that through Jesus Christ all prayers are answered, I believe, oh boy do I believe and I have faith. I will not lie, my faith waivers from time to time, but ALWAYS, ALWAYS something happens that makes me kick myself for allowing it to wane! Today I stand in the knowledge that his will be done, I stand in the love of him, knowing that he will answer my prayers and I stand in comfort that he will heal these two, and that he will continue to bless those who are lifted in prayer, he will proceed in laying peace on hearts that are shaking and will lay the mercy of strength on each of us as we trudge through troubled waters! I do not doubt, I will not devalue his power and I will cling fast to the rod! I love you guys, and am so thankful that you come to this page and pray with me, I have seen such changes just in the short time it has been up and running! God bless you all with love, and joy! Be safe this weekend, allow a smile to be upon your face and love to be oozing out of your hearts:) 

Matthew 7:7-11
Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.     For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. "Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

calling my friends in Christ, need for mass prayer for two close to my heart.

     good evening, another long day for me, it seems I am making a habit of blogging later, sorry!  Tonight the first call to prayer is for two people close to my heart,  a young man very dear to me is suffering illness, it has not been diagnosed as of yet, he is suffering severe headache, high fever, confusion, unrest and pain! He is in route back to his home town as he works out of town, I pray that when he gets to the doctor it will be something simple, and he will soon begin to heal! The second is for a very dear facebook friend, she is suffering an infection to her leg that is not healing, she is in fear of possible amputation, please, please, please, my brothers and sisters in Christ pray with me for healing, for calm and for comfort in their healing, please heavenly father cover them with your loving hands and bring forth miracles in their bodies, make them whole, make them feel your spirit and your mercy. I ask that each of you continue in prayer with me for those suffering any illness, for those suffering depression, fatigue, stress, drama, for those suffering unemployment to find jobs,  for those allowing the everyday tensions of life to take away from their living. And always pray for our soldiers, give them comfort tonight in the knowledge that so many love them, that so many pray for them and that we will not quit until they are home. God we love you so much, we have faith that when we pray you listen and that you answer. I ask all of these blessings humbly in the name of my savior Jesus Christ, amen. 


At the Close of a Difficult Day

I am very glad, Dear Lord that my bedtime has arrived. God this has been such a difficult day for me to get through. My mind and body are so tired. It truly seems as though one problem after another has occurred today. But I was able to keep going, thanks to Your loving help. I need to rest now and to forget how trying this day has been for me. Do please bless me with a good night's sleep and when morning comes, let me feel refreshed and renewed. I pray that You will answer my prayer by making tomorrow a much better day for me.. I love You... Goodnight, Dear Lord.

Chris Tomlin ' I Will Rise'

Don't become "it"

     Happy Thursday, boy what a beautiful morning, it is one of those break out in song kind of mornings:) Okay don't worry, I'll spare your ears!! LOL. 66 degrees, mild breeze, blue sky speckled with cotton ball clouds, I don't know where my birds are this morning, I am not hearing their angelic tweets??? On the distant light pole I see a ring necked dove sitting in wait of his mate to join him as she does each morning. I love, love, love, mornings, it is so wonderful to sit out and enjoy the quiet, the cool, and the picture that God has given his love in creating just for us to behold:) 
     Next week I will be making my first trip home in almost 9 years, I have not seen either of my brothers or one of my sisters in this many years and have only seen my mom and my other 3 sisters 2 times in this many years so you might assume that I am getting pretty excited! My life has changed so drastically in the years since visiting my old haunts, I have divorced and am now into a 3 year relationship with the best of the best when it comes to partners, no we are not married as of yet...sorry Gerald Peters:( but I know some day we shall be, I have not had the best of luck when it comes to the "I do's" so I am taking this really slow! I hope when I am in Texas to visit with many long ago friends and with many new friends that I have made here on facebook. Hopefully we will be able to make a plan so that I can meet/visit with many at one get together:)
     I am a little nervous for my visit "home" yes I still consider it home even though I have called Utah home since 1994, it is hard not to remember the quaint little house I grew up in, the smells of my moms cooking, especially her baking, sometimes just thinking of that banana pudding brings a smile to my face. I have never really gotten to know my twin nieces nor my twin nephews, I have been gone from my oldest nephew and niece since they were youngsters and now my nephew is getting married, what a joy it will be to see the once "little cutie" not a "grown cutie" walk down the isle to wed his forever partner. I know the time will be filled with much rush and haste while I am there but it will be good hustle and bustle and I know I will love every minute of it! 
     This morning in prayer, as I sat here praying my usual morning prayers and then praying the specific prayers that so many have requested, I felt so much love and joy in my heart...I felt so at peace and so filled with calm, my life is not perfect...far from it, but during prayer time it always seems to be, he affords me with such a full heart, he allows me to feel his spirit when I am "on bended knees" and he allows me peace and calm. It is my favorite part of the day, I pray often especially when I feel the world closing in around me, I close my eyes, go to my happy place and converse with him! Prayer reminds me of when I was a young girl playing tag on the school playground, I would run frantically to get to the safe area so that I would not be "it" When I made it to the safe area I could take a big sigh, and a big breath and get ready to run again! I always loved that game and tell you, I would run as fast as I could so as not to get caught! This thought came to me this morning in prayer, no matter how old we get, we are still playing the game of tag, our days are filled with the ones who want to catch us and make us "it" but we run, and we run hard to make it to safety. If you are getting caught by the tagger it is time for you to get a new pair of running shoes, it is time for you to work on your running skills and it is time for you to quit being "it" run...and run fast...to the safe place, don't let "life" catch you and make you "it" Today I pray that you will take time to see the beauty around you, I pray you look into the mirror and see the beauty that he has created inside of you, I pray that if you feel like the runner in that game of tag that you make it to your safe place. Prayer is what calms me, prayer gives me renewed hope and faith and prayer gives me the communication I need to keep me moving forward. I love you all and am so glad that you visit this page, I am so thankful that you allow me to pray with you and I am so thankful that we all have the freedoms that we have. Be someones safe place today, if you see someone in need of a friend, don't be the tagger, be the safety they need. The answer to life is love, be an answer today, I promise you will not regret it!!! God bless you with happiness and joy! 

it is never to late for prayer, please join me if you are still awake!!

 Oh mylanta, (one of my favorite phrases) I am really, really, late tonight, most of you will already be in bed and will most probably not even see this, but I never ever retire without saying my prayers and I did have a very special prayer request today, the circle have been praying all day for this special lady but I will not neglect the opportunity to share a prayer request with you, it is so important that we band together in God's realm and pray for those in need! My favorite phrase...mass prayer produces miracles...I have seen and stand to testify:) I love each of you and am so blessed to have you care enough to share in this with me, thank you , thank you , thank you:)
     Heavenly Father, I come to you tonight as I do every night, lifting up special requests for merciful and graceful blessings for those in need, father as I ask every night please continue to wrap your arms around each of us, feel the desires of our hearts father and lead us to where we need to be to achieve these things. Father continue to comfort all of those tonight who continue to be involved in the rebuilds of their homes and lives, be with our soldiers always keeping them safe from harm and pushing forward to come home to their families. Father tonight I have a special prayer for a young single mom who has lost her job, she is desperate father she needs employment so that she can provide for the angels that you have entrusted in her, father evaluate the special daughter of yours and send her to where she will acquire work, where she will feel valuable and will be paid for the job she does. Father calm her heart and comfort her allowing her to feel your spirit, calm the mighty storm that is rushing through her, allow her peace in knowing that something wonderful is just around the corner for her. Father I ask that you continue to be with my family and friends, that you will continue to bless my Megan and her sweet beau, that you will hold each of their families in your loving arms providing comfort, calm and love. I ask these blessings in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, amen.
God bless each of you abundantly and as always, thank you for taking time to pray with me! 

Carrie Underwood - Temporary Home

What Faith Can Do By Kutless

Joy In My Heart *Lyrics In Description*

My prayer for YOU:)


 Good morning and happy Wednesday, 57 degrees here in Utah this morning, as a mile breeze dusts my face, the sky is without even a little cloud, only clear and blue! I sit here this morning as I often do, eager to hear the trumpet blare the call to duty from the air force base that is just across the way, eager for the sun to peak over the mountain and spill upon my face and shoulders, eager to see what is in store for me this day:)
     May this day be filled with love for each of you, may the love you hold in your heart spill out of you today, may you touch someone in need of kindness, in need of understanding and in need of just a minute of confirmation that they too are loved! May you take what God has given you and share it this day, your knowledge that he is the truth, that his love is promise and that his love will carry us through even the darkest most violent of storms if we hold to our faith and trust with all of our heart that he will. (smiling from ear to ear, the trumpets are blaring loudly) May this day be filled with peace for you, if you are battling an internal war or an external war, may you feel his peace in your heart and may he shine his light of solution upon you, may he replace in you any fear, worry, stress or upset with peace, slow down, let him speak through you and watch how fast your turmoil turns to peace. May he provide comfort in you, if you are suffering illness, whether it be short or long term, may he comfort you and ease your pain, if you are struggling with a broken heart may he lay his hands upon yours and mend it, if you are having financial woes, may he be the banker and help you with a new plan.  May he provide you with wisdom today, if you are in the throws of a decision that must be made and you are overwhelmed by it, ask him which way you should go and then sit back and watch him direct you. May you be blessed with the power to listen and see today, he has the answers it is just that we neglect to see and hear them. Today may you know the value of YOU, may you feel how important you are in his plan and may you follow his lead! Have a beautiful day, smile even though others are not, sing a happy tune, let your feel tap, your head bob and watch how others respond, I think you will find it is contagious. Look for the beauty in this day, he works ardently at blessing each of us with his mercy and grace, don't ignore what he is giving you, let it absorb in to you and praise him for his gift. Walk with your head held high with joy that you are his child, please him this day and watch the blessings that he drops upon your head! God bless and know that you are loved by many:) 
O send out Your light and Your truth, let them lead me; let them bring me to Your holy hill and to Your dwelling. Psalm 43: 3

What time is it????? Will you join me????Please!!!!

Two days in a row, I am late in getting my post written, I guess if I am late that means I am busy, and if I am busy that means I am living, so thank you God for allowing me to be late this evening:) I don't know if i am touching many but I pray that the words that God places on my heart is touching someone in need of being lifted, being encouraged, seeing that we all have bad days, that life is not always sunshine and roses, that we all make mistakes, but with our father in heaven, love of our family and friends, and all of the lift we get from our special angels, we will be okay, we will make it, we will come out in the end with a smile on our face and with so much more spirit than we had when we started.....DON'T EVER GIVE UP, don't ever give in, don't allow anyone or anything to lead you away from what you know is right, don't bow down to satan EVER....Hold tight to God's hand, cling to Jesus Christ, keep your eye on the sparrow and know that the battle might be hard fought but you will always come out the victor as long as you believe. God bless each of you , may he hold you in his loving arms, may he comfort you in times of discomfort, may he provide you with calm when you suffer unrest and may he provide peace when you are internally at war! 

Please join me in lifting prayer this evening, "on bended knees" asking God for his loving mercy, may he bless the sick with health, may he bless the healing with haste, may he bless the storm ravaged with renewal, may he bless the lost with light, may he bless the depressed with joy. There are so many of us suffering different things, the one common factor for each of us is that the battle is a pull between what we know is right and what we know is wrong, Father, please take each one of us in your arms, pull us close and allow us to grow in you , allow us to gain strength each and every day to forge forward making our way back to stand by your side. Father I love you , I appreciate you , I honor you, and I stand with no fear of chastisement in proclaiming that you my Father, and that Jesus Christ is my savior, please continue to watch over us father ! In his beautiful name, amen. 

Please feel free to write any special requests you might have in the comment section, without you we do not know of special people needing special prayers:) 

Are you moving your feet???

Good morning, 57 degrees...a bit of a breeze...sunshine...and clear blue skies....hot coffee in hand...just had a great conversation with my "heartbeat" Megan and am ready for whatever comes my way! I must apologize for being so "woe is me" the last few days, just seems at times that every time I try to move forward that something (satan) pushes me back, I tend to forget sometimes that he is nothing, he is but a fly on the dessert of life and I have the fly swat to get rid of him, if only I would not get tired and quit the fight I would be much further down the road! Life is tough, but God is tougher, my storm has been raging as of late but God can calm it...I just have to cling tighter and tighter to his robes when I begin to feel like it is all falling on my head. I know that satan wants me to be weak, I know he wants me to lay down, I know he wants me to be vulnerable, because when I am in this manner he is closer to winning!!! Today I am standing tall, I am standing strong and I will not let anything keep me away from the footsteps of our Father in heaven. God is amazing, he is the way, the ONLY way! Today I pray that if you are faced with struggles, if life seems to be kicking you around, if you feel at odds, pick up the bible, get "on bended knees" and ask him to be your strength, ask our Father in Heaven to be your lighthouse in this storm, ask him to carry you for a while...he will you know!!!! Each day is a new day to get up and get going, don't stand idle, how can he help you if you are not willing to move your feet! Onward Christian soldiers, lets be strong together:) 

"Dear Lord, I give you may hands to do Your work; I give You my feet to go Your way; I give You my eyes to see as You see; I give You my tongue to speak Your words; I give You my mind that You may think in me; I give You my spirit that You may pray in me. Above all, I give You my heart that You may love in me - love the Father and love all humankind. I give You my whole self, Lord, that You may grow in me, so that it is You who lives, works and prays in me. Amen."

Goodnight sweetheart well....

I am very late this evening in getting a post out, I am so sorry, this has just been one of those days, got started late and have been late all day! I pray you had a great day, that the sun not only shone in the sky but in your hearts as well, I ask that you continue to pray with me each night, I have no new special request just the ones that we have been lifting, there has been a alot of bad weather out today am praying for all in the path of the storms. God bless and keep you, may your dreams be blessed with comfort and happy times. Love in Christ.

Dear God,
As I lie here seeking another good night of restful sleep, give me the peace of mind and the ability to relax.
Fulfill my needs for mental and physical restoration so I may wake up ready for another beautiful day which I hope You will allow me to live to enjoy with praise and thanks to You and our Lord Jesus.

Oh what comfort in these words!

I came across this poem posted on the Joplin site this morning and was so moved by it, even though the words were meant to calm and comfort those affected by the storm, they also provided comfort and calm to me. You never know when something is going to touch your heart, when something is going to change the way you look at things, when something is going to make a difference. I have been struggling so the last few days, and this morning I awoke with the same struggle and was really not wanting to face the day, then I began my morning prayer, in it I was asking mercies for the many who have come to me with special requests, I was praying, praying, praying and when I was done, I still felt the "woe is me" and could not seem to shake it, I am really good at giving encouragement to others but am not very good sometimes at being encouraged! I read this passage and it gave me great comfort. I am not being picked on, I am not being ignored, I am not ...not worthy... I am being tested, I am going through trials and I am not standing strong in my faith. SOOOOOO, picking myself up here, dusting myself off and going to begin walking toward him again...I am going to cling to my faith, I am going to hold fast to the rod and I am going to move forward, it might be baby steps but any step in the right direction is progress! I love you all and am so happy to call you "friend" have a wonderful day and if you are struggling today, may these words touch your heart, help you place your car in drive so that you begin moving forward! God is amazing, he is love, he is grace and he is mercy, we just have to have faith!!!

I have not forsaken you
I will always see you through
Yes the pain is great I have felt it too
I gave you My Son so that you knew who to turn to
I was there that day with you through it all
As the storm blew in bringing a great line squall
You were never alone
Even as the storm let out a mighty moan
I heard your prayers, cries and pleas
I am The Master of all from land to the seven seas
Nothing is left undone for My will is perfect
In times such as these it is time to step back and reflect
For I have given you all that you see
My word isn’t a riddle but rather the only master key
Seek Me when you’re down, seek Me when you’re up, seek and you shall see
Many will always disagree but this I can guarantee
Even as the dove sits on the olive tree plucking its branch
My promise of hope, inner peace and love cannot be stanched
Turn your eyes to Me as you mourn the lost
For My Son paid the ultimate Cost
So that you shall have eternal life for the pain of this world may be great
But with My Love the pain will abate
As the cross stands alone in the debris as a shining beacon
Come to Me and comfort you shall find My strength surrounding you shall never be weaken
For I am the Redeemer, Comforter, Deliverer, and Everlasting Father

Me and God

So many are in need of prayer, will you pray with me?

As this eventful day is quickly coming to an end, I pray that it was filled with love of family and friends! We  had pouring rain and cold wind for most of the day making it miserable to be out and about. I felt a bit somber today and could not put my finger on it, finally I called both of my brothers to wish them a good day, only got to speak to one, but I felt better after the chat, I guess I was just in need of the male side of my family today:) The sun is coming out now, I am thinking a nice evening ride would be a good idea, maybe even catch the sunset since the clouds are lifting! I see there are tornado watches scattered throughout the United States and pray that they remain only watches and that the storms move out without causing any danger, I would love to ask each of you to pray with me, to continue to pray for the ones suffering sickness, those facing time upon time of treatments for cancer, for those recovering from surgeries. Tomorrow my friends daughter will see a neurologist, please include her that the tests will come out well and that she will be given attention and healed by the hands of our Father in heaven. Today so many of our soldiers did not get the frivality of celebrating with their families, they got up and did what they do each day, seven days a week, made it possible for us to celebrate, please say a prayer for them that they felt the spirit of their loved ones, of their children and know that soon they too will be home and celebrating life with family:) Prayers are so very important in all things, if we band together and lift prayers for all situations, if we believe and ask with true intent, he will answer! He will make a way for us to keep on keepin on! He is love, he is grace, he is mercy, he is the answer to all questions! Please join me, if you need to add to the prayers, if you have someone who is in need of a miracle, please place it in the comment under this post and I will make sure the circle begins prayer for your situation. Love to you all, hopefully I am going to spend the next bit on the hill, sitting beside Wayde, hand in hand, watching a marvelous sunset! God bless each of you abundantly. 


 I am sure many are making plans to spoil your fathers, many are making plans for bbq's for sitting and reminiscing, about your youth, about your dad throughout the years, many will share in the day with their fathers, many will sit a share in the day with the memory of their father. I know several have just had their dad pass this year so will be experiencing Father's day for the first time without your dads. I pray that either way tomorrow is filled with laughter, that past memories are happy ones, that you have many stories to tell and that your family is able to be together for this special day! My father passed away on September 11, 2001, not due to the terroristic acts but due to a stroke he had had some 40 days prior. He was in the hospital and I was in Utah therefore I was unable to make it to see him! I have many funny stories to tell about my dad, he was a "one of a kind" kind of man, he was kind, he was compassionate and was considered a friend to many, he worked hard to provide for our family and his children were his life. He was a firm man, he had his rules and they were not broken, he strived to make sure each of us got a vehicle when we were licensed to drive, he strived to make sure we were all offered the chance to attend college. Life was not always good, but then I think we find this in all families, but when it was good, it was the best. I miss my dad and think of him often, I love to tell stories of things he did and things he said. So today I  celebrate him, I  raise my glass and toast him and know that he is smiling down on all 7 of us, his children, at all of his grandchildren and that he is so very pleased of the lives we are living. God bless you and yours, enjoy your day of DAD's and know that on this day the veil is thin and their spirits are with you!  If you would I would love to hear your favorite story of your dad, leave a comment and lets share with each other! 

Father's Love (with lyrics)

Daddy's Hands

"Honor thy Father..."

  In our world today, we are faced with many male role model figures who govern our country, our religion, or our family.

   All of these men have in some way influenced our beliefs and lives, may it be the laws and rules they create, or the strength with which they lead our families. As we celebrate Father's Day and the men that have played a role in our lives, we should also reflect upon the heavenly father and his work in this world.
When we think of the almighty father, we think of the omnipotent God. For Christians, he is not only the driving factor of the religion and world, but the father who is prayed to for thanks, forgiveness, needs, and more.
Because of God's supremacy, many people often do not identify him as a compassionate, loving, and forgiving father. Instead they see him as a discipliner, of whom we must fear and regard with reverence. This Father's Day try praying to him as if you were speaking to your own earthly father.
As I reminisce about my own father, I realize that he was not only the driving factor in my life, but he was also the man who brought strength and compassion to my family. Many children will say that they are fearful of their father, and do not have an openly loving relationship with them.
Growing up in our family, there was always a focus on my siblings and me, which sometimes lead to negative competitiveness between us children. One day, my father called me over and expressed his disappointment in having heard hurtful statements between us kids. It was at this point that I realized not only the compassion, but also the adoration he felt for me and my siblings.
In all of my life, I had never seen my father reduced to tears, but as I looked on, I felt the love in his eyes, which thoroughly changed my outlook on his role in our family. His tough demeanor diminished I began to recognize that the person I loved so deeply did reciprocate the love, even if it was not always evident.

   Communication is one field that needs to be resolved among many fathers and their children. In the majority of families, the father is the one who lays down the law and manages the household.
Although this type of father figure is necessary for most children, it may also cause some resentment toward the father, as his children may not feel as willing to share their thoughts and/or emotions with him. A father should not only be a man of discipline, but one who will take time to talk with his children, and be there for them always and forever. The way a father treats his children, will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the life his child chooses to lead.
As I saw my own father share his emotions so freely with me, I concluded that in order to save my own children from heartache, I would have to understand and address their needs. What a child needs today, is someone they know they can turn to, no matter what hardships they are facing in life. A father with a listening ear will know when their child is in trouble, and work towards a solution, as opposed to creating tension in their relationship.
The definition of a father should not be limited to being the male parent in a child's life, and every father should cherish his ability to raise a successful child, one who is both strong and respectable.
The reality is that most children today have two working parents or live in a single parent home. This means that most youngsters grow up spending less quality time with their parents.
They also live in a world with an unprecedented number of negative influences. From pornography on the internet, to rap songs on the radio, to racy shows on television, kids today have instant access to an unlimited amount of sinful situations.
Thus, no matter the situation of the marriage or family, every father must take the time to be a dad as well as a friend, disciplinarian, shoulder to cry on, dance partner, coach, audience, adviseer, listener, and so much more. From the little things to the great things, fathers have an opportunity to be everything for their children, and trust me, when done with love; it makes all the difference in the world.

   May each FATHER AND GRANDFATHER be honored this day, may they know that they are appreciated, that they are loved and that they have made a difference! To all the expectant fathers, look at the role models in your life and set the bar as to what kind of DADDY you will be. My father passed away almost 10 years ago, he was a great teacher, he was kind and compassionate and is missed by many, I also would like to say a few words about the father of my child, although we were not meant to be in marriage I give him all the thumbs up I can for his being the best of the best when it comes being a DAD, he has loved our child unconditionally, he has taught her, protected her, been her guide and even though he lived in another state her entire life, he was always available for her. God bless you Homer for being the man that you are! And of course this day I celebrate our FATHER IN HEAVEN, we are all so very blessed to be his children, we are all promised his heavenly riches if only we are obedient, if we hold strong to our faith and if we honor his holy name in all that we do....I love you Father God.